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CNN: Artificial Gills Could Become a Reality

Some more hard-hitting journalism for you.

Things Are Objectively Getting Better In The World, But People In Many Developed Countries Remain...


Things are getting better all the time but, you wouldn't know it watching the media. Gotta fill that 24 hr news cycle with something and, as the old saying goes; it it bleeds, it leads.

"Pinker mentions various sources of pessimism—the “progressophobia” of liberal-arts professors, for instance—but directs most of his opprobrium toward the news media, which focus almost entirely on of-the-moment crises and systematically underreport positive, long-term trends. (Citing the German economist Max Roser, Pinker argues that a truly evenhanded newspaper “could have run the headline number of people in extreme poverty fell by 137,000 since yesterday every day for the last twenty-five years.”) He consults the work of Kalev Leetaru, a data scientist who uses “sentiment mining,” a word-analysis technique, to track the mood of the news; Leetaru finds that, globally, journalism has grown substantially more negative.

The power of bad news is magnified, Pinker writes, by a mental habit that psychologists call the “availability heuristic”: because people tend to estimate the probability of an event by means of “the ease with which instances come to mind,” they get the impression that mass shootings are more common than medical breakthroughs. We’re also guilty of “the sin of ingratitude.” We like to complain, and we don’t know much about the heroic problem-solvers of the past."

"Even as “Enlightenment Now” celebrates our ingenuity, it suggests that there’s something bratty about humankind: we just don’t want to admit how good we have it."

Happy Independence Day!

There's only one so, cherish her. Put aside your differences, have a few too many, grill some meat and bask in the glory of being fortunate enough to be born an American.

All the best to you and yours.

Posted by Steelydamned | Tue Jul 3, 2018, 07:04 PM (4 replies)

A Michigan Marxist Restaurant Closes After Failed Group Decisions and Long Sandwich Waits

"The restaurant’s (now-defunct) Facebook page was flooded with complaints from patrons angry at its slow service. Patrons hungry for a sandwich would find the café shuttered at odd times, thanks to opening hours set by employee group decision."

Punctuality and customer service are exploitative bourgeois affectations.

Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona.

I mentioned a while back that I would heading to AZ for vacation. Well, we've been here about 10 days and have had a blast, going somewhere every day. This was yesterday.....

Crawfish Mania

These videos are by a guy called DJ Rhett. He basically dubs funny cajun accents and sayings over various things. I find it hilarious but I live down here and a lot of the references are local so it may not relate. These three are my favorites

British Police Tweet showing "weapons" confiscation

God Save the Queen! Was Tim the Toolman taken into custody?? Thank you for saving the good people for Regents Park from the horror of a handyman on the loose!

Dick's Posts Deeper than Expected Losses Weeks After Taking Anti-Gun Stance


Shoulda seen this coming......

RIP Stephen Hawking

Reporter Who Investigated Russian Troll Farm: Maybe This Isnt Such A Big Deal

Just as I've always thought. I keep seeing this board being spammed with hair pulling, freak out stories about Russian trolls who've "swayed" the election. And I've asked for some sort of proof of this, knowing full well no proof will be forthcoming: because there is none.

"“It’s my personal belief that it isn’t all that effective,” Chen said. He continued, “You know it’s essentially a social media marketing campaign with 90 people, a couple million dollars, a few million dollars behind it, run by people who have a bare grasp of the English language and not a full grasp of who they’re targeting, what they’re targeting.

“If you think about that in terms of just a normal marketing campaign, that’s not going to be a very good bang for your buck.”

Chen went on to say that what did seem effective was the amount of paranoia generated by the idea that Russian trolls could be controlling social media.

“I think that the paranoia aspect, right, the idea that there is this kind of all-powerful, or immense propaganda machine that’s going on and that anybody who is tweeting something that’s you don’t like or who is kind of causing trouble on the internet can be chalked up to Russia,” Chen said.

“That is a very powerful thing that is going on and is really increasing now in the wake of these indictments in kind of a worrying way,” he continued, adding, “There’s not a lot of people saying ‘let’s hold back, maybe it’s not that big of a deal.'”

Keep in mind, the total expenditure from both parties (campaigns, SuperPACs, etc) in 2016 was well over $2 billion dollars. And that doesn’t include the value of all the thousands of hours of free media both candidates got from cable and major networks. So it’s not that the Russian troll effort had no impact (and I certainly don’t believe they should be given a pass), but let’s keep things in perspective. The Russian effort was real but it was a drop in the bucket relative to the scope of the entire campaign."

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