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TV station apparently altered video of Presidential Address.

Q13 FOX staffer fired after TV station airs altered Trump video
Originally published January 10, 2019 at 10:01 am Updated January 10, 2019 at 1:13 pm
By Christine Clarridge and Ryan Blethen
Seattle Times staff reporters

A staffer at local FOX affiliate Q13 has been fired after the station aired what appears to be a doctored video of President Donald Trump’s Tuesday night speech from the Oval Office.

The video was changed to make it look as if Trump was sticking his tongue out languidly between sentences. In addition, the colors in the video look more saturated, leading the president’s skin and hair to appear more orange.

During the speech, Trump said, “Hopefully, we can rise above partisan politics in order to support national security,” before briefly licking his lips and continuing to speak.

In the video broadcast on Q13, it appears that Trump lets his tongue hang out, resting it on his lower lip for an unusually long time.

“This does not meet our editorial standards and we regret if it is seen as portraying the president in a negative light,” Q13 news director Erica Hill wrote in an emailed statement early Thursday.

Later Thursday morning, Hill released another statement saying, “We’ve completed our investigation into this incident and determined that the actions were the result of an individual editor whose employment has been terminated.”

If you wish to see Trump holding a meeting on the border go to OAN rather than Fox News. ...

The meeting has been quite interesting. Far more interesting than The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino that is on Fox News right now. Border agents are talking about their experiences.

Next the Democrats will insist that Christopher Steele be hired to produce a dossier on ...

Kavanaugh similar to the one he made on Trump.

I am watching the Trump rally in Tampa, Florida. I decided to check if CNN and...

MSNBC are broadcasting it live.

Of course not. I guess it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Once again Trump is speaking to a very large and very enthusiastic crowd.

How the Democratic Party has changed over the years. Bill Clinton in 1995 on Illegal immigration. ..

Here is how I feel about Facebook and Google. ...

Lots of empty seats at the NFL games I've watched today on the last game of the regular season.

Must be due to all the cold weather caused by climate change. For some reason the commentator on the following video feels the lack of fans has something to do with a boycott.

Are formatting tags ever going to be restored in this forum?

I notice they were on our sister site a long time ago.

If there are no plans to restore them then simply remove them.

If Trump is so damn unpopular why can't the DNC raise more money than the RNC?

DNC adds to debt after falling behind RNC in June fundraising
BY JOSH DELK - 07/21/17 12:23 PM EDT

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) added $200,000 to their now $3.3 million debt in June, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission report, falling further behind Republican fundraising efforts.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) outpaced the Democrats in fundraising in June by over $8 million, raising a staggering $13.5 million compared to the DNC's $5.5 million.

Unlike the Republican's debt-free committee, the DNC typically goes into debt during election seasons, but it currently remains far behind the GOP financially.

The DNC has $7.5 million on hand, after a string of losses to Republicans in special congressional elections, including the race for Georgia's 6th District, which broke fundraising records to become the most expensive congressional race. The RNC has $44.7 million in cash on-hand, according to the filings.

Senate Democrats are preparing for the 2018 midterm election, where 25 of the 34 seats up for reelection are currently held by Democrats.

Could Bill be Hillary's pick for VP?

Two Presidents in the White House?
Updated Dec. 11, 2007 12:01 a.m. ET


We now face the extraordinary possibility of having two presidents in the White House who are married to each other. That prospect is something that never occurred to our nation's founders, and is only now beginning to catch the attention of the public, with Hillary Clinton's position as front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Imagine being asked to serve as her running mate, knowing that her husband would be far more influential than any vice president. What would a potential secretary of state face now that Sen. Clinton has already said she would use her husband as ambassador to the world? As a former president, would Mr. Clinton read the daily intelligence briefing? His unofficial portfolio would potentially overlap with everyone in authority, without his being subject to Senate confirmation.

The federal anti-nepotism law enacted in December 1967 -- partly as a reaction to John F. Kennedy's appointment of his brother Robert as attorney general -- prohibits any official in the three branches of government, including the president, from appointing a relative to a job over which that official has authority or control. This means Mr. Clinton could not be a cabinet secretary or an ambassador, or White House chief of staff. His role would be necessarily ambiguous. At a time when voters are crying out for more openness in government, such an arrangement raises questions about transparency and accountability.

While Mr. Clinton's return to the West Wing wouldn't directly violate the 22nd Amendment -- designed to limit a president to two terms in office -- it has significant implications because of the unusual nature of Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage, which is such a deeply entwined political duopoly that "it has always been hard to distinguish who played what role," according to their longtime friend Mickey Kantor.

Bill Clinton for Vice President

By LeftOfYou
2016/04/22 · 15:47


Obviously, Hillary Clinton needs to pick Bill Clinton as her Vice President. You say she can’t do that? Oh yes she can, brothers and sisters. Let’s look at the pertinent language of the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which applies to such questions:

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

You’ll see that there is nothing here to interfere with anyone ever running for Vice President, no matter their previous service as President. Likewise, nothing in the Amendment interferes with the succession of a Vice President to the Presidency, otherwise than through election to the office. So a Vice President Bill Clinton could legally succeed a deceased, incapacitated or impeached Hillary Clinton, and the 22nd Amendment would have no effect other than to forbid him to later seek reelection.

A Vice President Bill Clinton would also be a virtually impregnable firewall protecting Hillary Clinton from impeachment by Republicans. Bill Clinton for Vice President is a no brainer.

If Hillary were to pick Bill as her VP this would be an extremely interesting and historic election.

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