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Pro abortionist charged with assault in attack on protesters.

It looks like Jordan Hunt may face some jail time:

"Jordan Hunt, the 26-year-old man accused of kicking a pro-life woman on Sunday, has been arrested. Toronto police announced Saturday that not only was he charged in that case, but he was also accused in a separate incident.

Hunt approached people protesting abortions, and began scribbling on their signs and clothing, police says. One of the protesters confronted him, and he allegedly kicked her in the shoulder, police said. In this account, it knocked the phone from her hand. He allegedly then ripped off a ribbon from her, and ran away."

The incident for those who haven't seen it.

"Hunt is charged in this case with eight counts of assault and seven counts of mischief under $5,000 for this allegation, cops said. This isn’t the only claim he faces.

Police said they responded to a call for an assault back on August 2 at about noon. It was claimed that a man on a bicycle approached a group of anti-abortion protesters. He allegedly tried to grab one of their signs, and then he pushed a woman into a pole, police said. This attacker fled the scene."

It really does sound like this asshole likes to beat up on women. Hopefully they'll throw the book at him, but it's Canada, so who knows?

Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Say it out loud. Roll it around on your tongue.

Savor how good it feels to speak it.

Investigation Reveals Male State Senator Used Womens Bathroom Repeatedly

Wondering if we're gonna see the Democratic Party do anything about this scumbag. Probably not.

"Senator Beth Martinez Humenik, a Republican representing Thornton, says she was in a stall in the women’s restroom – located right beside the men’s restroom outside the Senate chamber – when someone came in and entered the stall next to her.

“And when I looked down, there were definitely a man’s shoes and a man’s suit pants.”

She soon learned the identity of that man, “Senator Kagan walked out. I asked, ‘What are you doing in there?’ and something about (mumble, mumble) not feeling good. As we’re walking out the door, I said, ‘Senator Kagan, this is not okay. I don’t want to see you in here again.’”

But Martinez Humenik says it did happen again and again and again. She says there were six reports.

She filed a workplace harassment complaint. According the investigative report CBS4 obtained, Sen. Kagan, a Democrat, admitted to using the women’s restroom once, saying he had a “gastrointestinal virus” and “the bathrooms at the capitol are a confusing business.” At the time, the bathrooms in question at the state Capitol were unmarked.

Kagan said it only happened once. He accused Republicans of retaliating because Democrats tried to oust one of their members for sexual misconduct."

So if there are six separate reports and he says it was only once, someone is lying. Wanna bet who the local Dems are gonna believe? There is more at the link.

Given all of the hype over sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement, would anyone else like to see

who is involved in all of the sexual payoffs that Congress has been paying out over the years? It's not like it's a matter of national security. We who pay the taxes that fund that sort of thing really do deserve to know.

So how long before there's a call to boycott Sprinkles cupcakes? (Kavanaugh's wife is a class act)

Look for Jim Treacher's comments and Ms. Watson's replies in the thread.

Patterico admits he screwed up in his attack on Zina Bash.

I'll give him props for giving a full post for his apology.

"There’s no sugar-coating this. I was wrong about this. Badly, badly wrong. Laughably wrong. Zina Bash, the former clerk of Kavanaugh’s who made the OK sign did it for an innocent reason.

I finally found an explanation for the OK sign and it makes sense to me. It took an updated version of a story from the #FAKENEWSBEZOSPOST together with a longer clip to put it all in context. First, here’s the Washington Post:

But Taylor Foy, a spokesperson for the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, said there was an innocuous explanation for this second “Okay” hand sign as well: the signal was aimed at a judiciary staffer who fulfilled a request for the judge.

Bash texted a staffer during the hearing “to request a water glass for the judge,” Foy said. “Once it arrived, she was simply communicating her thanks.”

In CSPAN’s archive of the hearings, Kavanaugh turns around and speaks to Bash at one point. There’s a coffee cup, but not water glass, on the desk. Bash and the man sitting next to her appear to discuss whatever the judge said as Bash texts on her phone. About a minute later, Bash looks straight ahead and appears to mouth the word “glass.” Then, she gives the OK hand sign.

Shortly after that, a water glass is brought the Kavanaugh’s desk."

But he then goes ahead at the end of his post to assert that some people still use it to flash a "White Power" sign. Some people just don't learn even when admitting that the lesson was beating them about the head.

UK names suspects in Sergei Skripal murder attempt.

Well this is getting interesting.

"Britain has called the meeting to update council members on the investigation into the attempted murder of former spy Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia and police officer Nick Bailey.

It comes a day after two men suspected of being Russian spies were named as the prime suspects in the Salisbury attack.

Prime Minster Theresa May said Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov were Russian intelligence officers and the attack had been approved "at a senior level of the Russian state".

There's a pretty good article on the evidence gathered by the investigating parties at the link. Looks like Putin is literally poisoning the well when it comes to relations with the West.

Pickup truck crashes into Dallas (Fox Network)TV studio in apparent attack

I'll bet this shows those traitors who is in charge around here!

"UPDATE: The suspect left papers and was “screaming about treason,” a Fox 4 employee has told WFAA-TV. Details soon.

A pickup truck has crashed into the Fox 4 studio in downtown Dallas in what appears to be a deliberate act, witnesses say. The suspect, who was said to be “ranting,” has been taken into custody.

The attack happened at about 6:10 a.m. on Wednesday when the pickup truck crashed through the window of an office. The vehicle then backed out and returned, crashing into the building a second time.

“He jumped out and started ranting,” Fox 4 said. “He’s in custody now but the bomb squad is on its way. He left behind a suspicious bag. Most have been evacuated and a few are working to keep the news on air from a secure location.”

Luckily no one was hurt in the attack.

One of the greats has passed. RIP Neil Simon, 91.

So many great plays and screenplays came from his fertile mind. The list of his works for the stage, film, and tv that are considered classic stories is just amazing. Few others left the same kind of mark.

FWIW my thoughts on the late Senator John McCain

I do not consider John McCain the greatest American who ever lived, and I do not consider him an evil traitor who should burn in hell. He's well in between those extremes to me.

I honor the man for his service and the awful sacrifices he made during that service. The horrors he went through and witnessed shaped an abhorrence to torture by any means and for any reason. And that led to later attacks on members of his own political party during times of conflict. There are some who call him a traitor for that. While I disagreed with him to an extent, I understood his reasons. He did not want America to become a mirror to his own captors, and he became very vehement in his opinions on what was being done to captives and those who enabled it.

I do believe that he remained to long in politics. And that his two failures to reach the White House in a great part embittered him. I think he entered politics with the end goal of becoming President. He greatly damaged his career in the 80's in being involved with Charles Keating. He was finally able to run for President in 2000, believing it was his turn after Bob Dole failed in '96. But he was thwarted by Bush the Younger, to whom he remained a political foe. He finally won the nomination in '08, but he ran an inept campaign against an opponent who was able to harness the discontent over the previous administrations blunders.

I believe that after his loss in 2008 he should have retired, but he was probably (like just about everyone else who have served for 20 years or more in Congress) enamored of all of the perks and pleasantries that come with a Senatorial seat. He became a poster boy for setting term limits for members of Congress.

His death is a sad thing, especially for his family and close friends. But I think he died a bitter man, hating those who he felt betrayed his beliefs and his ambitions.
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