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I thought you couldn't look out your window and see climate change?

Up to now, climate scientists and the left have been telling us that you can't look out your window and see climate change. Local weather is just anecdotal evidence. Just because it's cold today doesn't mean global warming is false.

Well then, there's this:

Now suddenly everyone over there is looking out their window and seeing climate change.

Scientists have already told us that they can't know yet whether or not these hurricanes are just a blip or an overall trend. Apparently DU is anti-science, now. Magical thinkers.

Trump to donate $1 million in personal funds to Texas relief efforts

President Trump will donate $1 million towards Hurricane Harvey relief in Texas, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Thursday.

The president said he will donate his personal money, according to Sanders, although she could not say with certainty that the president meant his own bank account and not the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Mr. Trump, who will visit Texas Saturday for the second time since the deadly storm hit, has yet to pick a charity and is open to suggestions, Sanders said.

"I don't know the legal part of exactly that, but he said his personal money so I would assume" that comes from him directly, Sanders said of the president's pledged donation.

House Judiciary Committee Smacks Down Democrat Request to Investigate Arpaio Pardon

"We recognize that the Constitution grants the President the sweeping ‘power to grand reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States,'" the letter reads. "Still, that power can be abused."

His pardon raised questions from both Democrats and Republicans, and critics wondered why the White House announced the pardon as Hurricane Harvey was making landfall in Texas on Friday.

Arpaio, 85, was convicted of criminal contempt earlier this year after he failed to comply with a court order.

The Democrats also noted they have requested an oversight hearing into the Trump administration five times since he took office on other matters, but have not yet been granted one.

There is more evidence of alien life than there is of Trump/Russia collusion.

Let that sink in.

Does anyone even know what Antifa actually *wants*?

Honest question.

Why Donald Trump Pardoned Joe Arpaio


First, Arpaio was tried under a false interpretation of the law. Only statutes passed by Congress are “the supreme law of the land.” Executive Branch policy is not. Sheriff Arpaio was enforcing the laws as written by Congress. An Executive Branch policy to ignore the law has no legal effect whatsoever. Yet the courts have unlawfully restricted the States—especially Arizona—from enforcing Congressional statutes (the supreme law of the land) based on Executive Branch dereliction of duty (legally meaningless). So Arpaio was found guilty of enforcing the laws Congress passed in conflict with the Executive Branch not wanting to. (Yes, state police can often enforce certain federal laws.)


Second, Arpaio oversaw a huge office. Arizona’s Maricopa County has four million residents, larger than 22 States if the County were a State. Arpaio admitted to the Court that implementation of changes in practices had been slow. Judge Snow unreasonably ignored the vast size of Arpaio’s office.

Third, the judge who found Arpaio in contempt of court violated governing law by not recusing himself, as analyzed by legal ethics expert Prof. Ronald Rotunda. Snow told his wife as early as 2011 that that he was going to use the Melendres case to remove Arpaio from office. Karen, Dale, and Scott Grissom encountered Cheri Snow in a Someburros restaurant in Tempe, Arizona. Cheri Snow and Karen Grissom were classmates as children and started catching up. Cheri Snow boasted that her husband was presiding over the trial of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, hated Arpaio, and would do whatever he could to “get rid of” Arpaio (remove him from office).


Fourth, Judge Snow’s brother-in-law is a partner in the law firm assisting the ACLU, Covington & Burling (where Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer are partners). Judge Snow ordered Maricopa County taxpayers to pay $4 million to Covington & Burling. Funneling millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to his brother-in-law’s law firm is a serious conflict of interest.


Why is the left always obsessed with the crowd sizes at Donald Trump events?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that they are mostly powerless when it comes to the federal government right now?

The largest neo-Nazi group in the US has only 400 members in 32 states

Turns out there really were good people marching with the racists in Charlottesville

They went to the event to support the absolute right of free-speech, including the worst kinds of speech.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D) draws a moral equivalence between Antifa and White Supremacists

by condemning violence in general, but failing to call either groups out out by name when prompted in an interview with Jake Tapper.

As we all learned this past week, when you condemn the actions of two groups, but fail to mention either of them by name, it means you think they're morally equivalent.

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