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The problem with immigrant farm labor is that it stiffles progress.

I know we go at each other here but lets not forget the fallen.

Man Accused Of Slaughtering Two Boston Doctors Should Have Been Deported Last Year

I'm sure the open borders crowd will blame the murdered doctors for this.

Don't expect the Dhimmicrats to learn anything from 2016.

Most of the brain power left the party and now all that is left is the Shamu Green and Sally Boynton Brown types. They have already concluded white people are to blame for their loss and that whites be rayciss for not voting for a party that hates them and blames them for everything wrong with the country.

The Dem's words are as so much fart gas now and they are determined to Dutch-oven themselves into a coma for the next decade. We should let them. Trump shit-canned nafta and shafta and is making America great again by cutting affirmative action jobs from the federal tit. He is deporting illegal scum as well.

The DLC tears are so delish!

BLM's definition of non-violent......

Exactly right.

Rather than feel pain and guilt for things I never had a part in, I'm going to concentrate on the reality of fighting to make things better for me and mine. It has been incredibly liberating since I have discarded the liberal notions that were causing me such pain. I would never had been able to get this far along in my journey had it not been for Hillary and her crooked cheating during the primary.

By painting Bernie as a racist she and her supporters painted me the same color since I very much agreed with his views. Now their race card is forever broken with me. By screwing with the party apparatus she freed me from being a lifelong dem. By scheming to steal votes and having the corrupt press declare the election over in the west a day before the vote, she even freed me from the notion that we still have fair elections.

The millions of us who believed in Bernie have a clear choice, vote for the free-trade globalist or vote Trump. There is no other choice that will make sense which is why Jill will be lucky to get 1% and Johnson maybe 2%.

The actions of the Clintons remind me of what you see in a third world oligarchy where they just shuffle people around every few years to make it look like they changed something. We've had Poppy Bush, Clenis, Dimson, Black Bush, and now they want to feed us Shrillary and call it liberating because she has different plumbing compared to the earlier models of globalist drones they unleashed on us.

Obama Vows to Push Trade Deal After Election

"President Obama vowed to continue his push for a significant multilateral trade agreement before he leaves office despite diminished support on Capitol Hill and outright opposition from both of his potential successors."

Wow! Who would have seen that coming except Trumpers and 13 million Bernie voters?

Now THIS is an entrance:


Offendicons Retreat!

You just don't get the "new activism"

You have to boldly interrupt old people worried about SS and Medicare and scream racial insults at the audience. At that point they are ripe for your message.
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