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Urban Dictionarys 10 year old definition of Democratic Underground still seems correct..

Democratic Underground
A Democratic party supporter's website that is a gathering place for politics obsessed misanthropes who seethe with impotent rage at their complete lack of power and control over the American people. The poster's at Democratic Underground all seem to be bourgeois lefty political groper's in various stages of mental illness. Paranoia reigns supreme there, as does self-loathing, hatred of people in general, a strident belief in complex conspiracies which dominate and thwart them at every turn, and a desperate need to believe that all of their problems in life are somebody else's fault.
"I can't function in life because Chimpy McFlightsuit, Darth Cheney, KKKarl Rove, Halliburton, Bectel, the KBR death camps, Diebold, Blackwater, LIHOP, MIHOP, chem-trails, Fitzmas, Scooter Libby, and the Pentagon's hurricane and earthquake machine ruined my life... so I might as well hang out here at Democratic Underground."
by RonnieTheGreat April 19, 2008

Over/Under of #MeToo accusations if Uncle Perv runs for President?

I'm setting the over under @ 17.5 until he drops out .

Any apps yet to keep track of the Biden accusers? #METOO n/t

Just heard Trump is going to fix Handicapped Parking @ the Special Olympics

Good luck with that...

Was Rachel Maddow crying on MSNBC last night?

It's a good day when Kentucky loses n/t

Would you support an Executive Order that sets

a minimum distance between urinals?

Young Beto O'Rourke wrote 'murder fantasy' about running over children, was part of famed hacking gr

Young Beto O'Rourke wrote 'murder fantasy' about running over children, was part of famed hacking group: report

Crazy bastard

Butthurt at the DUmp

10. Proof that the Republican's grand plan is working.

Bar fight question...

If your going to hit someone with a pool it preferred to hold the thin end and hit them
In the head with the thick end (likely breaking it) or hold the thick end and hit them many times?
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