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Uh oh: Ellison [D-MN] accuser's doctor corroborates abuse claims

Katz, the attorney for Ford, wants Kavanaugh to testify first.


Fords attorneys listed as headliners at a DC fundraiser at law firm for Tammy Baldwin Oct. 1

After CNN contacted the Baldwin campaign and the attorneys, Katz called CNN to say that the event was being canceled. The invite was sent Thursday morning, but a campaign spokesman called it an “old invite” scheduled before Ford’s accusation became public.

Adam schiff, december 2016.

"Believe in something..."

"30 magazine clip..."

Throwback Thursday, brought to you by President Donald Trump.

"Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. And now its here."

"True conservatives", from a hollywood perspective.

People start monkeying with lobsters and all hell breaks loose...

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