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Republicans go nuclear, how does this play out down the road?

I mean, what happens when another seat like Kennedy or RBG comes available?

Who has more to lose?

Republicans going nuclear again?

Democrats taking an idealogical but ultimately pointless stand?

White House Petition to Repeal the National Firearms Act Reaches 89,000 signatures

Pretty interesting. In short, the NFA is the body of laws regulating short barrel rifles/shotguns, suppressors, machine guns, etc. This will likely succeed in reaching the necessary 100k signatures, but I imagine it will elicit a generic response that simply dies.

Link to the ATF's explanation of the law.

Where has the left wing gone?

While I am relieved that Hillary was not elected, it seems that a great many of our left wing presence is now missing. This place always seemed to have a rowdy bunch on either side of the aisle. I kinda miss the other perspective that made this site more interesting.

Am I the only one with an obnoxious uptick in ads in this site?

I don't minds ads, but it does suck having to scroll past this regularly:

Maybe I have a bug on my phone, but I'll probably end up using this site less because of these particular types of ads.

I would say that Hillary now has a faint chance of becoming President.

The corpse-to-be may be the best the Democrats can muster.

Should felons have their rights restored?

As well all know, convicted felons lose some of their rights. Depending on the jurisdiction, their status interferes with their ability to:

-Keep and bear arms
-Fight for child custody
-Travel overseas
-Obtain public assistance
-Serve in a jury

What do you think? Should felons be less restricted in the above-listed activities?

Officer stopping Philando believed him to be an armed robbery suspect.

The site's format makes it difficult to copy/paste with my phone, but I found it to be an interesting read.

Do you believe the Dallas shooting will change anything in LE:Public relations?

I see some expressing hope or expectation for change following the Dallas PD shooting. Just curious how DI feels.

Any other conservatives out there with close Muslim friends?

Just curious if I am alone.

HRC peeps, would you still vote for Hillary if she is indicted?

Seriously, don't vote if you would not vote for her anyways ha
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