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Hometown: Minnesota
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Current location: Augsburg, Germany
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What has happened to Bob Mueller and his 13 lib lawyers?

Since Barr is obviously misrepresenting his report (because that's what lefty said), and Mueller nor anyone on his lib team is pointing that out, we must assume that they are all being held captive or have been murdered. I'm sure demtards are busily trying to initiate an investigation into this horrible human tragedy. OH, THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!

I love when crimes backfire and blow up in the perps' faces.

Not enough popcorn in the free world.

Question for lefty: Is it OK with you that 100,000 "immigrants" poured in through Mexico last month?

We knew the Democrats let dead people vote. According to AOC, they can run for president too.

-Liz Cheney


Last Friday I was in a bar in Augsburg, Germany talking with a Russian expat

and we both like Trump. Am I a target for investigation by retarded lefty?

Trump to Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala:

Stop the caravans if you want our money.

It's great to have a president willing to do what's necessary to get things done.

From 'universal' income to Green New Deal, 15 far-out ideas from the 2020 Democratic field

Court packing? Reparations? Abolishing the Electoral College?

To all these questions and more, the response from 2020 Democratic presidential candidates is increasingly: Sure, let's talk about it.

For a Democratic presidential field shaping up to be the most liberal grouping of candidates in modern American history, it appears no idea is too far-reaching to at least consider. Some, like the Green New Deal, have become virtual litmus tests for the base that have been widely embraced by the field, while others are just starting to catch on.

At this early stage in the race, here are 15 of the most controversial ideas being pushed or considered by the 2020 Democratic roster.

Which democRat will be the first to admit he/she was wrong?

All those idiots saying that there was solid proof, hard evidence, etc., and nothing. Either they were lying, or they were stupid. Which will admit it first?

There are actually people here who believe the Mueller's anti-Trump/pro-Hilliary team

after 22 months, $25 million, 3000 search warrants, millions of pages of every document they asked for, and 500 interviews passed on an opportunity to nail Trump.

I mean, think about it, the Mueller team was all DNC, some Clinton insiders, who had every reason to want to see Trump charged with something. Yet some clowns here believe they passed on that opportunity even though Trump was "guilty as shit."

Please, lefty, tell us why they would do that. I'd really like to know.

Liberals whining about Trump whining. What a joke!

All we've heard since 11/2016 child-like about collusion, bone spurs, and orange man. It's just too rich that they could accuse anyone of whining.

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