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In case anyone still has...

a lingering hope that the American Civil Liberties Union cares one iota about civil liberties:

And I love their little credo statement at the bottom of the page, "WE THE PEOPLE DARE TO CREATE A MORE PERFECT UNION."

Almost as ridiculous as CNN's "The most trusted name in news."

Pretty good opinion piece...


It seems like this all boils down to what it takes to convince Collins, Murkowski, and/or Manchin to vote yes. I don't hold out any false optimism about Flake. He will say one thing and do another at the last minute to grab some publicity or stick a knife in Trump.

Joe Manchin is running even to slightly ahead of his Senatorial opponent, Patrick Morrisey, at the moment. But West Virginians support Kavanaugh's confirmation by a pretty wide margin. Voting no on Kavanaugh could easily put Manchin out of office. I look for him to support Kavanaugh in the end.

Collins and Murkowski (and Manchin) voted for Neil Gorsuch. I am hopeful that the current FBI investigation results provide them with the confidence/cover they need to vote yes on Kavanaugh. But neither is up for re-election, so it's harder to predict what they will do. Pressure from Republican leadership might be enough to sway one or both.

Interesting article...

on why the Democrats have gone all in on stopping the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh.

The summary - If you can't win elections, then you control the bureaucracy and courts to effectively nullify the actions of those who are elected. The courts can stop actions. The bureaucracy can only stymy them. Without the courts, the party out of power is truly neutered.

This has been painfully obvious to a lot of us watching this fiasco. The sexual harassment argument is meant to appeal to our prurient interests and disguise the true reason behind stopping Kavanaugh.

Speaking of maligned women....

I wonder what these women think about the political circus they are having to endure? Do you suppose they have feelings too? What is being done to them is a crime, and not one that might have happened 35 years ago in someone's drunken memories. It's happening right now in the cold light of day.


I'd like to see Judge Kavanaugh...

make some demands for a change.

As in, "If this smear on my reputation continues beyond Sept. 26 and either, a.) I haven't had the opportunity to face my accuser, or b.) you haven't conducted a judiciary committee vote on my confirmation, then I will be withdrawing my name from consideration. You can then explain to voters in November how you let this happen."

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