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"We're racist?"

If this had been done by republicans to obama during the obama years...

I read in another thread, that jh4freedom, sullivan, orson and others support antifa.

Lets have a closer look at who and what they purportedly support, as it exists today:

Swell playmates, modern day lefty.

Do better.

Nearly 200 House Democrats have signed onto a bill that would ban semi-automatic firearms...

Tell me again, modern leftists, how no one wants to take anyones guns.

Top dem candidates stoke racial tensions. Lefty media and DI posters are silent.

Who Watches The Suicide Watch? (The Epstein Affair)

The Vidya Blame Game:

The dem 2020 message is spreading.

Sparticus sez: "If you need a license to drive a car..."

Louder please, mister booker.

For those mob lovers among us.

For those mob lovers among us.

I can't wait for the next idiot to open their stupid "Pie hole" about President Trumps rhetoric.

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