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If a Lefty attacks you in public space you would have a reasonable fear for your life and safety.

At that point they have shown themselves to be emotionally unstable and capable of anything.

Any reasonable person would fear for their life around a unhinged Lefty.

8000 years ago, one man reproduced for every 17 women.

"Feminism" is a minor blip on a massive timescale.

Eat meat, lift weights, avoid seed oils. Nut up buttercup.

Breaking: President Trump issues a statement that he plans to withdraw from the deal that the

Obamas just signed with Netflix.

It would be obstruction of justice for Trump to pardon Obama.

He better just let that one go.

Midterm slaughter: Obama did 10x more to stop Trump than he did the Russians.

The "Blue Wave" is a porta-potty being righteously dumped on the heads of every Democrat/Communist/Maoist out there.

Hope you have a good counselor lined up to help you work through the bad feelz.

As I read DU, I can observe they are slowly giving up. It'll take an couple months to sink in for


The younger kids they are counting on to save their aging Maoist tendencies were raised in a binary world of true/false and their careful narrative persuasion no longer works.

We won.

I'm fairly certain we already have people inside the Democrat camps.

It's the way they want to play this game after all.

Mind blown.


Chuck Schumer's pernicious cultural appropriation.

Hey Lefty, remember this?

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