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Markets close higher for 2nd straight day, as investors see a Clinton win

Nate's 538 Nowcast... now up over 70 for Clinton. Been moving north all day....

More and more polls starting to account for Comey's re-exoneration of Clinton.

Glenn Beck: "Barack Obama made me a better man"

Decency is a fresh palette for Beck, who, at Fox, used to scribble on a chalkboard while launching into conspiratorial rants about looming Weimar-esque hyperinflation, Barack Obama’s ties to radicals with population-cleansing schemes, and a Marxist-Islamist cabal itching to take over America. He once described Clinton as “a stereotypical bitch” and accused Obama of being a racist with a “deep-seated hatred for white people.”

That was the old Beck, he insists: “I did a lot of freaking out about Barack Obama.” But, he said, “Obama made me a better man.” He regrets calling the President a racist and counts himself a Black Lives Matter supporter. “There are things unique to the African-American experience that I cannot relate to,” he said. “I had to listen to them.”

Beck’s interactions with Donald Trump helped, too. He told a story of Trump summoning him to a guest room at Mar-a-Lago; Trump then telephoned him from an adjacent room. “We had this weird, almost Howard Hughes-like conversation,” Beck said. He left convinced that Trump was nuts. “This guy is dangerously unhinged,” he said. “And, for all the things people have said about me over the years, I should be able to spot Dangerously Unhinged.”

Beck went on, “What’s most tragic about this is us. We have, as a culture, embraced the bad guys. I love Tony Soprano. But, when a Tony Soprano shows up in your life, you don’t love him so much.

CNBC: Dow Closes 370 Points Higher in Best Day Since March as FBI Clears Clinton

In 2012, Romney won white voters 59% to 39%

And white voters represented 72% of the electorate.

And Romney still lost.

This year, white voters are only estimated to be 69% of the electorate. And even his most favorable polls only have him up 16-18 among white voters.

So... a smaller chunk of the electorate, and a smaller lead among that chunk.

27 days ago, Donald Trump came to Pittsburgh and waived a Terrible Towel

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't won a game since.

Everything this man touches turns to shit eventually. Hotels, casinos, football leagues, marriages...... political parties.

The 9 most accurate polls of 2012 all show Clinton up +3 to +5 at the moment:

Ipsos/Reuters: HRC +5
YouGov: HRC +4.5
Angus-Reid: HRC +4
Economist: HRC +5
UPI/CVoter: HRC +3

It's starting to break open....

538 NowCast has gone from 63% Hillary to 69% today.

Will likely continue rising all night as more polls roll in.

Well, I was just 15-20 yards from the 45th president of the United States

Tomorrow will be a great day.

I decided to walk four blocks to the Hillary rally here in Pittsburgh

Crowd is humongous. Stage is in front of the Cathedral of Learning facing the Student Union and you can't get within two blocks of the rally.

Forbes, Bigelow, and Fifth blocked by the throng of people.

First time I've ever gone to a rally.... close enough to hear, but can't get a good view.

On edit: Mayor Peduto on now... Hillary still in transit. Beautiful fall day... going to take a long lunch before heading back to the office.
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