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Truck Driver American Indian Old enough to know better but yet to young to resist Married with 4 daughters

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Bernie Sanders is not so sure about the blue wave, LOL

And neither is Tom Perez,

Why has Cory Booker been so quiet?
He is guilty of sexual assault of another human being, why hasn't he answered.

Could a cat 5 hurricane interrupt the Caravan?

Avenetti hit with a 4.78 million dollar verdict from former law partner

Georgia cop killer shot and killed,

Dem running for Governor in Nevada accused of abuse, strange story to say the least

# Metoo strikes Clair Mccaskill husband,

Uh oh lefty see what you started.

I wonder why over 12,000 voters changed party affiliation in Wyoming.

What do you think will happen Nov 6TH 2018

Ocasio not endorsing Bernie, He better Thank God
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