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Hey Lefty, all the Republicans voted to keep Gov't going. Your traitors didn't. All on you.

The actions of the Democrat rebellion threaten public safety for sure. Martial law, authorized.

Pink pussyhats with the "Make America Great Again" logo being worn by white men REALLY

pisses the freaks and geeks off. Sends them TO THE MOON. Old broad tried to pull it off, promptly arrested. It was fun to watch her cry.

Marches were fun!

If Democrats are willing to shut down government to make a bunch of illegals legal, how bad will

they fuck over your kids once they get those green cards? They hate you, want to hurt your families, and show you every single day.

Conservative better trade in the pleasant attitude and bow ties and start learning how to gut fish. Fuck these motherfuckers, they aren't like you and me. Conservatives better get serious or you will get kicked out too.

87% of Americans don't support DACA. Thats fake news.

Democrats are in a deep no-win scenario. They want to shut down government to give 800K

illegals amnesty and Affirmative Action benefits. Gonna go over real well in Allentown and Des Moines.

If you have time, this was fun to watch. Destroyed this broad.

Nobody wants a wall (and Mexicans over it) more than black America.

Those groups do NOT get along.

So we now know the Obama FBI was seriously compromised. My god he really will go to jail.

Bill Clinton vs. Donald Trump @ 71 years old:

Democrats are tiny pieces of trash.

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