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Trumps having huge banner flown over Houston ahead of the dem debate...


Also, Greenpeace kooks have suspend themselves from a bridge, shutting down the Houston Ship Channel...

I miss 9/12/2001

I would never ever want another 9/11, but I miss the America of 9/12.

Stores ran out of flags to sell because they were being flown everywhere.

People were Americans before they were upper or lower class, Jewish, Christian, or Atheist, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.

We hugged people without caring if they ate at Chick-Fil-A or wore Nikes.

On 9/12, what mattered more was what united us, than what divided us.

And I fear we'll never see that again.....

Vox: The case for changing the voting age to 0

Jesus Christ on a crutch

The dumbfuckery at Vox has reached staggering levels...

Disneyworld is a Human Right!

Daryl Davis, the Blues Musician who convinced over 200 KKK members to Quit Protested by Antifa and called a White Supremacist

First a bit about Davis if you've never heard of him...

And now, from Davis' FB Page:

Hey Folks,

You want to hear a good one? True story. I have been to 56 different countries on 6 continents, played in 15 foreign countries and played in 49 of our 50 U.S. States.

In between gigs I have spent 30+ years talking with Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, White Supremacists, White Separatists, Black Supremacists, Black Separatists, Alt Right members and just about every other group you can imagine with a superiority complex. The purpose of which, is bring some reconciliation amongst different ideological groups to reduce violence and racism and bring about a sense of normalcy and civility among my fellow Americans.

For my efforts, many of which have been successful, I have been called a nigger, a porch monkey, a pavement ape, by racists, an Uncle Tom, an Uncle Ruckus, an Oreo, a race traitor, a sellout, both a pimp and a prostitute, by some of those who look like me and who claim to despise racism. When you add it all up, I've been just about called every name but my own name.

In my 61 years on this Earth, i've seen a lot and I've heard a lot. But a few nights ago I was called something I could not imagine being called in a million years. I was part of a panel in Philadelphia, assembled by the conference organizers to discuss ways to de-escalate racism, antisemitism and violence in our country.

Meanwhile, a group known as Antifa (short for /Anti- Facist), threatened to do violence to the conference organizers and panel speakers and burn down the building where we were to speak. Despite the threats, we had a very successful conference. We celebrated with an after-party in a room filled with people from all walks of life and every political persuasion from MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters to supporters of those at the opposite end of the Make America Great Again people and everyone in between on the spectrum. We ALL got along fantastically.

Meanwhile, the police department shut down the streets surrounding the site of the party as a crowd of about 40 Antifa members gathered outside the building to protest, accusing the the speakers and organizers of being racist

We invited the Antifa members to come in a join the party and have an opportunity to talk with us. They refused. I thought I had seen and heard it all in my 61 years and nothing would surprise me, but I was mistaken. Now are you ready for this? The Antifa people called me a White Supremacist. What??? Are you kidding me??? Wow!!! That's right, you heard me!!! They called ME, a White Supremacist. Now, I KNOW I've heard it all. It's good to be colorblind sometimes, but this is ridiculous!!!

That threw me for a loop. I scratched my head for a second, trying to make sense of this strangely misconceived insult. But all I could do was laugh. I literally even laughed all the way back to DC on my flight the next morning. The plane wasn't crowded and I had a whole row to myself. The other passengers must have thought I was crazy. I hope my sharing this with you allows you to find some humor as well. Next time someone calls you a name, think bout this, and just laugh your ass off. 😀

Is Antifa interested in anything other than stirring shit? They sure don't seem interested in any meaningful dialogue.
Posted by Steelydamned | Mon Sep 9, 2019, 12:44 PM (2 replies)

Democrats Propose Mandatory Free Speech Buyback For Dangerous Ideas

“These are ideas that serve no purpose, and we need to get them out of public use,” stated Elizabeth Warren. “Some people may be upset, but they shouldn’t be, because we’re paying them for their stupid ideas. Also, we’re buying back being able to call me Pocahontas. No one needs that.”

Posted by Steelydamned | Fri Sep 6, 2019, 01:24 PM (2 replies)

The Parkland Shooter Is Getting Fan Mail From Teenage Girls, Including Nudes

Ugh.....Ted Bundy Redux?

Teenagers and adults from around the country have been voicing their support for the shooter online and through macabre fan mail.

Mass murderer Nikolas Cruz is receiving stacks of fan mail, dozens of love letters, and hundreds of dollars in commissary money from fans across the country.

Since his incarceration, Cruz, who killed 17 people and injured 17 more when he opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. on Feb. 14, has become something of an icon to fascinated people across the country. Teenage girls, women, and even some men have been writing to the Parkland shooter declaring their support, offering their friendship and sending him encouragement.

Some of them are also sending him their photos or notes about themselves, most of which are highly suggestive. On March 15, Cruz received a letter from a teenager who claimed to be attracted to him.


Read the whole thing:
Posted by Steelydamned | Thu Sep 5, 2019, 11:47 AM (1 replies)

Apparently, Biden lost his contact, revealing his true lizard people eye.....

....during the Climate Town Hall:

That or he was literally having a small stroke while on stage....
Posted by Steelydamned | Thu Sep 5, 2019, 09:38 AM (2 replies)


Disappointingly, his name is not Dr. Lecter....

A Swedish behavioral scientist has suggested that it may be necessary to turn to cannibalism and start eating humans in order to save the planet.

Appearing on Swedish television to talk about an event based around the “food of the future,” Magnus Söderlund said he would be holding seminars on the necessity of consuming human flesh in order to stop climate change.

Environmentalists blame the meat and farming industry for a large part of what they claim is the warming of the earth.

According to Söderlund, a potential fix would be the Soylent Green-solution of eating dead bodies instead.

He told the host of the show that one of the biggest obstacles to the proposal would be the taboo nature of corpses and the fact that many would see it as defiling the deceased.

Söderlund also acknowledged that people are “slightly conservative” when it comes to eating things they are not accustomed to, such as cadavers.

The discussion took place accompanied by a graphic of human hands on the end of forks. Lovely.

....Read the whole thing:

Democrats Launch New Listen Up, Hayseeds Campaign To Connect With Rural Voters

EMPORIA, KS—Unveiling the new nationwide messaging strategy after six months of planning and research, the Democratic Party launched its “Listen Up, Hayseeds” campaign Monday to win over rural voters. “Hey, you redneck simpletons, put down your whittling sticks, drag yourself away from the Cracker Barrel, and let us tell you how it is,” said a team of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on the debut commercial, part of a widespread advertising blitz that will be played at NASCAR races and monster truck rallies across the country.

“We know you can barely read, so we’ll spell this out for you: The Republican tax plan will only benefit the rich. Don’t you dumb hicks get that? Democrats will fight inequality so you and all your inbred cousins don’t have to live in a trailer anymore. Get it?” Democratic officials have also announced a new “You Think You Can Do Better Than Us?” campaign aimed at increasing turnout among African American and Hispanic voters.
Posted by Steelydamned | Wed Sep 4, 2019, 09:25 AM (4 replies)

Mass Shootings Are a Horrible Way to Understand Gun Violence

Gun homicides have declined sharply in recent decades, but polls show most Americans are unaware of this fact.

I've made this argument many times yet I'm usually castigated for being 'unfeeling' or 'not caring' about children. But the facts are the facts: and they don't really care about your feelings on the subject.

In a country of 327 Million people, with an untold number of guns (I've read 393 Million but, I'd be willing to bet that number is higher) dispersed throughout that population, we honestly have an astonishingly low number of actual gun homicides yearly; and that includes Mass Shootings.

"Polls show that JUST 12 percent of Americans believe gun violence has declined in the U.S., a reality they likely missed because of extended media coverage of mass shootings. This coverage is problematic for multiple reasons."

The stats don't line up with perception.....

Read the whole thing.....
Posted by Steelydamned | Tue Sep 3, 2019, 12:37 PM (3 replies)
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