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First U.S. Gold Medal.
26 minutes ago
RIO DE JANEIRO — American shooter Ginny Thrasher won the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics, pulling off an upset in the women's 10-meter air rifle event Saturday morning.

Thrasher, 19, beat silver medalist Du Li of China in the final round with a total of 208.0, setting an Olympic record in the finals. Du finished with 207.0.

Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports
Ginny Thrasher (USA) celebrates winning the gold medal in the 10-meter air rifle competition at Olympic Shooting Centre on Aug, 6,
Yi Siling of China took bronze as the first medals in Rio were awarded.
Thrasher is an NCAA champion at West Virginia competing in her first Olympics. She wasn't the favorite coming in as Du won gold at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Andrea Arsovic of Serbia is ranked No. 1 in the world and failed to advance to the final. Yi won Olympic gold in the 2012 London Games.
American Sarah Scherer was eighth.

am I a terrorist and should I be treated as such?

Very recently a poster here claimed that the NRA are terrorists and should be treated as such. I am a member of the NRA, am I a terrorist? If so how exactly should we NRA terrorists be treated? As far as I know most terrorists are killed.

I am really interested to see if posters who support more gun control will support or denounce the idea that I am a terrorist, what is your opinion?

what chart are you looking

The two in the link have very consistent scaling.

it finally happened

I got banned from du.
Two hides in a short period, the first one was legitimate, the second I find really questionable.

I was just assuming he forgot a comma.

Any anwsers yet?

So has anyone come up with a reasonable answer as to how ss109/M855 meets the legal definition for armor piercing?
Or is this just more executive branch overreach?

You cant count on anyone, yes even the police, to come to your aid

He is not the greatest speaker but the message is powerful.

So who won the debate

Please take your time to decide.
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