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Democrats aren't logic driven animals, they are pure emotion. Highly feminized. Likely victims

of environmental toxins.

If it feels good it IS good, feels bad then it IS bad.

Pity them, but never let them vote again. America can't afford them anymore.

Watching Democrats attacking Frankens victim is EXACTLY what I love to see a year out from

an election.

I'm becoming concerned that influencing elections away from these idiot Democrats will become too easy and clients won't pay

Under what conditions do we let Democrats stay in America knowing they abuse women?

We need a new travel ban no? Start keeping tabs on Democrats movements whether its to the store or to the local party meeting to learn how to bind and tie a victim yes?

Democrats call raping and abusing normal Americans "activism" and "direct action".

Why the constant lectures from the political party that has been completely rejected and removed

from power?

How are you talking with your children about touchy feely, inappropriate Democrats?

Man who thought we would be protecting our kids from our "progressive" neighbors and family like this!


Do you think the Russians should rape and abuse more women to "fit in" with the Democrats?

Democrats seem to really respect and defend that behavior. I don't think they will go along though. The Russians I mean.

Those "evil" Russians seem to extend human beings more dignity than a Democrat.

Do Democrats judge how "progressive" each other are by how many women they can abuse?

It seems to be a trend.

Like, if you can rape and abuse 2-3 you can be a Democrats Representative or Hollywood Actor or Immigrants Rights Advocate but if you have abused 5 or more women you can be a Senator, Movie Producer, or other "important cultural warrior"?

This pathology is pretty interesting!

Democrat equals Degenerate, Sexually Permissive, Harassment, Rape, etc. Why are we surprised?

Lets never let the boot off their neck.

Whats better: Stuffy Republican Ultra Religious guy or the hundreds of Democrat rapers?

Are minorities and immigrants joining the Democrat party because they can rape with impunity?

Is that the draw for these degenerates to band together like they do?
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