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Checkout machine wins employee of the month again!

"RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA—A self-checkout machine at a local Walmart store was selected to be honored as the employee of the month for the fifty-second month in a row, sources confirmed Thursday.

The checkout machine was recognized for its speedy service, inability to make mathematical errors, and lack of making small talk with customers.

"Honestly, Checkout Machine #5 is a dream employee," said store manager Glen Anderson. "#5 never complains, never calls in sick, never makes annoying small talk."

The machine didn't make a single error the entire month, yet again, worked full shifts all thirty-one days of the month, and never once took a smoke or lunch break. Customers, especially those with just a few items, reported they had delightful interactions with the employee and were able to get in the store and get out with little hassle thanks to Machine #5."

Apparently they're considering it for a managers position.

As tankers carrying petroleum products to Japan burn, Khamenei tells Abe, "No talks with America"

Methinks the mullahs are getting desperate to put pressure on President Trump. They can't directly talk to the Great Satan without losing face, especially domestically. So they will attack the energy supplies of our allies to try and force them to work on getting the U.S. to drop the sanctions. This won't work out the way they hope.

"Two oil tankers were damaged in a suspected attack off the Gulf of Oman early Thursday, prompting the rescue of dozens of crew members.

The U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet told Reuters it was assisting two tankers in the Gulf of Oman after receiving two distress calls. Details of the incident were unclear, but one of the operators made an unconfirmed report that a torpedo had hit its ship, Reuters reported.

"We are aware of the reported attack on tankers in the Gulf of Oman. U.S. Naval Forces in the region received two separate distress calls at 6:12 a.m. local time and a second one at 7:00 a.m.,'' Joshua Frey of the Fifth Fleet said. The Fleet did not blame anyone for the attack.

One of the vessels involved was identified as the MT Front Altair, a Marshall Islands-flagged but Norwegian-owned crude oil tanker carrying naphtha, a petrochemical product, to Japan."

Well guess what, this committee is now hearing from the 70's, and they want their star witness back.

If there was ever any doubt that this was going to be a circus rather than a serious investigation, opening with testimony from John Dean has killed it.

There's reason and method behind the seeming madness of Trump's trade policy with China.

This is a really good article on the hows and whys of the policy

It seems Trump has been listening to a number of economists and trade experts who backed China's entry into the WTO at that time. They thought that allowing free trade with China would encourage that nation to become an integrated member of the rules based global economy. That idea has been proven a failure and they are acknowledging that.

He's not pulling his policy out of his ass, he's listening to experts.

Play about FBI Lovebirds closed due to threats of violence

Yeah, this sort of shit pisses me off. If you can't allow someone else's words to be spoken, you'r telling me that yours aren't worth listening to.

"The play, “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers,” casts Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson as FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The production’s dialogue comes straight from the pair’s texts, which revealed both their romantic affair as well as plans to battle Donald Trump’s rise to the Oval Office.

The team behind the project just announced the theater will no longer be renting space for the performance. The theater cited “threats of violence” for why it reversed course, according to “FBI Lovebirds” email.
Here’s the official statement from the D.C.-based theater.

“Studio Theatre has cancelled its contract with third-party rental client Unreported Story Society. Media reports have made us aware of undisclosed details about the event and have generated open and violent threats against the theater and event participants. Studio has an institutional responsibility to consider the safety of our staff, patrons, community, event organizers and attendees. These concerns must be paramount.”

Hopefully someone is looking into these threats and can catch whoever is making them.

Here's a question. If Pelosi squashes any attempt at impeachment, how will that affect the Dem base?

Will there be a call for her removal from the leadership if not her seat? Will it kill Democrat's enthusiasm and depress turnout? There's a lot of speculation about how moving on impeachment may be bad for the Democrats, but could not conducting an impeachment trial be worse in relation to the current leaderships relation with the party base?

10 years after Ted Kennedy's death, ABC news bravely investigates the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

Only half a century after the crash that took her life, a major network news organization makes a hard hitting investigation over the incident.

"Almost 10 years after the death of Democrat Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy of Massachusetts, and 50 years after the death of Mary Jo Kopechne -- and almost two years after a major Hollywood film on the incident -- the media are starting to finally reveal the truth about what happened at Chappaquiddick.

ABC’s 1969 docuseries episode “The Girl in the Car” on Tuesday night finally put the focus on the real victim, Ms. Kopechne (despite Cokie Roberts calling Chappaquiddick “yet another huge tragedy for the Kennedy family” in one cringe-worthy line). ABC’s 20/20 Twitter account promoted, “The little-known story of Mary Jo Kopechne, who died after Senator Ted Kennedy abandoned her in a submerged car. WATCH as #1969ABC uncovers her story…” which begs the question, why is Kopechne’s story so little-known and why is ABC only now uncovering it 50 years later?

In press materials, ABC admitted the media’s culpability in taking the spotlight off of Kopechne and putting it on Kennedy, stating that “her story has largely been lost to history as the media and the public focused on the man whose career was forever damaged by the accident, rather than the bright and young woman who did not live to tell us what really happened on that mysterious night."

I guess that Kennedy family mystique is finally wearing off. How many members of our so called "independent press" covered up for Teddy over the decades that he was feted as the "Lion of the Senate"? That he was held in anything but contempt by Washington at large says all you need to know about those who believe that we should obey the commandments being issued from there.

A compilation of how the accusations against the President are affecting his accusers.

Russiagate damaged democracy in the United States. From the Nation.

One of the premier political news sources of the Left has condemned the whole affair and takes apart the accusations piece by piece.

"For more than two years, leading US political and media voices promoted a narrative that Donald Trump conspired with or was compromised by the Kremlin, and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would prove it. In the process, they overlooked countervailing evidence and diverted anti-Trump energies into fervent speculation and prolonged anticipation. So long as Mueller was on the case, it was possible to believe that “The Walls Are Closing In” on the traitor/puppet/asset in the White House.

The long-awaited completion of Mueller’s probe, and the release of his redacted report, reveals this narrative—and the expectations it fueled—to be unfounded. No American was indicted for conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election. Mueller’s report does lay out extensive evidence that Trump sought to impede the investigation, but it declines to issue a verdict on obstruction. It presents no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with an alleged effort by the Russian government to defeat Hillary Clinton, and instead renders this conclusion: “Ultimately, the investigation did not establish that the Campaign coordinated or conspired with the Russian government in its election-interference activities.” As a result, Mueller’s report provides the opposite of what Russiagate promoters led their audiences to expect: Rather than detailing a sinister collusion plot with Russia, it presents what amounts to an extended indictment of the conspiracy theory itself."

This is well worth reading the whole thing, and it shows that there are intelligent people on the Left who realize exactly how badly the Democrats and their media allies fucked up in pushing this lie for over two years.

Here's the finale to the article:

"In the end, Mueller’s report shows that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative embraced and evangelized by the US political and media establishments to be a work of fiction. The American public was presented with a far different picture from what was expected, because leading pundits, outlets, and politicians ignored the countervailing facts and promoted maximalist interpretations of others. Anonymous officials also leaked explosive yet uncorroborated claims, leaving behind many stories that were subsequently discredited, retracted, or remain unconfirmed to this day.

It is too early to assess the damage that influential Russiagate promoters have done to their own reputations; to public confidence in our democratic system and media; and to the prospects of defeating Trump, who always stood to benefit if the all-consuming conspiracy theory ultimately collapsed. The scale of the wreckage, confirmed by Mueller’s report, may prove to be the ultimate Russiagate scandal."

Personally, I think the damage is going to be a long term rejection of the traditional press as a source of information. There will always be those who believe anything the anchorman tells them, but there will be substantially fewer who do.

Sol Pais (last weeks Columbine Killer panic) likely killed herself before manhunt started.

"A Colorado undersheriff who led the search for a Florida teenager whose actions prompted tightened security at Columbine High School ahead of the 20th anniversary of an attack there that killed 13 people said she likely killed herself before police launched a massive manhunt.

Clear Creek County Undersheriff Bruce Snelling told The Denver Post that Sol Pais, 18, likely killed herself Monday evening. Her body was found in the snowy foothills west of Denver on Wednesday, and it appeared that she had been dead for more than 24 hours.

"She had no idea what occurred from late Monday afternoon to Tuesday when a search for her began and to Wednesday when her body was found," Snelling said. "The logical likelihood was she was here to end her journey."
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