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Led Zeppelin Presence

Your thought on the album? I just downloaded it to listen to it for them first time in a few decades.

Trump goes to jail

Let’s assume trump faces charges and is found guilty and sentenced to prison time after he no longer president.

Would the Secret Service be tasked to keeping him safe while he is incarcerated? That would be an interesting issue to follow.

Folks, trump tried to stop the racist send her back chant

Trump despises racism.

Folks lets not forget we still want to LOCK HER UP!


Get this patriot a job in the trump admin!

Maybe acting HLS or ICE Director

Another great lib and scientist lie.

We all know trump supporters are superior to non trump,supporters (socialists)

These guys ROCK!

CNN sucks.

Lets send them all back folks.

Citizens or not.

Libs and scientist are all like, climate change is a crises.

But they forget to look at the calendar, it’s july folks. It’s summer.

Lets send Omar back

Back to the shithole country she is from folks.
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