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What can the Democrats do to turn this around?

Seems like short of someone walking in with policy paper with Trump's signature or a previously unadvertised executive order with explicit instructions to blackmail the Ukrainian government to help him win the election then the Democratic Party continues to dig a deeper and deeper hole by the minute. I believe he meant one thing even though he told me the opposite and I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who... and considered that derived conclusion to be absolute simply isn't going to cut it.

So at this point, shy of the smoking gun coming out, what possibly can they do? Will they be forced to actually run on policy positions openly admitting to what they want to do and what they think about everyone who isn't them? How much would that cost them in the election.

This could end badly for everyone as the Republican's don't have a great track record of doing what they promised when they get too much control.

Impeachment Irony

The Senate when writing its impeachment rules should include a clause explicitly disallowing hearsay evidence

Obstruction, am I missing something

If Mueller was under the impression he could not indict Trump then by definition there is no pending federal judicial proceeding. There are three requirements for obstruction, the first is that such a proceeding is pending and the second is that the defendent knew about it.

How can either of those conditions be meet if he can't be indicted? Do they think Trump was obstructing someone else's proceeding?

Ladies in white

If you don't want to be judged by your appearance and want to be taken seriously for your mind, perhaps you should avoid making political statements through your fashion choices then compounding the issue with it being a collective effort organized by someone else.

Maybe my new favorate Senator

This guy wasn't really on my radar but holy cow talk about getting it right. For you guys on the left if you still can't figure out what happened why the push back more or less why the right and many independents hold the views on government they do as well as how to fix it, this guy gets it.

I'll be keeping a closer eye on this one.

Settled Law

I have to wonder, if the USSC were to reverse Roe v Wade sending the issue back to the states would the left accept that as "settled law?"

Should the Senate undo the nuclear option

Let's say for example Trump ends up getting to set the court to 6-3 by the end of his first term then gets elected to his second term. After he gets his initial staff set for the second term, should the Senate then turn around and say we told you that nuclear option was a bad idea and you wouldn't like the outcome you did it anyway so this is the bed you made. Perhaps you have learned your lesson so now we are setting it back to norm. Change it again at your own demise.

Demands for NK

If Trump were to play this smart he should completely change tactics and work toward a single demand that would actually bring real change to NK. Let them go through their litany of demands and so long as they aren't security risks agree to everyone one of them even if it means we feed their who nation for the next five years. In return, one demand. Allow the people of NK open and free uncensored access to the internet and to the equipment to do so with no limitations nor repercussions for doing so. Then sit back and watch the magic of information and education.

If posting on facebook to "influence" an election

by Russian hackers is such a big deal, what are we to think about people who physically enter the country illegal and actively and openly work to get our laws changed to favor their desired agenda not only through activities in social media but physical demonstrations, protests, monetary contributions, and even lobbying of politicians?

Something seems off about the focus of the outrage.

Being on the verge of tax reform

it seems appropriate that we remember how throughout 2010 the left laughed for months on end about not taking the Tea Party seriously.

Do you think the left will ever realize that they aren't the only people who get to have a voice, and that they ignore and mock others at their own political peril?
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