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It's like being in a Monty Python Skit.

From the Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse, a conversation on reasonable gun control.

"No one wants to take your guns away."

"They just said they want to take away guns."

"Well, yes, but only certain, supermodern, ultrapowerful guns."

"This gun is half the power of a hunting rifle."

"Yes, that makes it more dangerous, because of less kickback. And stuff."

"It was designed in the 1950s."

"Well, technically, yes. But it got a new plastic thingy last year. So it's ultramodern."

"The plastic thingy is an adjustable stock for different clothing or shooter statures. It's been around since the 1960s."

"Right. But we just found out about it."

"And they want to ban this gun."

"It looks scary."

"So if it didn't look scary, it would be okay? Like this pink gun?"

"Yes. Well, no. Now it looks like a toy."

"So it can't look scary, and it can’t look non-scary?"


"So which guns would that leave?"

"Well, the other non-scary, non-non-scary guns."

"But all guns scare you."

"Yes, but I have a right to feel safe, after all."

"Really? What about my right to feel safe?"

"Well, you're paranoid, so you don't count."

"So you ARE taking away guns."

"Well no."

"You just said you were."

"I said I was not."

"But you just took my gun!"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes you did. I don't have it anymore. You have it."

"Oh, this. Right. Well, it's not a non-scary gun, nor a non-non-scary gun, nor a hunting gun—"

"I hunt with that."

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do."

"Well, we think you should hunt with something else."

"Look, the Founders weren't concerned about deer uprisings, they were concerned about despots and people taking their guns."

"No they weren't."

"Yes they were. That's what they specifically said you can't take our guns."

"No they didn't."


"They said you couldn't take THEIR guns. YOUR guns are entirely different."


"Because they're…new. And scary."

"So give it back."

"No. I don't feel like it."

"But you said you weren't going to take our guns."

"Oh, that. Right. Well…oh, good, here comes an inaccurate cartoon making fun of you. We win."

"The bloody hell you do." BANG

If the Dems don't send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, there's no asterisk.

From Bloomberg: (hardly a bastion of Trump support)

"Trump Isn’t Impeached Until the House Tells the Senate
According to the Constitution, impeachment is a process, not a vote.

Now that the House of Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump, what is the constitutional status of the two articles of impeachment? Must they be transmitted to the Senate to trigger a trial, or could they be held back by the House until the Senate decides what the trial will look like, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hinted?

The Constitution doesn’t say how fast the articles must go to the Senate. Some modest delay is not inconsistent with the Constitution, or how both chambers usually work.

But an indefinite delay would pose a serious problem. Impeachment as contemplated by the Constitution does not consist merely of the vote by the House, but of the process of sending the articles to the Senate for trial. Both parts are necessary to make an impeachment under the Constitution: The House must actually send the articles and send managers to the Senate to prosecute the impeachment. And the Senate must actually hold a trial.

If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president. If the articles are not transmitted, Trump could legitimately say that he wasn’t truly impeached at all."

The author of the piece, Noah Feldman, was one of the expert witnesses that the Democrats had testifying in order to try and bolster up the Constitutional bona fides of their coup attempt.

Democrat running for Senate in Colorado gets publicity for commercial. But not the right kind.

Democrat Andrew Romanoff is a perennial also-ran when it comes to trying to win an election beyond a state-level post here in Colorado. His latest windmill tilt is running in the crowded Democratic primary to try to unseat Republican Cory Gardner from the Senate. (I think there were more Dems running for this seat than President) He was one of the more prominent names in the contest until former Governor Hickenlooper dropped out of the Presidential race in August and jumped in, stealing all of the oxygen from the room.

Romanoff has apparently decided that the best way to try and beat Hick is to go the fear route. Thus his campaign has revealed a somewhat unhinged ad that will go out over social media.

Colorado's NPR affiliate has the story here:

It's hard to say if Romanoff has lost it, or is just channeling what most Dems believe these days.

Some interesting parallels with the UK election and here.

A nice next day summary on it from the Spectator. My cut starts with a quote from a Corbyn supporter:

‘It is a myth that Labour has lost the working class.’

That hasn’t aged well. Across the country the working classes have abandoned Labour, because Labour abandoned them. It sneered at their vote for Brexit; it looked down its nose at their cultural values; it called them racist and xenophobic for being critical of the European Union and concerned about mass immigration.

Labour embraced an agenda of identity politics over community values, EU neoliberalism over British patriotism and radical virtue-signalling over the ideals of family, work and togetherness. And its working-class base said no, no, no.

This is a warning to the entire political class. Do not take voters for granted. Do not insult them. Do not demean their democratic voice. Because, whatever you might say to the contrary, they have minds of their own, and they will soon make up their mind that you are a patronising git who may no longer represent their community."

With only a few minor changes to the above you could be talking about the Democratic Party and their supporters. I can remember when pundits talked about how it was Ronald Reagan's personality, not his policies, that drew in the "Reagan Democrats" of the working class. Now it's obvious it was the first signs that the blue collar workers in America were realizing that the Democrats were abandoning them. These days it's obvious that the majority of Democrats hold the working class in contempt, and believe they don't really need them to hold power. Hopefully they'll get the same sort of wake up call next year that Labor just got.

European Union cuts off arms to Turkey as Erdogan begs for Nato help.

It seems that Erdogan has bitten off more than he can chew. The Kurds are making security agreements with Assad's government and now Turkey may find itself facing Russian backed forces. And it also looks like the EU has had enough of him as well.

"Nations in the European Union agreed Monday to halt exporting weapons to Turkey, saying they undermine stability and security in the region and hinders the Syrian peace process. EU foreign ministers reached the agreement at a meeting in Luxembourg, and also said they will draft a sanctions list related to Turkish drilling off Cyprus."


"Turkey's security concerns in North-East Syria should be addressed through political and diplomatic means, not with military action, and in accordance with international humanitarian law," the EU Council said."


"Syrian troops entered the city of Manbij in line with an agreement reached Sunday between Kurdish forces and Syrian and Turkish leaders, in which Kurdish officials agreed to hand over control of multiple cities in exchange for protection. Erdogan launched the Turkish offensive in Syria, called Operation Peace Spring, last week to clear out what Ankara considers to be Kurdish terrorists in the country's northeastern sector."

Manjibi is a lynchpin in Erdogans strategy to repopulate the area with non Kurds. Assad isn't having any of it.

"Erdogan called on NATO allies for support, saying Turkey is under "pressure" and "harassment" by Kurdish terrorists.

"We are a NATO ally. ... They need to stand by us," he said."

So much more in the article linked.

Erdogan is trying for a blatant land grab from a neighbor he considers too weak to resist under the cover of attacking terrorists. Rather than having a possible military confrontation with an (on paper) ally, Trump got our guys out of the way and and let "you and him" fight. A smart move imho.

This is the culture the Left created and the basic stupidity of it makes my head hurt.

Basic story, thug goes into store, threatens employees with a gun, gets shot by armed clerk. Now listen to his family members.

San Francisco backs down from NRA.

Remember how San Fran's city council declared the NRA to be a terrorist organization? Well naturally the NRA began proceedings to take the city to court. And San Francisco's city fathers showed all the intestinal fortitude for a straight up face to face fight that we expect from the Left.

They folded like a cheap map.

"In a formal memo to city officials, San Francisco mayor London Breed declared that “no department will take steps to restrict any contractor from doing business with the NRA or to restrict City contracting opportunities for any business that has any relationship with the NRA.”

The memo declares, “resolutions making policy statements do not impose duties on City departments, change any of the City’s existing laws or policies, or control City departments’ exercise of discretion.”

“The memo serves as a clear concession and a well-deserved win for the First and Second Amendments of the United States Constitution,” says William A. Brewer III, partner at Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors and counsel for the NRA. “It is unfortunate that in today’s polarized times, some elected officials would rather silence opposing arguments than engage in good-faith debate. The NRA – America’s oldest civil rights organization – won’t stand for that.”

The NRA is going after L.A. as well. The judge in that case has refused to throw out the lawsuit so expect another humiliation for the gun grabbers.

Isn't it sad when someone can't stand up and defend their own statements?

They just delete away what little thoughts they have.

No new trial for Inauguration Day Protest shooter.

Elizabeth Hokoana, who shot a protester at a Milo Yiannopoulos event on the day of President Trump's Inauguration, won't face another trial after the jury deadlocked last month. I guess the prosecutors office realized that there were still people willing to give conservatives the benefit of a doubt even in Seattle.

The jury foreman claimed that the jury was split on ideological lines, but I think there were enough jurors who found it hard to believe the prosecutors take on the matter when the supposed "victim" refused to testify under oath

You would think that the Left would have been pointing at this case and hyping it up as proof of right wing violent tendencies. But after the first couple of weeks this story got very little coverage, and none on the national level. I guess even Mother Jones and Vox knew that this wasn't a fight worth making a stand on, even if the "victim" was a member of the IWW's enforcement arm.

Rand Paul's attacker to be re-sentenced.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Rene Boucher's 30 day sentence for his savage attack on the Senator was too lenient.

"In 2017, the Kentucky Republican was attacked by a neighbor while mowing his lawn. He ended up in the hospital and has been in and out several times since. Recently, Paul announced he had to have part of his lung removed due to the damage it sustained during the assault.


The recommended sentencing for Rene Boucher, 60, who is still Paul’s next-door neighbor, was 21 months of jail time, although the maximum sentence for assaulting a member of Congress is 10 years. But the district court ruled that because this had been an “isolated,” “first time action” that was “strictly a dispute between neighbors,” and because of Boucher’s “excellent background,” Boucher deserved a minor sentence.

The federal government appealed Boucher’s 30-day sentencing, arguing that the seriousness of Paul’s injuries should necessitate a harsher sentencing. The Sixth Circuit agreed and argued Boucher’s personal background — his education, family, and community service — should not have had anything to do with his sentencing.

“These factors are disfavored for good reason,” the court wrote in its opinion ordering the district court to re-sentence Boucher. “To prioritize a defendant’s education, professional success, and standing in the community would give an additional leg up to defendants who are already in a privileged position ... That is why Congress and the Guidelines oppose a class-based system where accumulated wealth, education, and status serve as credits against a criminal sentence.”

I'm sure everyone here will be pleased that Mr. Boucher will not get away with just a short stay in jail due to his white privilege.
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