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There's a 97.2% statistical probability that I'm to the left of you.

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What has Trump said about Sanders? About Sanders supporters?

Hello, Discussionist.

I realize the conventional wisdom is that Trump will be attacking Clinton because that's who he thinks he'll be running against. But I have tons of anecdotal evidence that lots of Sanders supporters won't support Hillary Clinton for any reason, EVER (yes, I'm in that camp). And while I can't claim to keep up with all of the utterances of Trump, I haven't really seen him go after Sanders or his supporters.

Am I correct in thinking he wants to play nice so he can peel off some of the Sanders voters in the case Clinton wins the nomination? It would be smart of him to do so, if he isn't already. Some of us (me included) will never vote for Trump under any circumstance, but we also won't vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstance. Poor Jill Stein will get more votes from people who don't really want her to be President than she could possibly imagine.

Your thoughts?

Republicans, Trump supporters, Countrymen(?), lend me your ear and tell me...

Does Trump really want to be President and govern, or does he just want to kick everyone's ass, first R, then D, so that he can win?

I see him as a highly competitive, cutthroat, and enjoying the sport. I do not see him governing, I see him farming that work out while he concentrates on the finer points of coke and hookers. But I'm to the left of Bernie Sanders, so I thought I'd ask some Republicans. Thanks.

Hillary Clinton might (just might) lose in SC, and there's a good chance she'll lose NV

Right up front, she's very likely to win South Carolina, but there are some rumblings. And in the absence of recent polling, the rumbling takes on more significance. My prediction: Clinton by 4.

Nevada: so everyone's god, Nate Silver, says the contest is tied. This represents a huge shift in Sanders' favor. I'm calling Nevada for Sanders by 3.

Or I could be wildly off, but those are my predictions.

Documented serial liar Bill Clinton calls Sanders "dishonest"

MILFORD, N.H. — Bill Clinton uncorked an extended attack on Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday, harshly criticizing Mr. Sanders and his supporters for what he described as inaccurate and “sexist” attacks on Hillary Clinton.

“When you’re making a revolution you can’t be too careful with the facts,” Mr. Clinton said, deriding Mr. Sanders’s oft-mentioned call for a political revolution.

The former president, addressing a few hundred supporters at a junior high school here, portrayed his wife’s opponent for the Democratic nomination as hypocritical, “hermetically sealed” and dishonest.

This liar pointed at my face and told me he "did not have sex with that woman". I defended him back then. Stupid me. Bernie Sanders is by no means perfect, but he's honest. And that's much more than can be said for the documented liars in the Clinton family.

Anyone who tells you they don't support Sanders due to his supporters is a liar.

Another phrase for this particular brand of liar is "Clinton voter". I've never seen so freaking many people pretend to be so completely devoid of character that they can be driven away by someone on the Internet being mean.

We're going to have, what...about 20 million people voting for each of the 2 finalists in the general election. No matter who you vote for, you're not going to like some of your candidate's supporters. That's just the way it is when your group is measured in the millions.

So there's this near-constant complaint of late that usually takes a form about like this, "I like Sanders, but his supporters just turn me off. I don't know if I can vote for him, and it's all because of his supporters". Bullshit. The person who says that is a liar or an idiot. And since it's only said where politics is spoken heavily, the idiot excuse goes out the window.

When you support a documented serial liar, it's not a great surprise if you become one yourself.

What's blue, stupid, and never moving again?

That's right--Tarp Man.

Suggestion for Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Leftists on this site

Background: I'm a liberal, and I'll reiterate this is nothing but a suggestion.

Please consider ignoring juvenile conservatives here. I don't mean put them on an ignore list; I just mean don't answer their posts when they're being snarky, mindless, or just plain cruel. Imagine if you employed this strategy in a heated political thread in which Conservative A argues his/her point, Conservative B does the same, and Conservative C makes some taunt worthy of a second grader. I submit to you that Conservative C will quickly become tired of being ignored, and will either shape up, or head off to the Yahoo News forums. I'm not trying to suggest avoiding heated arguments; rather, I'm suggesting that anyone remedial enough to call all liberals traitors (for example) don't deserve a response. And so on.

It makes me a dumber, less happy person to engage with those who are stuck at that level. I'll never change that person's mind, and their negativity will rub off on me in some small way.

Two mitigating points:
-Conservatives, please do flip this post on its head and ignore those on the left who do the same, if you so desire. I'm not too concerned with your side of things, but symmetry is fair.

-I myself, both here and at DU, have been guilty of not doing what I'm suggesting above. I've engaged in mean-spirited attacks with no particular rhyme or reason. I'm nowhere close to perfect, but I'd like to be more effective with my online presence, and I'd like to keep myself from getting dragged down into that ugly gutter. Don't want.

Finally, on this special day, I'm not suggesting that people completely ignore some Republican victory laps. God knows they've earned it after last night's results. But in general terms, this would be a better website if the worst of the trogs were just ignored.

thank you.

The gift that centrists have bestowed upon Democratic Underground

Why is it that a site devoted to politics takes a nosedive in the months leading up to midterm elections? Because a handful of centrists mostly indistinguishable from a Republicans demand loyalty oaths, belittle the base of the party, and try to equate those on the left to those on the right.

Take a bow, Sid. Tip your hat, MM. Greet your fans, Vanilla Incoherency.

Thanks, douchebags. I have more respect for honest Republicans with whom I completely disagree than for a pack of Orwellian liars.

I'll take my lock now, but that won't budge the truth, not by an inch.

Where are you hiking this summer?

We're going to the Mammoth Lakes/Bishop area in the Eastern Sierra Nevada (California). In my mind, I'm already there, but since I'm physically at work, I thought I'd post a thread and ask if anyone else had hiking and/or backpacking plans for the summer.

In preparation for the most active vacation I've attempted, I've been walking 5-8 miles per day for about the last month. It's going to be harder at elevation (some of the trailheads are at 10,000 ft), but I feel like I'm more ready than I otherwise would've been.

I'm hoping to get some decent pictures and post them here in a couple of weeks--I'm hiking with 3 lenses and a full-sized tripod. If you have an interest in the Mammoth Lakes region of the Eastern Sierra, here's the link for Google photos for the search "Mammoth Lakes":

So where are you hiking this summer? Are you overnighting or day-hiking? Are you taking the dog along for the ride?

Final note: if you're a hiking addict, there's a great documentary about hiking the John Muir Trail. It's called "Mile, Mile and a Half", and it's available to stream on Netflix. Thoroughly enjoyable.

What was the first album you owned? What format was it in?

If you're young enough, it's possible you've never owned an album, so name your first digital download.

Here's mine:

Star Power, by KTel (remember them), LP, about 1978.
For those who may not know, KTel used to sell compilation albums--popular music of the 70's.
Star Power had the main Star Wars theme, Undercover Angel (Alan O'Day), Isn't It Time (The Baby's), Christine Sixteen (Kiss), and Stephen Bishop's On and On, among others. I played this record on my fold-up faux-denim decal record player, and I must have played it a hundred times.
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