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When Trump builds the wall

how long will it be until Obama claims credit for it?

The French government should do what French governments are good at


Does Windows 10 play well with 8.1?

I have my home network with all machines running 8.1. The desktop in my office plays the role of file server for the other computers on the network.

I just purchased (but haven't received yet) a small Acer Switch to use for travel but I'd like it to play well in terms of being able to access the files on my desktop PC. The Acer comes with Win 10 Pro installed but if it's going to be an issue mapping to the drives on my desktop then I'll nix Win 10 and put 8.1 on the Acer since I know that it will work well mapping to my desktop drives.

(I don't use the Metro interface. All my PCs run 8.1 with Classic Shell so I use a keyboard and start menu.)

Independent Investigation: 'Most Innocent President Ever'

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Unsatisfied with the amount of time the Mueller investigation has been taking and the quality of that investigation, President Trump has performed his own independent investigation of himself. He’s now released the results of that inquiry, which he says found that he is the most innocent president ever—perhaps even the most innocent person in the entire world.

“I am the absolute best at not doing crimes,” President Trump declared. “Way better than any previous president—some of whom I’m not even sure were born in this country. But I am very American and very not guilty of absolutely everything. That’s what the investigation says.”

Trump then described how he did the investigation. He put the absolute best mind on it—his own—and then to make sure he was independent, he tried to forget he knew himself. He said that was very hard since he is “the most famous person in the entire world.” Trump then showed off the magnifying glass he used for the investigation as well as his “detective hat”—a deerstalker cap.

“So I looked and I looked, and I couldn’t find any connection between me and Russia,” Trump stated. He said that everyone around him is also innocent and that they are “the best people” except for a few who are “bums” and whom he’d only hired because he “felt sorry for them” and that they should all “go to prison for a long time.” He ended by stating that his investigation was way better than Mueller’s, which is now “stupid and pointless.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller hasn’t released a statement responding to the charges of his investigation being inferior, and when asked to see his magnifying glass and detective hat, Mueller mumbled something inaudible and quickly walked away.

Bush 41's note to the next president:

I propose a new title for Mueller: Special Process-ecutor.

Since all he seems to be able to do is get people on so-called process crimes.

Why it's really important to stop this first "caravan" (a.k.a. invading horde)

Some people may not think it matters a whole bunch if "just" a few hundred illegals form a mob and swarm across the border to get past immigration but the bigger issue is that it sends a message that this type of illegal entry into the country is a viable way to gain entry into the US.

If any of this first wave successfully make their way into the US then it lets others know that it might viable. Given the (insert really big number here) of people that would love to get into the US this would just encourage untold numbers to form "caravans" to try the same in the future. This is bad news for our sovereignty and will also put a great deal of strain on Mexico and her citizens.

Naked Mexican arrested attempting to scale wall surrounding Obama's house.

Carrying poisoned lettuce.

Let's say a US president had somebody murdered.

Should other countries ostracize and punish the entire country?

(This isn't about left or right politics so don't make it about any particular president from either party, please.)

Damn. 83 people burned to death. How horrible.

Still hundreds missing. Hopefully all of them turn up well.

And flash floods possible over the next couple of days.
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