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Ladies and gentlemen of the conservative bent: The Competition.

Oh my.

This explains much.

If things with confederate history such as statues and such must go, so must the democratic party.

It is as entangled historically in racism and slavery as any other symbol that the removers seek to remove.

That it is, is historical fact and is not debatable.

How consistent are you, statue removal supporters?

If things with confederate history such as statues and such must go, so must the democratic party.

Agree or disagree?

Profs discover 5 new types of 'invisibility microaggressions'

Profs discover 5 new types of 'invisibility microaggressions'

Toni Airaksinen
New York Campus Correspondent
on Aug 31, 2017 at 10:31 AM EDT

Two professors recently discovered that there are five different types of “invisibility microaggressions” women of color face, according to an article published Monday.

Jasmine Mena, a Psychology professor at Bucknell University, and Annemarie Vaccaro, who teaches Higher Education at the University of Rhode Island, claim they are the first academics to argue that “invisibility” is a “common form of microaggression” experienced by professors of color.

“There is a growing body of literature that suggests invisibility is a common form of exclusion—or microaggression,” Mena and Vaccaro suggest. “However, no studies have focused deeply on the ways women faculty and staff experience invisibility microaggressions on college campuses"

To remedy a lack of research on the topic, Vaccaro and Mena interviewed 13 women of color working at “predominantly white institutions,” the majority of whom were heterosexual and middle-aged. From their research, they discovered that there are five types of “invisibility microaggressions,” three of which are “environmental,” while two are “interpersonal.”

According to their study, which was published in the NASPA Journal About Women In Higher Education, the three environmental microaggressions that women of color face relate to their “invisibility” on campus, in disciplinary/professional settings, and in their local communities, because they are “among the few, or only” people of color in each context.

Interpersonal invisibility microaggressions, on the other hand, involve what they call “professional and leadership invisibility,” both of which hinder women of color in their “everyday work roles.”

Of the five, the most common was “campus invisibility,” which many faculty of color experienced as one of the few racial minorities on campus.

“I feel invisible…not always…but as sort of a day-to-day thing,” said Xiomara, one the 18 participants in the study, adding, “I just feel like I can go days without seeing another person of color.”

Linda, another woman of color, told researchers that “any meeting I walk into that usually I’m the only person of color,” noting that that she feels like “people don’t even know we exist most of the time.”

Unlike more traditional forms of microaggressions, such as microassaults and macroaggressions, no second-party is needed for an “invisibility microaggression” to occur. Instead, merely a lack of other racial minorities in a specific environment (such as a faculty meeting or in a cafeteria) can be a microaggression under this theory, according to Mena and Vaccaro.

Meanwhile, the second most common “invisibility microaggression” is “professional invisibility,” which refers to a lack of people of color in a faculty member’s respective academic field, and, as is the case with “campus invisibility,” no actual insult needs to occur for a “professional invisibility” microaggression to occur.

“During my education I was never in a class with another person of color, ever. Maybe my last class in graduate school, I saw another person of color,” recounted Judy, a staffer at a predominantly white college.

Amy, another participant, noted that she was “one of ‘only two black women in the class’” when she was pursuing her degree.

Since microaggressions “perpetuate an oppressive cycle” for faculty of color, the professors conclude by calling upon colleges to make faculty of color feel less “invisible,” mainly by singling them out for positive attention.

First, they ask college administrators to publicize and “celebrate the accomplishments of women of color on campus” through “alumni magazines, campus newsletters, and the university website.”

(Here it comes, folks, the demand for affirmative action for otherwise merit based awards)

Additionally, they suggest deliberately choosing women of color for high-profile awards, saying that “Both campuses and disciplinary/professional associations should be purposeful in nominating and selecting diverse winners for awards, thereby making sure women of color are celebrated.”

(related: Meritocracy is a microagression. )

2018 is looking better and better every day.

From the "you can't make this shit up" department...

And the modern day left says that the right are lemmings.

What a world we live in.

Setting precedent and the future.

Have any of you who support 'russia russia russia' given any thought to what will happen the next time a dem wins election for office of the President?

Has it not occurred to you, that every dem president forever will be run through the very same ringers that the modern day left demands the Trump administration be run through?

Are you blind to the fact that every tactic you use will come back on you, or do you simply not care?

Personally, I think you folks who fit the above should enjoy being out of power while it lasts, because when you get power back, you are completely and totally unprepared for how it is going to be checked.

The "healthcare is a right" crap. Again. This time from harris.

I was going to comment, but another on twitter user took the words right out of my mouth:

Redneck Army saves Natl Guard

Not exactly as depicted by some:

A message from bernie sanders.

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