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How is the Kennedy Center for the performing arts going to help end the China virus crisis?

I support the performing arts as much as anyone. I'm a performing musician and have lost all my gigs through April, so I understand how performers are hurting right now. But this sort of targeting in a crisis that hits virtually everyone in the nation makes no sense to me.

Also, why does it matter what color our medical scientists are? Nancy seems to think a certain skin color makes one smarter. She's such a racist!

Liberal media retards must be racist for calling it the China or Wuhon virus.

Thanks, Solame, for providing lots of chuckles for the sane people who are shut in.

You’re a true Good Samaritan!

Comedy gold!

So with all these elected Democrats speaking about how well Trump is handling this disaster

how many will be thrown under the bus by the fat left TDS-inflicted DNC establishment?

What's in the stimulus/relief packages for self-employed and freelance workers?

I'm hearing a lot about payments to contracted hourly and salaried workers who are not working, small business loans, and industry bailouts, but nothing about people who aren't in any of those categories.

I'm an independent tour director and a performing musician. Half of my tour season has already been cancelled as well as a few of my upcoming gigs. So far I've lost over $5000 of income - nothing major, but still significant.

Has anyone heard anything about how people like me will be helped?

Trump spoke today, so I assume the markets dropped again.

Because I know lefty is always correct.

My theory:

Dems already know that Biden has Alzheimer’s disease.
So they do everything pOSSIBLE to get him the nomination, and subsequently elected POTUS, but with Hilliary as his running mate.
About a year in they invoke the 25th amendment and get his demented ass out of the White House.
Hilliary becomes POTUS, chooses Mooch as VP.

Lefty media retards are products of government education system which they so treasure.

Trump gets more votes in Colorado than top three dems combined.

and more than the top 4 in Texas.

Colorado could turn red again, and it doesn’t look likely that Texas will go blue.

States with the best bbq

Top 10 U.S. states for barbecue

1. Tennessee

2. Texas

3. Missouri

4. North Carolina

5. Georgia

6. Florida

7. South Carolina

8. California

9. Virginia

10. New York
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