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The Democrats are bringing David Duke back into the fold!

They're finally coming around to his way of thinking! Or at least openly admitting that they think that way, like some here on this very forum!

Everything old is new again with the new crop of Dems.

L.A. city employee has caught typhus. Looks like they may have contracted it at city hall.

This is what happens when common sense health regulations go right out the window.

"All carpets at Los Angeles City Hall may need to be replaced amid a Typhus outbreak that may have infected one city employee while at work, according to a motion filed by Council President Herb Wesson on Wednesday.

Wesson first became aware of a vermin issue in November 2018, contacted pest control experts and removed all his office's carpets, according to the motion.

The motion reported cleanup issues and a noticeable increase in rodents in the area, which could have contributed to the outbreak."

I do notice that the Council President had HIS carpets replaced when he found out about the problem almost 3 months ago. The employee in question is refusing to return to work until the entire L.A. City Hall has been fumigated. Honestly, I'm sure you'll find Third World nations that take civic cleanliness more seriously than the people running things in California right now. It seems to be part and parcel with the movement to disconnect from Western Civilization and all of its benefits. In other words, utter madness.

The MAGA hat boys are getting legal representation with a long list of possible defendants.

Apparently the legal help is being done pro bono. There are some deep pockets out there to be targeted. Hopefully a lot of people will feel the pain.

Here's a question for everyone.

If Trumps action of pulling our troops out of Syria is such a bad thing, should the Democratic majority in the House schedule a vote on a resolution to keep troops in Syria as one of their first actions after they take control?

Do you have a passport issued by your state? I guess we need those now.

Only the best and brightest work in the bureaucracy of our governments capitol.

"Clarkson, who lives in Las Cruces, and his then-fiancée visited the District of Columbia Courts Marriage Bureau on Nov. 20 to apply for a marriage license.

But, once there, the couple encountered a small problem, Clarkson said. The clerk wouldn't accept Clarkson's driver's license – from New Mexico – as proof of his identity. Rather, the clerk, who mistakenly believed Clarkson was a foreign citizen, said he would have to provide an international passport to get the marriage license.

After Clarkson objected, the clerk went to check with a supervisor, who confirmed Clarkson would need a passport.

"You know you are from flyover country when you are applying for a marriage license, give them your New Mexico driver's license, and they come back and say: 'My supervisor says we cannot accept international driver's licenses. Do you have a New Mexico passport?'" Clarkson posted on Facebook recently."

How remarkably ignorant must you be to not know that New Mexico is a state? And the supervisor too? And yet there are people who have no problem letting persons like this having unelected power over others.

Trump 'Not Considering' Extraditing Erdogan Foe Gulen

Someone here needs to wipe the drool off their chin.

"U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday he was not considering extraditing a U.S.-based Muslim cleric to Turkey as part of an effort to ease pressure on Saudi Arabia.

“No, it’s not under consideration,” Trump told reporters when asked about potential extradition of Fethullah Gulen, who is wanted in Turkey over accusations he was involved in a failed 2016 coup.

NBC News reported Thursday the Trump administration had explored whether it could extradite Gulen, as a way to persuade Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to ease pressure on Saudi Arabia over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last month."

I would love to know who NBC used as their "sources" on this.

Does anyone one else remember when the same morons who are protesting Sessions leaving the AG slot

Protesting his appointment because he was an unqualified racist?

NBC just called Texas for Cruz.

They did it right after the panel was talking up O'Rourke. Perfect timing!

Dropped off my ballot on the way to work.

My workplace is conveniently across the street from a drop off site. It seemed busier than I remember from two years ago. Now to watch the results.

Paper fires reporter who let the cat out of the bag in Michigan.

This is a follow up on this post:

"“I have listened to the voicemail left by Brenda Battel to Mr. James‘ campaign, and find no reason to defend this behavior,” said Kate Hessling, editor of The Huron Daily Tribune. “Brenda Battel’s employment has been immediately terminated.”

“The Huron Daily Tribune sincerely apologizes to Mr. James and to the public,” Ms. Hessling’s statement continued. “These statements do not represent the views of the Tribune as a whole, nor do they reflect the actions of a responsible journalist.”


"As Election Day dawned, Mr. James found himself trailingMs. Stabenow by 8.3 percentage points in the RealClearPolitics polling average, but that marked an improvement from the double-digit deficits Mr. James had through most of October and some polls have showed an even closer margin.

“It shows you that some media will do anything to keep the status quo and career politicians in power,” Tori Sachs, Mr. James‘ campaign manager, told The Daily Caller in an email. “The liberal media can’t stand the idea of a job creator and combat veteran coming to Washington to shake up the system. This happened as we closed within the margin of error.”

Ms. Battel broke the first rule of media bias, "Don't let the rubes know you're biased". Sorry media, she didn't produce a revelation, just another sad confirmation on that.
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