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You may be cool...

Presidential hopefuls

State Farm cancels Bloombergs life insurance policy

Michael Bloomberg stood tall this morning on a stack of books, telling his supporters and the media that he has decided upon his VP: Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for the tiny mayor, his decision just cost him in a way he never expected. State Farm called him up after actuaries calculated and crunched the numbers: he was no longer insurable.

They cited the fact that Hillary was intent on becoming the President “by hook or by crook” and that the billionaire’s life could possibly be at risk.

I went to see Fantasy Island...

Me and my Daughter went to go see that movie and i must admit it wasn't half bad. It was hella more dark than the TV series but good nonetheless

Can i watch the Flyers game without seeing 1000 Mini-Mike Bloomberg commercials?

Jesus, it must be nice to blow that kind of money on a losing campaign

Didn't Michael Avenatti say Trump wouldn't last one term?

I mean Karma really bent him over like the boys in prison are going to bend him over after trying to fuck with the Greatest President in the Modern era.

Mexican vs American

Never Trumpers go away! LWC

Hey never Trunpers conservatives, you’re telling me if you’re pro-life voting against trump helps your cause? Lol. Steven Crowder really smacks NTs down

Real Stable Genius - Mr. Angry Socialist Activist


Imagine getting your ass beat by..

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