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Trump approval @ 43% now. Kill DACA, Kill O-care, build a wall, he will hit 52%.

Democrats are all fire, fury, fetish, and failure.

America has told them no when it comes to their neo-marxism and left wing violence.

98.1% of all political donations from Muellers firm were to Hillary. Who cares if he tries to indict


It will be laughed off and ignored and if someone tries to move on the Administration it will be armageddon.

Lol @ Lefty.

Democrats man oh man.

20% of college students want to use violence to change the world. He he he. Gonna be so fun!

Trump is learning quick! Somebody (cough cough Hillary Clinton) is bout' to get fucked up!

Can anyone name for me one publication or media outlet they KNOW to be unbiased?

I only have one and thats FT.

The Democrat broken future in one photo:

Brad Manning needs help (and he is the BEST they got) !

Pic thread: 500 years ago today, my people were building cathedrals. How about yours?

RE: Chicago violence. It turns out that Mexicans/Hispanics are displacing blacks in Chicago and

within less than a decade they will overwhelm the demographic. Is the black on black violence we see simply a natural dominance hierarchy struggle for turf?

I totally believe that Democrat healthcare will save a family of 4 $5800 a year.

These people are seriously fucking retarded.

(BTW, A healthy family of 4 making $80K is paying $1500-$2500 a MONTH with 5-10K deductibles.)

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