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Should stupid dumbfucks be allowed to post nonsensical polls?

Thanks for looking at my nonsensical poll

I feel sorry for the normal people left in California

I lived there for a couple of years over a decade ago. Beautiful country, but single party supermajority rule was well on its way towards making it America's shithole. Last night they elected Newsome (!) as governor, and, can you believe it, voted to KEEP a gasoline tax that was foisted on the people a year or two ago. Jesus, what a fucked up place.

I see Blasey-Ford is entertaining book offers.

Must be a pamphlet, she doesn’t remember anything.

Fuck off, commie

So, I get a text from MoveOn today

MoveOn (Stewie from MO): "Hi! Im Stuart, a MoveOn volunteer. With less than 3 weeks Until election day, we're campaigning to build the Blue Wave in Utah! By uniting together we can end Republican control of Congress-will you pledge to vote Blue on Nov 6? Reply YES & we'll share periodic texts from MoveOn's 66."

Me: "Fuck off commie"

Stewie from MO: " I am removing you immediately from MoveOn texts and furthermore reporting your reply as abusive and threatening. Have a great day."

Hahaha! Report me to who, exactly? The Politburo? Central Planning? The Committee for Democratic Security?

I don't have any particular beef with people campaigning, I just don't like these MFers having my number and sending me texts.

Alyssa Milano Confirms FBI Investigators Have Not Reached Out To Her To Get A Celebrity's Opinion On

Good for a laugh. You're welcome

Breaking News: Senate To Be Replaced With Room Full Of Monkeys Throwing Feces

They'd get more accomplished I'm sure.

How many more accusers surface between now and the Senate floor vote?

Have we seen the last of bullshit allegations, or will the Democrats try to manufacture a few more?

"Have her beat the sh*t out of a staffer" as prep to make Clinton less "unpleasant".

Yes, a real nice lady, yup yup...

Have her beat the shit out of a punch doll (or maybe a staffer) she would be warm and charming in the interview.

The Duhmurican shit-show in a nutshell

Nailed it.....

But somehow our main characters never seem to grasp that the core of their problems lies in their own tragic flaws. We never see them reflect or genuinely regret anything. They just repeat the same mistakes, over and over.

How Can Black People Trust Hillary Clinton After the 2008 Campaign?

Hillary has a history of race-baiting and racial smearing comparable to any Republican.
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