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These trips of Trump to places like Montana that have no Presidential function...

but are political rallies and fundraisers...

Should they be paid for by taxpayers, or out of campaign funds?

Really, it costs a bundle to send AF 1 and a security crew out for an afternoon of speechifying. Are you happy to pay for political rallies?

How about paying for his golf trips and other vacations? Didn't we just lose a cabinet member or two for putting personal stuff on the public tab?

Dunno about anyone else, but most bosses aren't too thrilled about vacations to begin with, and the thought of paying for a week in the Bahamas would be a bit much for them.

Would someone mind explaining once again what the point of that flag is.

I keep seeing the Confederate battle flag being waved all over in this place, and am curious why.

The CSA were traitors to the United States. They broke away, formed their own country, and went to war with the United States. They tried to get Britain, France, and Canada to support them. I don't want to think about what they were doing with Mexico since that seems to complicated to deal with in a quick look.

And there well over a dozen Confederate flags-- why is this one so special?

No matter how much apologists try to claim the secession was not about slavery, most historians accept that slavery was a primary driver of events. It was central to the social strata and economies of the Southern states, was a major issue even when the Constitution was written, and for the acceptance of new states to the Union.

And after the war was over, those same Southern states made their laws continuing with legal segregation to the point of apartheid which had to be overturned by Constitutional amendment-- but even that didn't fully clear things up.

So, what makes you so proud of a flag that symbolizes being on the losing side of a political, moral, social and military battle? A side which has been properly demonized by history.

Lookie here what I found!

There was a clickbait down on the bottom for coffee as an Alzheimer's cure...

It was the usual crap, but I searched DuckDuckGo for "coffee and alzheimer's study" and a lot of very interesting things popped up.

No miracle cures, but real doctors and scientists are looking into it.

(As I finish this evening's cup of coffee...)

Oh, here's something else I found on DU...

And for those of you scouring DU for nasty things-- look what I found there...

Forget plastic guns-- this is more useful...

LSEV claimed to be world's first mass-producible 3D-printed electric car

While there's already at least one company producing relatively small numbers of 3D-printed cars, the LSEV is touted as being "the first mass-producible 3D-printed electric car in the world." Expected to enter production in the second quarter of 2019, the vehicle was recently unveiled at a press conference held at the China 3D-Printing Cultural Museum in Shanghai.

You think YOU got a badass bike?


Deputies responded to 3801 Donaldson Lane in White Hall. They found Patricia Hill standing in the front yard. She was immediately detained, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

The body of Frank Hill was found on the floor inside a utility shed at their home. Police said he suffered at least two gunshot wounds.

During an interview with authorities, Patricia Hill said she had arrived home and walked to the utility shed to confront her husband. She said she disagreed with his purchase of video pornography, so she canceled the order. Frank Hill managed to place another order. Patricia Hill told investigators that she had asked her husband to leave the shed, but he refused. She then went inside their home, grabbed her .22-caliber pistol, went back to the shed and shot her husband twice -- hitting him in the head and leg, according to police. Then she returned to her home and called 911 to report the shooting.

Can ANYONE seriously defend that horrible performance by Tangerine Wankmaggot?

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