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Truck Driver American Indian Old enough to know better but yet to young to resist Married with 4 daughters

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Illegalalien spent an hour stabbing 75 year 0ld

To Kitty, may this never happen to any one you care about.
Keep relying and then deleting.

Social media poll, more people want Judges like Kavanaugh than Ginsburg

It's Patriotic to pay higher taxes,( Cory Booker )

What should Israel do in the case of 430 Rockets fired upon them,

Hunter Bidens 1.5 Billion dollar Bank of China China deal,

Illegal Alien raped and impregnated an 11 year old girl,

Bernie is in Trouble Bern Bots, old Joe is stomping him.

Ice nabs violent illegal alien gang at Massachusetts courthouse,
Thank You to the men and women of Ice, more slime off the streets.

Remember when we had a President who asked if Trump had a Magic wand

It looks like Trump had a magic wand

Womens unemployment lowest since 1953,
Thank You Mr. President
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