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448 pages of volume I of the mueller report in one photo

Did pete B just end his campaign?

Dangerous rhetoric, Incitement!

Booker ends his campaign...

Nice knowing you, spartacus!

"We need a bigger..."


Michelle obama begins new dem voter outreach...

Bill Weld throws his hat in the ring.

Say, what ever happened to that schneiderman fella anyway?

Disgraced former NY AG Eric Schneiderman now a meditation teacher

A champion of the #MeToo movement, he resigned last year after a report in The New Yorker magazine detailed allegations of physical abuse.

I normally don't bring stuff over from DU but this is priceless.

shockey80 (1,975 posts)

We will soon learn what Mueller, the FBI and Democrats in congress are made of.

Trump has declared the Russian investigation a coup. He is accusing others of what he his doing, a coup. He wants everyone involved investigated. Barr said there will be an investigation. Trump is now seeking revenge and he will use the news media to spin, to lie, and confuse the American people. We know how Trump works. He will now try to destroy the lives of Mueller, his team and people in the FBI. He will use this as a way to attack the Democrats in the election.

Mueller, sooner or later is going to have to come forward and tell us what the fuck happened. He, his team and the FBI will have to defend themselves or Trump will destroy them.

When is somebody going to stand up to Trump. Where has courage gone in this country? When will people stop threatening to go after Trump and actually go after Trump. Where are the subpoenas? Where are the hearings, charges for all the people who lied to congress? I am tired of hearing we will get the report, we will get his tax returns. Shut the fuck up and get them.

Trump is not playing by the fucking rules. Mueller, members of congress better wake up and take action before it's too late. Trump must be removed from office now or we risk losing our democracy. It's that simple.

The precedent that is being set right now in our country is something we may never be able to recover from. No election will fix it. Only the rule of law can fix it.

This is a slow motion coup and the American people, the news media, better wake up.

"Trump is not playing by the fucking rules."


"Go home to mommy!"

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