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Kamala Harris tells Franken to step down

I like Kamala Harris. I voted for her. So to see her getting torn down by the "sexual harassment is bad, unless it's a Democrat" brigade is gorgeous.

You evil, unprincipled assholes.

Third wave feminism means nothing. Prove it more and more. And they do, each day.

They're going after Kamala!


Lesbians need to learn something, and quick

It is not up to them to dictate to gay men how we should feel nor absolve anyone on our behalf those who use disparaging language about our community.

Fine, the rabid HerTurners want to dismiss homophobia, sexism, harassment, and assault because it suits their partisanship.


But if I see one more lesbian talking about how Joy Reid's comments were just ducky, we're going to have a problem. Gay men are not nearly as married to the anti-Sanders, Hillary-deification narrative as a lot of lesbians are.

In the past few days, I have seen so many lesbians running interference for Joy. Like it's fucking up to them. She wasn't talking smack about you. She was denigrating gay men.

Homophobia is fine with you? Just a distraction?

No, fuck you. It's not your call to make. So gross. All for Hillary. It's an illness at this point. Some people have literally lost all of their principles.

This is my shocked face that Joy Reid is a massive homophobe

Celebrated by partisans, I'm sure this is fine with them. Just as sexual harassment and assault are just ducky if it's a Democrat. (and all the accusers are LYING WHORES!!!! #feminism #believeher #yesallwomenunlessthey'resayingmeanthingsaboutsomeonewelike)

I truly hate my side sometimes. Such a large chunk of them stand for nothing but partisan loyalty. Paper convictions. Crumples at the first test.

Basic journalistic research is a thing, media

A minor buh, but it drives me crazy when I see this happen (and it does more often than it should).

I was reading this article about the whole Pocahontas kerfuffle:

"To many Native Americans, Pocahontas is not a Disney movie character, but a historic figure who suffered countless indignities before being murdered at the age of 21".

Emphasis mine. Here's the thing: she probably wasn't murdered. Not that it's a great source, but even the wikipedia article declares:

"In March 1617, John Rolfe and Pocahontas boarded a ship to return to Virginia; the ship had sailed only as far as Gravesend on the river Thames, when Pocahontas became gravely ill. She was taken ashore and died at the approximate age of 21. It is not known what caused her death, but theories range from pneumonia, smallpox, and tuberculosis to her having been poisoned"

The whole poisoning thing is a conspiracy speculation with little evidence. I was a history major and spent quite a bit of time studying colonial America, and the poisoning theory has been considered fairly whackadoo for quite awhile. But look how authoritatively the "journalist" throws that one out there.

Can't be bothered to take even a cursory glance at Wikipedia? I honestly think journalists are getting dumber and lazier over time.

White American women talking about privilege cracks me up

This bit of pointless SJWism was just too good not to share.

So, I'm a social worker. Let me make sure I get the inflection right. I'm a social worker around Oakland. I see some shit.

Yesterday morning, I had a very standard appointment. Kid with muscular dystrophy, on a ventilator, etc. My job was to go in for an annual assessment of need. Really, given his case, I was just there to check boxes and ask standard questions I already knew the answers to.

His mother, on the other hand. So they own two homes (easily worth $1 million apiece in the Bay Area). She starts chatting me up. I don't discuss politics at work, and I only very vaguely answer about other cases. She starts in on Trump. I idly nod and reply with mmhm's as I'm doing paperwork. Then she asks, "So you work around Oakland a lot?" Yes, I do. "What is that like, going in there?" Not amazingly easy, but it's my job, so whatever.

"How do black people feel about you coming into their lives and telling them what to do when you have so much privilege?"

Ok. I'm a white male. Also gay (not that I divulge that at work). I maybe make like an eighth of what this woman and her husband make.

My only response was, "Pardon?"

"Well, it can't be easy for them to take direction from someone in your position." (I have a position?) "You're not really aware of the oppression they feel the same way they or women like me have had to face."

Million dollar white lady lecturing me, a social worker, about how I'm somehow complicit in her oppression.

Yeah. Dear Left, you're going fucking crazy. This is why I, a liberal Democratic social worker, cannot stand you people.

The whole encounter and conversation was so absurd, I just had to share it somewhere. I, an underpaid government worker, am somehow participating in her, a rich white lady of enormous privilege, oppression.


San Francisco shatters heat record - 106 degrees today

Friday’s temperatures baked, roasted and fried San Francisco’s all-time high record — hitting 106 degrees by mid-afternoon — and possibly heading even higher.

. . .

It was the hottest day San Francisco has ever seen, said the National Weather Service, whose records date back to June 1874. Before Friday, the all-time high for San Francisco was 103 degrees on June 14, 2000.

The previous record for Sept. 1st was 90 degrees. It may yet still get hotter. Even though it's already 4pm, temps are still inching upwards.

Even where I live in East Bay, several blocks from the Bay, it rarely trespasses past 80-85 on the hottest summer days. It's 103 right now. (Note: SF has a delayed summer. Our hottest temps come during Sept/Oct. Jun-Aug are usually quite cool if not downright chilly. Heat just isn't a thing here most of the time).

Because they're not really necessary, a lot of people who live around the Bay do not have AC units in their places - myself included.

Maybe it's the native Chicagoan in me, but this really isn't that bad. I'm at home. It's warm, but I'm not sweating or put out in any way. Before leaving for work this morning, I put baseboard in my southern windows and left the fans circulating all day. I came home to a relatively cool apartment. I guess I now know what people mean by "It's a dry heat." Compared to the Wall of Death that is Chicago summer humidity, I was expecting much worse. The only time I felt a little uncomfortable was when walking through a large parking lot around 3pm.

I never knew 103 could feel so . . . pleasant.

Keep an eye on the Bay Area this weekend

There's a "Patriot Prayer Rally" in San Francisco on Saturday and another one in Berkeley on Sunday.

If you think Antifa are a bunch of violent twits in the rest of the country, wait 'til you see what goes down here. East Bay is their home turf, and it will get very, very violent (because it always does). Berkeley police are useless because the mayor is a sympathizer with Antifa.

I'm still debating if I want to go watch the fireworks on Sunday. It's going to be a total, violence-filled clusterfuck.

If I were a business in downtown Berkeley, I'd be boarding up the same way one does when a hurricane is incoming.

Peaceful protest has this weird way of smashing and looting around these parts.

The Left started the violence, and they need to own the violence

Let me preface my remarks by saying, of course neo-nazis should be condemned, of course white supremacy is vile and evil and antithetical to the America I belong to. Of course.


The Left needs to own their responsibility here. I live and work around Berkeley, so I have a perspective here born of personal experience. There is a strain of SJWism that has decided that no behavior is too extreme in service of opposing those they deem enemies. "My God, Milo has a speech forum?! Let's beat innocent bystanders, trash banks, and loot stores!"

That is what actually happened. I live here. I saw it. Unless Trader Joe's did something egregious against the underclasses, I'm not sure why that whole location needed smashing in. Or the Radio Shack. Or a dozen other businesses along Shattuck and University.

But the ideologue Left has allowed for this. "Well, Milo's an asshole, so . . ." So . . . what? You get to assault private citizens and cause millions in damage? Is that how that equation works in your head?

The alt-right (whatever that is. Seems like if you dislike someone, you just go, "Oh, they're alt-right". It's a useless catch-all), caught on to this. And now they've come armed and loaded to bear. The far Left has been given a pass by the media and ideologues to commit violence, and now the Right thinks, "They want violence?! Let's dance!"

So, nice job all around. There was a protest in Berkeley back in April where both sides came loaded for violence. The Right came in with body armor and weapons, and the Left decided beating someone over the head with a bicycle lock was a great idea.

This whole "Resist!" shit is odious. Resist, how? I know most of the people chanting that are keyboard warriors who are resisting over facebook and twitter - brave patriots that they are - but some people take that to heart. And when they see "Resist!" they figure it means violence. If Sarah Palin was responsible for a shitty third party ad campaign for Gabrielle Gifford's assassination attempt, surely the rhetoric and ideologue-driven shitfest in the wake of Trump is responsible for Leftist violence.

But, no. Let's pretend this doesn't happen. It doesn't suit our politics right now.

I think Trump is racist. I didn't vote for the man. I loathe every part of his presidency.

But the Left needs to own what they've unleashed.

When you signal violence is ok, you can't be shocked when violence occurs.

The Left, in Antifa, for at least the past two years, signalled violence isn't so bad.

Well, you all made that bed. Now all of us are going to sleep in it. And now that the far Right is getting violent, well, you cannot say you're all shocked and didn't see it coming. If you are shocked and didn't see it coming, stop commenting about politics. You're too stupid for anyone else to listen to.

A bipartisan message - Just hang back a day

We live in a 24 hour news cycle. And with Twitter, we now live in a 24 second news cycle.

My advice? Just chill, wait, and see where things land.

To use a very recent example. We had the Joe and Mika kerfuffle. Trump's an asshole, Joe claims blackmail, etc.

A day later, what does this story look like? Joe asked Kushner to ask Trump to exert his influence with his friends to spike the story. Trump didn't like Joe anymore and Kushner said, "Maybe if you apologized, he'd be receptive." Which is actually a reasonable comment if you have human relationships.

What did we get in the breathless media?


No, no, that is not what happened. Trump said, "Why should I bother pulling strings if you're an asshole to me?"

That's all that happened.

But breathless Twitterverse that needs clicks framed it as, "WHY WHAT TRUMP MAY HAVE DONE IS POTENTIALLY A CRIME!!!!!!"

My fellow Democrats, (and I am one), get your shit together. If you think what you read on facebook or twitter is reality just, no. Hush, hush. There there now.

None of this pans out, ever. You get all riled up, you have your daily freak out because someone with an interest in your eyeballs got you to freak out, and none of it ever. pans. out. Where are all these indictments that are constantly on the verge?!

Just. Fucking. Stop.

I'm a liberal Democrat, and my side is driving me quietly insane.

So I was on the news this week. The media lie.

So, the local San Francisco Fox station did a piece on the direct effects of my job. And I don't mean generally. It actually pertained to me personally. I'm mentioned in the piece. Not by name, but the reporter refers to me personally.

90% of it was total horse shit.

I don't discuss my job online for a variety of reasons. I'll not break that precedent here.

I had no idea the piece was in the making until I saw it on the web. In watching the 4 minute piece they did on local news, I just sat here going, "Lie. Lie. Half truth. Lie. Lie. Half truth. This guy is lying his head off. Lie. Fantasy. Hilarious, over-the-top lie."

This isn't to say I come off negatively at all. I'm a neutral incidental presence to the story. I'm a secondary character off to the side of the main story. Given my name is not used, and given I'm just a side presence who's mentioned in passing, I have no personal beef with the piece at all. It doesn't affect me in the slightest.

But dear God, they really do just make shit up. No follow up reporting. No questions. No contact even. They didn't check even the basics of the story. They had their narrative and ran with it.

It would've been insanely easy to call me up and ask me things, even if just on background. That never happened. Again, I was unaware this story existed until I stumbled across it.

I don't exactly trust the media, but this was really eye-opening. They really do just make-shit up to push whatever narrative strikes their fancy.
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