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Sol Pais (last weeks Columbine Killer panic) likely killed herself before manhunt started.

"A Colorado undersheriff who led the search for a Florida teenager whose actions prompted tightened security at Columbine High School ahead of the 20th anniversary of an attack there that killed 13 people said she likely killed herself before police launched a massive manhunt.

Clear Creek County Undersheriff Bruce Snelling told The Denver Post that Sol Pais, 18, likely killed herself Monday evening. Her body was found in the snowy foothills west of Denver on Wednesday, and it appeared that she had been dead for more than 24 hours.

"She had no idea what occurred from late Monday afternoon to Tuesday when a search for her began and to Wednesday when her body was found," Snelling said. "The logical likelihood was she was here to end her journey."

Man with gas cans arrested at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York

"A New Jersey man was arrested Wednesday night after entering St. Patrick’s Cathedral carrying two cans of gasoline, lighter fluid and butane lighters, according to the New York Police Department.

The unidentified 37-year-old man had pulled up in a minivan outside the landmark cathedral on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, walked around the area, then returned to his vehicle at 7:55 p.m. and retrieved the gasoline and lighter fluid, said NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller.

“As he enters the cathedral he’s confronted by a cathedral security officer who asks him where he’s going and informs him he can’t proceed into the cathedral carrying these things,” said Miller. “At that point, some gasoline apparently spills out onto the floor as he’s turned around.”


“His basic story was he was cutting through the cathedral to get to Madison Avenue. That his car had run out of gas,” Miller said. “We took a look at the vehicle. It was not out of gas and at that point he was taken into custody.”

Someone inspired by some sort of anti Christian hatred to repeat the Notre Dame tragedy? Sadly there are plenty of people who preach that from different directions.

Colorado Democrats compare the use of the word Illegal to the "N" word to try and control debate.

During a debate in the Colorado House over giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens Wednesday there was an attempt to prevent the use of the word "illegal" in referring to those who break the law by coming into our nation without permission. The exchange starts around 1:20:00 in the video.

Frankly it's a ridiculous comparison, illegal is by definition a word that describes a persons actions. An illegal alien is someone who has entered the country without the legal permission to do so. To try and prevent that description from being used is Orwellian.

Candidate for Denver city council promotes communism, dismisses capitalism.

They ain't really trying to hide it anymore.

Harvard only produces the finest minds, and Berkeley only hires the best.

On this date in 1996 the Unabomber, who's campaign of terror had gone on for nearly two decades was arrested. Ted Kaczynski's reasons for his campaign fit in perfectly with the Leftist ideals of anti-industrialism and anti-capitalism. Three dead and twenty three injured or permanently maimed.

A true hero of the Left.

He shot 4 men, killing 1, but turned down a plea deal. This month a Philly jury found him not guilty

Jabir Kennedy was attacked in 2017 by five men as the result of a domestic dispute with his daughters mother. They beat on him with brass knuckles and pistols. Fearing for his life he wrestled one of the pistols free and fired. Philly prosecutors offered him 17 and a half to 34 years in prison as a plea deal. He went to trial instead.

"“I knew I was only guilty of wanting to live. That’s all I knew,” Kennedy said during an interview last week in his lawyer’s office. “I just felt like, these guys came — I don’t know what they came to do — but they came with guns. And people were yelling, ‘Shoot him!’ and stuff like that. I’m just glad I got out of there with my life.”

Assistant District Attorney Sheida Ghadiri argued during the trial that the gun Kennedy fired belonged to him, that he knew how to use it given that he shot four of the five men he fought with, and the number of bullets he fired — eight to 10 — was too many to be self-defense.

But a key moment in the trial, Kennedy and Nenner said, came when Ghadiri was cross-examining Kennedy about why he fired repeatedly at the men.

“Ms. Ghadiri, what did you want me to do?” both recalled him saying. “I don’t understand. You want me to die? You want my mom to come see me with a hole in my head in the middle of the street? That’s not reasonable.”

Face with five to one odds and eight to ten shots are too many? Gotta be an Ivy League law school graduate to be that dumb.

So how much has changed since I posted this after DI returned from the "hacking"?

"At least once a week, often more, another wild theory would be created and passed around the infosphere, not just message boards but in the msm outlets as well, that would overturn the election and make Trump Not-President. It's gone one up to this week with the 4-Chan punking of CNN and others on the "Golden Shower" hoax. It's been really entertaining to watch, but it's reaching a disturbing level.

All this inability to get beyond the denial and anger portions of grief over the loss of an election is making a big change in my outlook. I'm beginning to be happy that Donald Trump won the election.

The constant gullibility to fall for outrageous conspiracy theories, the constant search for a magic wand to wave and make the results of the election all go away is making it clear that the Left doesn't have what it takes to lead the country. I thought that some of the people on my side of things lost their shit over Obama's election in 2008, but the average Lefty's inability to accept the reality of the situation makes their worst moments look reasoned and sane."

So, what will the Mueller report do to those who have D's as their political tribe identification. As well as those who dwell on the Left regardless of their political affiliation?

Alaska State Human Rights Commission Director and the Chief Probation Officer threaten citizen.

Why is it that these so called government "Human Rights" organizations want to trample all over the rights of ordinary people?

"In a now deleted Facebook post, the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights called out a private citizen on their official Facebook page for a bumper sticker on the back of his truck. Not long after, they deleted the post and made another post explaining why they did. The comments are something else.


However, it did not end there. I spoke with Linegar about what happened. He said about an hour after he found the cards and note he got a call from his client, who owns the building. The client had received an email from Marti Buscaglia, the Executive Director of the Commission. According to Linegar, the email implied Linegar was a racist and asked the client to “please do something” about Sage Mechanical. The email also accused Sage Mechanical of performing substandard work and exercising poor judgement.

The State Human Rights Commission and the State Probation and Parole Division both rent space in the building. The business cards were from the Executive Director of the Commission and the Chief Parole Officer.

The client, and owner of the building, was understandably worried about losing them as tenants. There is no shortage of commercial real estate available in Anchorage. He asked if Linegar could maybe park somewhere else next time he comes out. At this point, Linegar had not yet seen the Facebook post. A few hours later a friend told him about it. That is when he made the Facebook post."

Here's a link to the Alaska State Human Rights Commission's Facebook page. The comments are great reading.

Alaska's Governor Dunleavy, a Republican, has requested that a criminal investigation into the matter take place.

"The owner of the truck, Brent Linegar, says he was parked at the commission offices while making repairs to the building's roof. He took to Facebook afterwards to defend his business, prompting thousands of post shares and comments on the matter of Second Amendment rights.

Before Linegar was made aware of the posts online, he found a note on his windshield which read "Please do not park this truck with that offensive sticker in this parking lot." The note was written on the back of a business card from Marti Buscaglia, the executive director of the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights. It was accompanied by a card from Kendall Rhyne, a parol and probation officer with the State of Alaska.

"Everybody wants to speak their piece, sometimes they leave a note on your car," Linegar said. "I honestly wasn't going to let it go any further than that."

Then Linegar learned that photos of his truck were online, and that an email had been sent to the owner of the building asking that any work agreement with Linegar's company be terminated."

This kind of sickening bullshit is why I want limited government.

Russia has introduced their latest battlefield masterpiece. A "septic tank"!


Russia's latest battle tank has been upgraded in a way that will relieve its crew.

The designers behind the Armata system that supports heavy armored vehicles such as the new T-14 tank have now added a toilet, allowing troops to tend to their bodily needs without exposing themselves during battle. Ilya Baranov, the director for quality and information technologies at the Urals Design Bureau of Transport Machine-Building, described the innovation Thursday as a major quality of life improvement for personnel.

"A major hassle for them is that they cannot relieve their natural functions. That is, water and field rations are available in the tank, but all the other conveniences are, unfortunately, absent," Baranov told the state-run Tass Russian News Agency. "Only the Armata vehicles solved this dilemma.

"From the very outset, this tank provides this possibility for a crew to perform lengthy combat missions, that is why the so-called life support system or, simply speaking, a lavatory, is available in it," he added."

And so Russia finally admits what everyone already knew about the Armata. As a battlefield weapon, it's full of crap.

RIP Jan Michael Vincent

Died Feb 10 but was reported today. A perfect example how drug and alcohol abuse can ruin a talented life.

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