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Democrats sincerely believe that not taxing/taking your money is "giving" you money.

Note, fellow DIers, this isn't some no name dem twit:

Co-host of Pod Save America, Former Senior Advisor to President Obama, current CNN contributor

Tomorrow is international mens day.

Enjoy it doing manly things!

(unless you're a crazy canadian cat lady with a covivant)

NY Times: Pence rule is like saying,"I can't meet you alone or I might assault you."

Keep it up, midterms are coming. has a memory problem.

Most of you political old timers will remember why was founded in 1998, but for the youngsters that don't:

Isn't that special.

Clinton: DOJ investigating me would be 'abuse of power.'

Sounds to me like she is trying to brace for impact.

"Can my children be friends with whites"

Its the first 13 minutes of the video, in which Tucker talks to the author of the NY times piece.

When is this going to end?

List of those who have jumped on moore but are silent on menendez.

On both sides.

Let's make one.

"Nobody is talking about taking your guns"...until they are.

Climate doom will be upon us in 6 weeks. Say your goodbyes now.

Oh my. #TheProblemWithApu

He sounds triggered.
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