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Are leftists so ignorant and well trained that they will scream NAZI on command?

Are they really that mindless?

Why is this still being discussed?

Hillary lost for no other reason than for what she is and what she represents.
The election was handed to her.
Her faux ideology and what she actually represents were rejected by the great people of the USA.

Is Pelosi a threat to national security?

Something seems to be wrong with her.
Lately she has been slurring her speech, seems to get disoriented and confused a lot.

Is she drunk? Suffering from alzheimers or dementia?
Considering her position this could be a very serious national security risk.
I think she needs her clearances revoked and suspended from all comittees until we know just what is going on with her.

116 year old interview with Nikolai Tesla

The man sounds insane, but considering his knowledge and accomplishments he might have been one of the most sane and connected people to walk the earth.

They sure are

And they will fuck you up.
I spent a month or so in the hospital and was prescribed steroids so I could build myself up and start walking again
...they shut that prescription off quick.
The painkillers never got shut off but I never took them.

For this country to work.

Everyone needs to be included

Another perspective on the Waco shootout

by various bloggers compiled by WWN (see links in article)The narrative by the Waco Police Department on the sequence of events leading to 9 motorcyclists has been revised at least 12 times since the incident. Of course, this is to be expected as memories are fallable and added details usually enhance the narrative. However, all the narratives put forth by the Waco Police Department look like they are false once examined in the light of security footage and cell phone footage caught by innocent bystanders.

The article brings up some good questions.

my neighbors found a gun

So I was doing some yardwork today and noticed the old couple neighbors sitting at the top of my ROW . Didn't think much of it as our little road can be hard to find off the highway until a couple police cruisers showed up.
I had to take a walk up the road since it's my property. .. turns out there was a nice Ruger P345 in the ditch behind the mailbox.
Would you have picked it up or called the cops?

customers rally at Market Basket stores

I know a couple folks that have been working at Market Basket for years and I fully support them in what they are doing

wonder if they tried poking him with a stick?

Wasn't sure which forum this would fall under so I stuck it here
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