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Another Crack in Republican Opposition to Obamacare

this one from the deep South

Obamacare Has Won

the rats are jumping onto the Ship

What's Less Popular than Obama and Democrats By a Large Margin?

all Republican candidates and all Republican congressman. Its funny-nobody likes anyone in Washington and ESPECIALLY Republicans. Those are some hilarious numbers for Republicans

Cosmos v Nova

watched that Nova series Earth from Space last nite. Although NOVA takes a less political, more strictly scientific approach-aided by incredible satellite and technological graphics, I think NOVA may actually get the point across better that the earth is a fragile, ecological system which is under great man-made attack. It explains "climate" and how our eco-system is all inter-connected across all continents. Kind of felt like Homework though-and Science was never my favorite subject

New Bloomberg Poll-Is ACA Unpopular or Did It Not Go Far Enough to Please the Left?

ACA polls starting with 2nd question

If you add the 39% who support it to the 11% who say it didn't go far enough then you get 50% in comparison to the 42% who oppose the ACA. 75% believe that there has been little or no change to their medical care. Most provisions taken individually have overwhelming support. Only 32% in favor of repeal

Obama with Best Performance in Gallup Poll

in quite a while -1

Would You Support Your College Football Team If the Student/Athlete Model Were Dropped

Its June-and the college football season is within 3 months

I've been attending every college game I could since I was 3 over 50 years ago

I fully support major colleges giving student/athletes the full costs of attendance-although I believe the casual college fan doesn't clearly understand the incredible costs they are already providing to the student athlete nor the value of a quality education

College Football appears to be at a crossroad. Is it simply a commercial extension of the university or should obtaining a useful education remain the primary goal of an athletic program?

Would you still support your favorite college team if the players become semi-professional mercenaries who can be recruited using open financial bidding for athletes and are not expected to graduate from your alma mater or favorite team. I'm kind of worried that the casual fan focuses too much on top 1% of athletes with professional futures while ignoring how important the educational advancement can be to the remaining 99% in about 30 different sports. It should also be pointed out that college athletics has opened so many doors to minorities who never would have had a chance for a quality education-although unfortunately many don't take full advantage of that opportunity. Personally, I'd like to see college athletic retain the student/athlete model by keeping the higher academic standards (more coming in 2016) and let those top 1% athletes go pro whenever they want.
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Sources? Links?

I'm seeing a bunch of wild accusations in headlines purporting to be news reports that have no source or link to an article. That's not cool

Bush v. Obama Vacation Meme

where is this idea that Obama takes more vacation days than Bush coming from? Its not even close to true
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