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7 degrees of Kevin Bacon

So my only really big...and it's big, claim to fame is that many years ago, I went to church w a girl who babysat for John and Yoko Lennon. My sister is still in a book club w babysitter.
The family from my church were missionaries in Japan, and they didn't listen to rocknroll, so they weren't starstruck. My friend Kathy somehow became their babysitter. I think it was Julian who she watched. Kathy, the sitter was only 14-15 yrs old. They invited Lennon to the church, and I believe he attended once.

Any famous stories?

Why can't I see avatars or siglines?

I've never been able to see them. In my account info, they are both enabled. I'm only able to view if I look at a members profile.

I use Chrome on an Android. It has to be something in those settings, right?

Love this vid!!

I found Ron Gallo at a music fest a few years ago. I love the vid and the lyrics.

Flu anybody?

I don't get the shot, but have been sick a few years ago. 103-104 temp is scary. And it's a great diet..lose 20lbs in a week and a half. How you all faring?)

Drew Brees..awesome vid

Phrase, word of the week

Shithole is taking off nicely. "Deplorables" won't go away. We have "safe spaces". I was "triggered", "pussy hats". What have I missed?
"Cisgender"....another good, relatively new word.
Edited to add "dreamers".

Why the Oprah hate?

Why all the threads trashing Oprah???  She came from nothing, and against all odds, capitalized on capitalism.  We would all love to be able to succeed as well.

She is not racist. My God, who among us would  be willing to be critiqued from all over the internet over everything we have ever said or done?

Elephant in the room....YES she is black, and her view of life comes from her experiences as being black.  It is not racist for her to identify with the black people.   Cripes, within many of our lifetimes, it was illegal for a black to marry a white in some states. And the KKK was ready to enforce and intimidate.   You think the black parents and grandparents didn't share these experiences? 

The vitriolic posts against Oprah...I don't get it. Just because tweet wants her to run for president?? 

She is well spoken. I saw her rah rah speech on YouTube.  Wtf did she say wrong?  Yes, maybe she had heard rumours about Weinstein, but so did everyone else.   Have any of you ever heard a rumour about a sex perv, and not reported it?

Would I vote for her? No. I'm a righty, mostly.

That's probably the biggest op I will ever write.

Be nice.

Was just over at freeperville

Like Cold Warrior, I don't enjoy Cave type obsessions. This is my 2nd DU post to bring over here. This thread is a mirror image to what was posted at the Cave. Loving the taste of opposition tears..etc.

Seriously? Its kinda funny.

Female musicians

I saw Dana Fuchs a few years ago

And nobody is better than Party Griffin, saw her a few times in amazing venues..

And Beth hart!!

Liquor and dirty whores

I love this band...or any band with banjos..strings.

Anybody else love edgy folk music?

Another have to watch this..seeing them soon.

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