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Hillary puts down the bottle long enough to spout off about national emergencies.

Katie Pavlich puts her in her place though:

Smollett posters going up in LA.

Fauxcahontis speaks about the GA election as an expert.

The gun grabbing loon dems are making a push!

Dem voters: Do you support harris lying about background check support?

Former obama adviser blasts aoc "most economically ignorant statement I have ever read."

Jon gruber on whether 'medicare for all' helps dems run against Trump in 2020.

Beto tells 'Niles' that yes, he'd make El Pasos border wall disappear

Trump says he wants CA to give that train money back, and he has the authority to make it happen.

Real salon dot com piece: "Has Trump wrecked our sex life?"

Jussie Smollett says those questioning his account'll never guess.

Who could have predicted that.

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