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Served on the first Jury ever!!!! woot

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Governor of Virginia just declared a state of emergency.

looks like he is getting scared, as he should be.

Hope he isn't stupid enough to push too hard, this may just be that fabled hill we have been talking about.

Is it just me... or has it slowed way down again..

It was not a synagogue, and this is important.

This was a Chabad house, part of an outreach program started by the Lubavitch's, an Orthodox and conservative branch of Judaism. They serve as community centers and outreach to lapsed and more secular Jewish people.
Likely the victims here were not the Liberal jews so many seem to think all of Juadaism represents. These are giving and caring people, and the fact that shots were fired here in response by a congregant also points to the fact this was no worldly, liberal bastion of the modern majority of the faith.

Being Chabadam, they unlike other ultra-Orthodox sects are not isolationist, they are there to reach out, to help and to minister. They are highly visible, and they are, from my interactions with them, some of the most engaged and caring people I have ever met. Because of my individual circumstances, I am often in contact with members, to return me to the fold. But they are not pushy, judgemental or annoying. It usually involves invites to dinners, activities and a few packages sent out near Holy days and celebrations.

These are Conservative, active and caring people. Remeber that when the media paints it's pictures, and tries to reframe the narrative, and Liberals try to use them for their own ends.

Most are politically conservatives, they are believers in sself defense, protectors of the 2A and I have shot with and even trained a few congregants. The BP agent used a weapon provided him by a member, not his own from what I am hearing.

A good man with a gun stopped this from being a massacre. And that is one small but important thing to remember here. Because it is something that needs to spread far and wide.

Rammstein drops a new video.. People lose their damn minds.

I think it is incredible, the music is a little derivative.. Think KMFDM meets VNV Nation..

But the video is incredible, and the story and lyrics are incredible as well..

I look forward to the usual idiots getting the message wrong.. On both sides.

Picking back up..

Seems the site has sped back up just in the last few minutes... Hope it lasts

"Stepping in shit is a mistake. Stepping in it on purpose is crazy."

Great quote, and a very true axiom, one to live by.

And yet many over at the DU have again taken a "hate crime" and on the flimsiest of premises ran with it. Immediately after the debacle of the Indian War Vet Elder attacked by Smug MAGA Boy outrage.
When will liberals ever learn to sit down and wait just a minute?

Watching intersectionalist virtue signalers step on land mines is fun.

DU right now is a fucking laugh riot as the two heavy weights battle for dominance.

Who will win, The Womyns or the Blacks?

Hey Joe..

Anything you want to say?

Now we know you for a liar as well a coward that can dish, but not take it.

Meanwhile shit is getting sporty in Venezuela.

So, tell me more about Pelosi and Trump's little purse fight, or some smug Catholic kid and a stolen valor old Indian dude.

Well this certainly puts paid the arguments over who has the power...

So Nancy, what was that you were saying..THE CONSTITUTION CONSIDERS ME EQUAL TO THE PRESIDENT ???

Reality seems to say otherwise.
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