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Red Bull

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Want to serve on juries!! Please mark me as yes, willing to serve on juries!!! Please do not change me to no, again!! I am a yes!! Willing to serve on juries, ok!!!??

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Have not posted at the Dump in years

Created a new account and gave information from 2 cousins who are doctors, my wife, Paramedic for 25 years and my experience with this virus being a mailman and having had it!

Banned for being right wing propaganda! Those shitwagons are definitely at the bottom of the breading pool with no exceptions.

in the long run this Coronavirus

Could actually be a big boost to the economy because if it hits hard it could really make a big dent in our Social Security, Medicare and possibly Medicare problems, not to mention the homeless.

Please discuss! I am just looking at whom the virus kills. Not looking at the panic that is unfounded or the moral implications. This virus could actually make us much more stable financially in the long run.

Thet say .357 in a snub nose revolver is pointless!

They are so fucking wrong! You get around 1,200 ft per sec vs 780 -840 for the .38. This makes a huge difference in meeting the penetration/ expansion criteria.

Depending on if your snubby is 2.00 or 1.87 it drastically takes .38 + p out of the equation for reliable penetration and expansion.

Bought my wife a Kimber K6 and 2 .38 + p have great performance in a 2 inch barrel, rivaling .357 magnum!

My summer gun is a S&W 340 PD, very light but with a 1.87 in barrel. That is enough velocity difference to take pretty much all .38 loads out of the mix.

My .357 load Barnes 125gr TAC-XPD carry load gets 14.5 inches of penetration and uniformed expansion to .75 on a very regular basis!

My point is when someone tells you .38 +p is just as good out of a snubby they are full of shit! The question is the barrel 2 inches or less!! If less then .38 has every dismal performance even with Gold Dot 135gr +P short barrel.

Just wanted to share this with people who may be interested.

If you are on Twitter this worh following

Check out JerusalemGirl on Twitter.
I will tell my future children: I fought, in the IDF and on the Internet for the Freedom of all Humanity against those who wished 2 destroy us all #Israel #MAGA

Twitter is going full retard

Most people have seen over the last few days of the calls for violence on Twitter against those High School kids and MAGA supporters.

Ranging from punch them in the face to shoot them and lock them in the school and burn it down.

This has been deemed acceptable by Twitter and not a violation of their TOS.

I just got a 12 hr suspension for calling a lefty dumb and punch drunk. This was deemed to be abusive behavior.

They are full on to ban conservatives over there. They want Twitter to be an echo chamber like DU.

Long video but well worth the watch

Shows police officers doing everything possible to defuse the situation. Then full non compliance makes them have to ratchet up the pressure but very understandable.

Then it leads to the suspect being begged to comply and eventually non lethal force was use to gain compliance.

This resulted was the suspect uses lethal force against the officers and is shot to shit. The police even did not hurt the dogs!

So is their a lefty out there that thinks these officers overstepped their bounds and did something wrong? Please answer if you do

Had a 3 hour conversation

With a lefty on Twitter. She was very respectful as was I even though we did not agree.

We had an awesome conversation and are following each other now so we do not loose contact and can start up again.

This is the downfall of this site because this site is toxic! To many crazies here! Anybody disagree?

Started a Twitter account a few weeks ago

Have to say I have been having great fun over there engaging with leftists.

I check in here periodically but Twitter is where all of the fun is and no fucking juries. You just cant go insane but you can really tweak people if you do it properly and no threats.

Would suggest others if they do not have an account to give it a try.

If I was Kavenaugh

I would have burst out laughing then called this piece of shit out on the carpet in front of the Senate and the entire country.

I am a combat vet and Kavenaugh is not but he is a good honorable man and Bloomenthal is lower than snail shit.

It would have left a mark for the country to see. To bad Judge Kavenaugh is not the asshole I am.

Another case of why Democrats can never be believed
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