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'I hope some girl in an ICE cage is writing modern version of "The Diary of Anne Frank".'

'I hope some girl in an ICE cage is writing modern version of "The Diary of Anne Frank".'

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

Modern day leftist media.

Gee, that sounds credible.

The Pentagon has announced it will provide $200 million in security assistance to Ukraine.

And President Trump chimes in:

Thank you Mister President.

Pelosi To Hold Weekly Press Conference

WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has confirmed to her constituents and the nation at large that she will now be holding a weekly press conference announcing the latest reason she believes that “millions will die.”

Pelosi will broadcast the conference every Monday as a public service, warning the nation about whatever Republicans are doing this week that will surely slaughter millions and millions of innocent Americans.

“Whether it’s tax cuts, a Supreme Court nominee, a strict immigration policy, or being friendly to other world superpowers, I will keep you updated on the latest GOP scheme to kill countless millions of Americans,” she said in her first update, in which she also listed the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as the latest ploy by conservatives to kill tons of people. “It is my hope that by being aware of the most recent Republican scheme to kill people that we can resist and foil their evil plots, the few of us that are left after the election of Trump and the passage of the tax cuts, anyway.”

At publishing time, Pelosi had announced that she would be increasing the frequency of the press conferences to three times a week in order to keep up with the millions upon millions of people the Republicans are continuing to kill every day.



If Trump ordered cyber security on Russian hacking to stand down, would it be treason?

I was just wondering.

Disney took James Gunns advice...


ICE Just Arrested Dozens of Illegal Aliens, the Majority Have Criminal Records

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency many Democrats want to abolish, recently conducted a raid in Newark, New Jersey and arrested dozens of illegal aliens. The overwhelming majority have serious criminal records.

ICE targeted Illegal aliens who had been incarcerated in the Middlesex County Jail and released into the community by local law enforcement without notice to federal immigration officials. The aliens arrested had ICE detainers that were not honored. Newark is a “sanctuary city.”


Midterms are coming, could you modern day lefties go a little louder with the "open borders" please, and a little louder on the "ban some guns" too.

I don't think your message is being heard widely enough.

I give you "Trump Derangement Syndrome".

It appears that part of Trump Derangement Syndrome is a pronounced blind spot on the part of the afflicted to the fact that that they are afflicted.

Quantify russian interference.

Seeing as not a single changed vote or effected voter can be identified, the case for "illegitimate election" can't be legitimately made.

So the 'but they interfered' argument is made.

IMO, that is an argument just to argue, because the butthurt modern day left are sore poor losers.

Prove me wrong.

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