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Triggered by the American flag a man planned on stabbing school children.

This is evil

"TAMPA, Fla. (FOX 13) - A man who apparently planned an attack on a Tampa elementary school was taken into custody for mental health evaluation under the Baker Act. However, a document issued by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office appears only to have warned deputies about the alleged threat, raising questions about who should be notified about school threats and in what situations.


The bulletin says Aman concealed a kitchen knife in a handbag and was headed for the school with the intent to "stab as many children as possible."


However, Aman became sidetracked when he encountered his roommate before leaving their residence. That's when he apparently changed his mind. Aman's roommate told officers about the plot.

The document said Aman targeted the school because he hates the United States and "the school's 'obnoxious pride in America' as illustrated by the large American flag mural on the front of the building."

Wow, just how much left wing crap do you have to ingest before deciding school kids must die because of a mural of the American flag?

Trial of Seattle protest shooter ends in mistrial.

Following up on this incident, it's been a while for those who've forgotten:

The trial of Marc and Elizabeth Hokoana has ended in a mistrial. A handful of jurors refused to convict the couple on the charges of first degree felony assault on the part of Elizabeth and misdemeanor assault on the part of Marc. The prosecution wasn't helped by the fact that the shooting "victim" refused to testify, claiming he didn't believe in "retributive justice". He probably didn't want to be put under oath to defend his own actions.

"Luke,(The jury foreman, cologeek) who was clearly frustrated, said a handful of jurors who sympathized and held similar political views as Marc and Elizabeth Hokoana favored acquittal and the idea that Elizabeth Hokoana acted reasonably when she shot avowed anarchist Joshua Phelan Dukes in the abdomen as Dukes grabbed her husband, Marc Hokoana. Evidence showed the couple supported the election of President Donald Trump and were on the UW campus the night of his inauguration — Jan. 20, 2017 — to goad protesters and attend a speech by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Luke said at one point last week he asked for the jury to view for a second time an anti-bias video shown to all jurors in King County in hopes of breaking the deadlock, but “it didn’t do any good.” In the end, he said, the panel deadlocked 9-3 in favor of convicting Elizabeth Hokoana of first-degree felony assault for shooting Dukes — a crime that would have sent her to prison for up to 15 years. They deadlocked 7-5 in favor of convicting Marc Hokoana of misdemeanor assault, for using pepper spray on antifa protesters in the incident that precipitated the shooting.

After interviewing the jurors in the judge’s chambers, King County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Raam Wong said Tuesday he and his office would review the case in light of the jurors’ statements to determine whether they would retry the Hokoanas. He played down the idea that politics played much of a role in the hung jury, but acknowledged the decision to rewatch the anti-bias video in the middle of deliberations was unusual.

The trial lasted five weeks and the panel had deliberated almost seven days before alerting Superior Court Judge Kristen Richardson on Monday that they believed they were deadlocked. They agreed to return to deliberations Tuesday, but by noon had given up hope of reaching a unanimous decision. The judge called the jury into the courtroom and asked Luke, the foreman, if there was “a reasonable probability of a unanimous verdict within a reasonable amount of time.”

The story is clearly written with the bias that the guilt of the Hoakana's is already assumed and the trial a mere formality.

This is a pretty good article on one of the root causes of these young men going off.

Hint: It's not the availability of guns.

We have to figuring out how to stop the Why of these horrific incidents instead of focusing on the How and the political finger pointing.

David Duke praises Ilhan Omar. Birds of a feather y'all.

The former Grand Wizard finds plenty of common ground with the Dems favorite Muslim.

"In a Thursday podcast at his site, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard spoke out strongly in favor of the Muslim Congresswoman who has accused Jewish lawmakers of dual loyalty, attributed support for Israel to foreign money, and said Israel has “hypnotized” the world.

“By defiance to Z.O.G. Ilhan Omar is NOW the most important Member of the US Congress!” Mr. Duke wrote on his site, using the acronym for “Zionist Occupation Government,” a term anti-Semites use to refer to the U.S. government as secretly controlled by Jews.

Mr. Duke and co-podcaster Eric Striker, according to the site, “heaped praise on Ilhan Omar (D-New Somalia) for being the one person in Congress willing to notice AIPAC and the “dual” loyalty of many (((members of Congresss))).”

Triple brackets around names is another private language used by anti-Semites, meaning the named person is secretly Jewish or controlled by Jews."

Man, that sounds like some of the people who post around here.

What is it with AOC and the love of Fascists?

First she quotes Evita Peron:


And now photos are showing up with her Chief of Staff wearing a t-shirt with the picture of a Nazi collaborator:


For those not familiar with Mr. Bose, he was an Indian nationalist who believed that Fascism was the way to Indian independence. He was a big fan of Mussolini, meeting him in 1935. In 1941 he began nightly broadcasts from Berlin for "Free India Radio" (no irony there, eh?). After it became clear that the Germans wouldn't be able to give him any real physical aid he traveled by U-boat to Madagascar where he boarded a Japanese submarine and joined the Imperial effort to invade India by building an army primarily using POW's captured when Singapore fell. He died in an airplane crash in Taiwan in 1945 while apparently trying to flee to the USSR.

If I could only choose between the American flag and a Communist flag I would choose

Democratic presidential candidate returns donation he denied accepting.

It looks like the Senator from New Jersey has to back track on some of his claims, again.
From ABC News.:

"Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker returned a donation from an executive at a pharmaceutical company after ABC News reported on it, according to a campaign aide.

During last week's presidential debate, the former Newark mayor took a strong stance against the pharmaceutical industry, saying that pharmaceutical companies should be "held criminally liable" for the health and opioid crisis across the country and further stated that his campaign doesn't take contributions from the industry's corporate PACs and executives.

ABC News' closer examination of disclosure reports filed to the Federal Election Commission, however, revealed that Booker's campaign did accept several donations from individuals associated with the pharmaceutical companies, including executives and leaders.

After ABC News reported on those donations as part of its debate fact checking, the Booker campaign told ABC News that they have decided to return a $2,800 donation from Eagle Pharmaceutical Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Michael Cordera."

Man, he's gotta stop letting T-Bone vet his supporters.

Russian S-300 system fails to detect F-35 intrusion over Iran.

It's been revealed that Israeli F-35 fighters flew over Iranian defense facilities in 2018 undetected and undeterred by the Iranians Russian built defense system. Iran's Air Force Commander kept this secret from the Ayatollah Khamenei for over a year.

"Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) commander Brigadier General Farzad Ismaili, who had been in office since 2010, has been fired by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei after he kept secret that Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-35 stealth fighters had violated Iran’s airspace, the Kuwaiti daily Al Jarida reported on Saturday.

The newspaper emphasized that it was the original media source that exposed the Israeli raids, which had taken place in March 2018. Al Jarida cited senior Iranian military who said that only following its March report did the intelligence services of the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian intelligence ministry begin to investigate the case, under Khamenei’s direct orders.

According to the newspaper’s investigation, “the IAF F-35 “Adir” planes penetrated Iran’s airspace, circled high above Tehran, Karajrak, Isfahan, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas – and photographed Iran’s air defense system.”

One of the sources reported that Iran’s air defense system, including its Russian radar, did not detect the entry and exit of the fighter planes, and that Ismaili hid this information from the supreme leader to cover his service failure. However Iranian intelligence discovered that the Israeli fighter jets had carried out this sortie as a test of the possibility of an undetected attack on Iranian outposts and bases, during which they photographed those sensitive bases, evading the Russian S-300 missile system’s radar."

Apparently the Ayatollah now suspects that the Russians gave Israel information in the form of a secret code that allowed them to shut down the system. I suppose that is better than believing that you spend big bucks on a system that is useless against your second most hated enemy.

Is Erdogan losing his political mojo? Party trounced in Istanbul elections.

It looks like a lot of the Turks are getting tired of Islamic based rule.

"Turkish opposition candidate Ekrem Imamoglu won the redo of the Istanbul mayor’s race by a landslide on Sunday, in a stinging indictment of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s economic policies and his refusal to accept an earlier defeat.

Imamoglu, backed by opposition parties including CHP, won 54% of the vote, and the ruling AK Party’s candidate, former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim captured 45%, according to state media. Political upstart Imamoglu broadened his margin of victory to nearly 800,000 votes from 14,000 in the March 31 balloting, a clear sign voters are concerned about the crumbling of Turkey’s democratic foundations and an economy reeling from a spike in consumer prices and unemployment.

Erdogan, who had challenged Imamoglu’s win in the original vote, accepted the outcome of the rerun he championed, but has hinted the new mayor could run into legal problems. He suggested Imamoglu might be tried for allegedly insulting a provincial governor, and a prison sentence could lead to his ouster -- much as Erdogan lost his own seat as Istanbul mayor in 1998 for reciting an Islamic poem deemed a threat to Turkey’s secular order.

Losing Istanbul is much more than ceding control of Turkey’s largest city and commercial powerhouse. The mayor’s job was the springboard for Erdogan’s own political career, and if Imamoglu, 49, performs well in the position, then the president may find himself with a future challenger."

Erdogan is a long way from being thrown out, but this is a serious defeat.

Checkout machine wins employee of the month again!

"RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA—A self-checkout machine at a local Walmart store was selected to be honored as the employee of the month for the fifty-second month in a row, sources confirmed Thursday.

The checkout machine was recognized for its speedy service, inability to make mathematical errors, and lack of making small talk with customers.

"Honestly, Checkout Machine #5 is a dream employee," said store manager Glen Anderson. "#5 never complains, never calls in sick, never makes annoying small talk."

The machine didn't make a single error the entire month, yet again, worked full shifts all thirty-one days of the month, and never once took a smoke or lunch break. Customers, especially those with just a few items, reported they had delightful interactions with the employee and were able to get in the store and get out with little hassle thanks to Machine #5."

Apparently they're considering it for a managers position.
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