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BWAAHAHAHA! I'm #DonaldDrumpf and I'm afraid of #BernieSanders

#ChickenTrump WHAT a pussy!!

Hi, y'all!!

How y'all doin?


Fucking Hillbots

Now they're shitting on the most loyal Democrat DU has ever produced.

What a bunch of scumbags! Just exactly like their FUCKED UP choice for Presdient.

Holy Shit!

Hilary's ties to the the "data"


Catalist did, in fact, win contracts during the 2008 campaign to provide data-related services to both the Obama and Clinton campaigns, as well as the Democratic National Committee. But, when Obama won the nomination and then the presidency, his political operation, amid bad blood with Ickes, mostly pushed Catalist to the sidelines. Obama’s team built up the DNC’s voter file and assembled reams of its own data and analytics within the Obama campaign, relying on firms like NGP-VAN and Blue State Digital.

Some Democrats worried that Obama would be stingy with his data, but his team cast its work as for the good of Democrats as a whole. It also has undeniably benefited the firms that had a piece of it.
“There is a halo effect that, for example, we or Blue State Digital might have seen from having worked on the Obama campaigns,” acknowledged NGP-VAN CEO Stu Trevelyan. And it’s more than just reputation, he said. “Presidential campaigns have big budgets and so they can be a source of innovation and that innovation ends up trickling down through the entire market.”

Trevelyan declined to discuss his company’s work for Ready for Hillary or any other client. But NGP-VAN, which started as a fundraising compliance software company back in the late 1990s, has greatly expanded its offerings and market share during Obama’s presidency. It struck a deal in December 2011 with all 50 state Democratic parties to aggregate their voter files and enhance them with data from another firm called TargetSmart Communications. The resulting mega-database — which is marketed as SmartVAN to campaigns and the growing crop of super PACs and nonprofits seeking to use data analytics to target their efforts — is the one obtained by Ready for Hillary.

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Is "Are you mad bro?" not an insult?

Why should "Are you an idiot bro?" be considered so much more defamatory?

You know who won THIS debate?


Why you know Maria Bartiromo is working for Fox News



I could see voting for...

Kasich, or Jeb, or Paul

... if I were a Republican

You wanna really know who won the debate???

Bernie Sanders.

Just look at the reactions of the Hillbots!

"What?? No. No that's a lie! I have a link! He stole that from her. She didn't have enough time to respond! She was treated unfairly. Sanders is a white male!" Etc. So forth. SO on...

You know who lost this debate??

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