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Served on the first Jury ever!!!! woot

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This past week, it really hit me.. RJD had it right... If you listen to fools...

Alaskan women sponsored by ACLU bound for D.C. to protest Kavanaugh nomination

"I just want to tell everybody how amazing it is we have so many people,” Reynolds said. “When we started Sunday night, when our national organization said that we could get some money to go to Washington D.C., we thought, 'Man, if we could just get 20 or 30 people who could drop everything and go to D.C.’ as of today we are well over 150 people.”

Amazing that so many women are abused.. YAY!!! Seriously, Libs are disgusting "people"

Womp womp DiFI....

Indelible in the hippocampus.

Seriously, what the fuck..

Feinstein accuser comes out, spills details.

She needs to be heard. Far more details than the Judge K accusers.

Sexual harassment, illegal foreign donors..

Very interesting.

Idiots that favor tax increases on corporations..

Use the Conservative arguments AGAINST tariffs...

"No matter what people think of the tariffs, China does not pay those tariffs, American consumers d"

WAPO finally comes around. Recognizes Trump truly is the God Emperor

All Hail Trump!, Skiver of Strumpets, Banisher of Hags and God Emperor of this Golden and August Nation the great slayer of soy addled cucks, Lo the Strombringer returns, and strides the fruited Plains sowing the barren fields of fucks!

Ol' Vonneguts in on it too...

I am reminded of the Left's condemnation and outrage at Gore Vidal

when he commented on the death of William F Buckley. The calls for boycott, the angry retorts by leading Democrat leaders and politicians, protests at Gore's house, shouting down his remarks, interrupting his meals, and attacking his friends, friendships ended with those who continued to read his works.

Ahh yes, how can I forget the class and honor of the dead shown by the Liberals that day....

"RIP WFB—in hell."

A call to arms to all good and decent Americans.

To all the people that see this moment in time, and recognize we are on the pivot point of history.
How can you sit idly by as this great country slides into a repeat of the holocaust?

How can you ignore the frightened shrieks of terrified children?
Ignore the anguished cries of powerless parents as their children are torn from their very arms, and cast into cages like dogs?
Ignore the crashing of a thousand doors as jack booted thugs raid and imprison thousands, for the crime of dreaming of a better life, but being born on the wrong side of an imaginary and arbitrary line?

What will it take to get you to do the right thing, to fight, really fight.. Do more than speak for those that have no voice, march for those that have no freedoms?

Will you stand by, doing nothing more than whispering to the night your outrage?

Tweets do nothing,
GOTV campaigns, worthless.
FB posts and chain mails, do nothing,
Complaining and crying to the echo chambers, full of like minded Americans, worse than nothing.

When will you look deep inside and find the guts to change this, to fight for what is right?
Will you stand by and allow these horrors to continue?
What will history say about your actions, your deeds tomorrow, the next day, the years to come?
Will you be the righteous, or will you just be the complicit?
Your taxes pay for these atrocities, your country is committing these crimes, and you will be judged. By yourself, by other nations, and most importantly by history.
What will you sacrifice to save America?
What will you suffer through for freedom? What will you fight for if not the entire idea of this great country?
Will you fight to put us on the right side of history? or will you fail at this great test before us?

What will you do?
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