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Why are there never any questions about the economy at the Democrat debates?

Look at those markets go!

Lots of good economic news today.

Trump’s economy will guarantee him another 4 years.

Trump takes little league team on Air Force One and honors them at rally

This is the natural brilliance of Trump. He genuinely cares about Americans and shows it without it seeming fake. He enjoys it. These kids will remember this moment forever, as will their children and grand children.

Why the middle class loves President Donald Trump

Prescription drug prices are falling under the Trump administration, according to a new report released by the White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA).

Multiple media outlets, using different methodologies for measuring changes in prices, have reported that drug prices are increasing

As of September 2019, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for prescription drugs was down 2.3% over the previous 12 months.

Longer trends show the rate of prescription drug prices increasing at a consistently slower rate since Trump’s inauguration, and then eventually decreasing in December 2018. With one slight exception in July 2013, that was the first time prescription drug prices fell under the CPI since August 1973.

Retarded Minneapolis Mayor and Trump-hater bans police from wearing uniform

when seen with Trump, then if backfires and turns into a Trump fundraiser.

HAHAHA! When will Lefty learn he can't get the best of Trump?

Does the President of the United States have an obligation to investigate

corruption with foreign nations? Especially foreign nations with which the United States has an investigation treaty?

Scared Democrats

Jesse Watters nails down the entire situation with the retarded house dems.

Trump's approval hits 2019 high in lefty poll

President Trump’s approval has risen to 49 percent — its highest mark this year, according to a new poll.

Despite the launch of impeachment proceedings, the president saw a 2-point increase from a poll a month ago, according to the new Hill-HarrisX survey released on Wednesday and taken after the impeachment inquiry was begun.

That makes him just 2 points shy of his highest-ever approval rating of 51 percent last August, according to The Hill.

Just as encouraging for the president, his disapproval also dropped — to 51 percent, his lowest level this year.

Lefty bullshit explained

Dick Morris: How Trump Will Survive

After reading the breathless coverage of impeachment by the national news media, you would have to say that Donald Trump is on the verge of political extinction.

But he’s not. He will survive this scandal and go on to get re-elected.

He’ll stay in office because the Republican Senate will never vote him out. And he’ll win the election because, with Biden falling apart and Bernie sick, his opponent will be Elizabeth Warren. She cannot survive her proposal to take away everyone’s private health insurance or to divert Medicare funding from the elderly to care for the rest of the population.

The noise out of Washington — more biased than ever — has not affected Trump’s polling. Rasmussen, the only poll to test likely voters, has his job approval solid at 48 percent and the current RealClearPolitics average is at 43.6 percent, just a point shy of his high point.

So Trump is where he has always been. He is just shy of a majority of the vote and likely to match up against a Democrat who is so progressive as to be unelectable.

A hypothetical scenario

Trump gets impeached for allegedly threatening the Ukraine president with denying aid funds unless he helps investigate Biden family corruption.

Biden wins the 2020 election.

Biden gets impeached for actually threatening the Ukraine president with denying aid funds unless he stops investigating Biden family corruption.
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