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I just saw on the news that Brady and the Patriots screwed the Trump haters again.

The doom of the shutdown sets in...

The following morning …


The story continues on, lots more here:

Modern day lefty is engaged in spreading fake news about the womens march.

Tweeting out 2017 womens march pics and using them to misrepresent the more recent one.

One of our esteemed colleagues posted one of the misrepresentative tweets/pics earlier:

Heres how you investigate an image:

Click the pic below and it takes you to twitter:

Once at twitter, right click on the pic on the twitter window, in chrome, and select "search google for image".

Start sifting.

This public service has been brought to you by Nostrings.

HPSIC plans to begin the process to release the FBI/FISA/Russia memo.

Here it comes.

"What happens when the Administration is not trying to hurt the American people"

America is watching, and midterms are coming.

"Heres everything you need to know about Democrats..."

Is anyone besides me hoping the dems don't fold too early?

Uh oh. NY times headline: "Senate Democrats Kill Bill to Keep Gov Open Past Midnight"

This is what an administration that knows how to fight back looks like.

Spicier on the use of the word 'sh*thole'...

If you have not laughed at the MSM today, folks, have a look here.


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