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How many of you think you should be paying higher taxes?

Answer honestly please? I just did my taxes so, I know exactly what I paid and, it's always a bit startling to see the number.

Why is any of this still going on?

Schiff said back in April 2019 that he had undeniable proof of Russian collusion so, why doesn't he present it?

That should be all the Senate needs to convict so, why is Schiff wasting his time up there bloviating when he could end the whole thing?

Somber Impeachment Ceremony Concludes With The Impeachment Dancers

WASHINGTON, D.C.—It was a somber day for the U.S., as House Democrats formalized the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took seven solemn hours to sign the articles of impeachment with 582 custom pens on silver trays before she sent them over to the Senate. As the articles were handed over, the Impeachment Dancers entered the room, marking the dark day with a well-choreographed dance number accented by a tasteful amount of pyrotechnics.

“It is gravely serious to accuse the president of high crimes and misdemeanors,” Pelosi said as dancers gyrated behind her. “And we do this reluctantly and with a heavy heart.”

After the ceremony and the dance number concluded, Democratic leaders all had a moment of silence to reflect on the gravity of their undertaking, the only sound now being the making of impeachment balloons by the Impeachment Clowns there to entertain the children.

With President Trump officially impeached and the trial now in the hands of the Senate, the House Democrats left feeling their important work was done -- except for all the fundraising emails they had to write.

Either this Parnas cat is lying or, our "esteemed" media is:

I'd put money on both myself...

No wonder Maddow "the things I say aren't facts" had him on...he fits right in.

For everyone cheering the GAO report that said Trump broke the law....

...they said the same thing about Obama too:

More than once...

So I'm assuming that all the breathless posts on the Trump report either didn't know about the ones on Obama, or they forgot, or they're just hypocrites.

Jesus....look how far people were lined up to get into the Ohio Trump Rally

This comment: "The only thing longer than a line at a Donald Trump rally would be a bread line under a Bernie Sander's administration. #Bernie2020"

The Dems are toast

Nancy Pulling a Schiff on the House Floor

What an absolute fucking twat.

The actual transcript doesn't say what they want so, they'll just ensure it gets in the official record anyway.

Can any of you honestly support this?

In the case of that Tweet.....

....I'd chalk it up to bitterness. She feels bitter that her "hard work" didn't pay off. But it's not because of anything racial......its because I can't seriously see most children being interested in a book about Ilhan Omar.

Publishers want to sell books.

That book is not going to sell, hence the rejections.

It's her subject matter, not her work ethic. Not every idea is a winner so, back to the drawing board for another go at a more marketable idea

Or, just be bitter....

As part of a settlement signed today, CNN has agreed to pay $76 million in backpay

Whoa....CNN got hammered by the National Labor Relations Board.

Combine that with whatever the settlement was for that Sandman kid and they're just bleeding cash.

Apparently, the Ayatollah allows anyone to message him on Twitter

There's some funny messages in that thread but, I can't believe no one has sent him this:

I don't have a Twitter account but could someone PLEASE message him the above link

Many Thanks in advance
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