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Anyone getting "not secure" messages when coming to DI?

for some reason i'm getting that its not secure to come to this site

Democrats Will Get OBLITERATED In November Over Blocking Emergency Aid

Idiots React to Coronavirus

PA is closing all non-life sustaining businesses

This shit is getting way out of hand for a virus’s you have a 97% to 99% chance of beating. Freaking Governors are going to ruin many lives

Bye bye Bernie - A rant

Renting men ends Andrews Gillums career

If you could forget about a book you read or series of books which ones would they be?

I love the Omega Force series.

ON EDIT: I forgot to put "so you can enjoy it all over again"

PSA: Good Hand washing tutorial

Sorry couldn't find this on YT¬if_id=1584458236618169¬if_t=group_comment_mention

Does anyone on DI read Chinese?

A friend of mine rented out a house to a chinese couple with two kids, come to find out they're using the place to house workers who work in their Restaurant, she inspected her property and saw these signs and the lady there wasn't too forthcoming with a translation

Alrighty, listen up

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