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They are looking good, make sure you have exposure or at least look into it.

Cali migration to Texas.

Per the article, 1% of the state of California moved to Texas. That is an much of a factor as the Hispanic migration in changing the politics of Texas. Texas will be blue soon enough, the sooner the better for all of us.

Will Hurd

He should just switch party and stay in the House. Seems like a decent sort

PelosiDow looking shitty folks down 650

Thanks Nancy

Buy buy buy.

My money manager bought some stocks and ETFs today; FDRR, CAJ, GSK and VNQ.

Perhaps a little conservative, but cash in after a big decline is usually smart in the long run. Not sure why they love CAJ so much....

Looks like 8chan and the daily stormer are in search of a new host.

Prolly have to go overseas to find one. Poor racists

Is white supremacy a mental disorder?

Some good stuff from the prompter

Universal background checks. National red flag law. Go after 8 Chan crap

Wait an hour or two and he will tweet just the opposite.

PelosiDow plunges 950 points folks. UPDATED.

PelosiDow looks like its going down in the morning folks.

She needs to stop all the impeachment talk.
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