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Space Force camo

My plan to combat global warming

A mandatory federal SUV buyback program. We can fund it by taxing lefty billionaires like Gates, Bezos and Mini Mike.

Whadda ya think?

I need to eat some crow

I never really cared much for Trump over the years. Just out of curiosity, I went to the DI archives to see what my initial reaction to his announcement was back in June 2015.
NavyBrat (14,750 posts)

Does anyone here view Trump as a serious candidate?

Satan (6,666 posts)

7. And after he wastes all of that money in his vanity campaign

...he will file for his FOURTH bankruptcy.

Which begs the question..... How in Hell's name can anybody who has EVER filed for bankruptcy, let alone multiple times, still be a multi-billionaire?

foia (18,189 posts)

12. Yep, vanity run, no chance

I voted for him in the primaries - because he wasn't a run-of-the-mill Republican - all talk, no walk.

Even though I was SURE he'd lose, I also voted from him in the GE - because he wasn't Hillary.

Once he won, I really wasn't sure what to expect since he had no record in politics. I must say that I've been quite impressed by his actually taking action to follow through on his campaign promises.

I will be enthusiastically voting for him this year.

I think Harvey W might get off in NY

Occasionally I surf over to Court TV (I cut the cable years ago and only have antenna and Internet these days.) I caught some of the defense's closing argument this afternoon. As you'd expect for a rich bastard, he's got a very good (female) attorney. Although I believe he's an evil serial sexual predator, the fact that the gals he raped maintained contact with him personalty and via email in order to keep their careers on track doesn't look good. Although I'm not an expert at determining what verdicts juries will reach (who is?) I can certainly see them not having "beyond a reasonable doubt."

We'll see...

Partisan Dem FAIL

Back in March 2019 the WA State Senate passed a bill requiring presidential candidates to submit tax returns in order to be able to appear on the state's primary ballot. I received my state voter pamphlet in the mail yesterday and President Trump will be appearing on the primary ballot. I did some Googling to find out what happened to the bill but couldn't find articles on how/why it never moved forward from there.

Also of interest is that Trump is the only R candidate in the voter pamphlet. No Walsh, Weld or anybody else. Just the president.

Dem FAIL #2:

While Googling I found an article from November reporting that a similar anti-Trump tax return law that had passed in Californistan was blocked by the CA Supreme Court.

I'm almost getting tired of WINNING!

Virgnia House votes to relinquish sovereignty

Virginia House passes bill to give electoral votes to popular vote winner
By Kelly Mena, CNN

Updated 8:17 PM ET, Wed February 12, 2020

Virginia's House of Delegates passed a bill on Tuesday that would award the state's electoral votes to the national winner of the presidential popular vote.

The measure, HB 177, would look to incorporate Virginia into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement established by each participating state's laws to put its electoral votes toward the winner of the national popular vote, instead of the state's own popular vote.
"This idea that some American citizens should have more power than other American citizens to choose the president of the United States, I, frankly, find profoundly offensive," Del. Mark Levine, the sponsor of the bill, told CNN over the phone.

Will Nevada Dems be Iowa 2.0?

Nevada Democrats Tight-Lipped About Vote-Counting Plans

The Nevada Democratic Party is still working on its process for conducting and transmitting the results of its Feb. 22 caucuses and has been unable to answer questions about how that will be carried out, causing alarm among volunteers and campaigns.

With early voting starting in less than a week, volunteers who have attended training sessions said they were confused about the process and technology they were expected to use for the state’s caucuses. And questions from campaigns to the state party have either been ignored or only heightened concerns when answered, according to campaign aides. The state party has said that it is evaluating its process and will have backups including paper records in place to ensure that the caucuses run smoothly.

In the aftermath of the debacle in Iowa’s caucuses, where glitchy technology and poor planning cast confusion over the outcome, the Nevada State Democratic Party said it would no longer use an app built by Shadow Inc., the vendor in charge of a similar app that failed in Iowa.

Nevada’s app was set to play an even bigger role than the one in Iowa did, according to people familiar with the issue. The Nevada Democratic Party, which is implementing early voting for its caucuses for the first time, was planning on using the app to fold in early voting results with caucus night alignments, calculate the threshold required for viability for candidates and the realignment results and then transmit them. Ditching the app has forced the party to make changes to multiple parts of the process, the people said. Some of those changes still aren’t clear, they said.


Trump is going to abolish SCOTUS (DU)

imanamerican63 (7,712 posts)

Just when you think it could not get any worse for America?

Just wait! Trump is starting to take over the courts and won't stop until he abolishes the Supreme Court! If he can't be stopped than look out? I hate to be so bleak, but our democracy is going down the tube! Thanks GOPers! You could have and should have stopped! I blame each of you for letting a lump ass lame brain rip the constitution to shreds! Just wait until he turns on your party and let's see what you will do then?

Trump is seating judges who follow The Constitution. What do DUmmies have against The Constitution?

The impeachment double whammy

It's amazing how impeachment double backfired on the Democrats. Not only did Trump go up in approval and get acquitted but by highlighting Burisma for weeks they brought Hunter into the headlines and torpedoed Biden, the DNC favorite, right before the first primaries.

Yang to suspend campaign - just heard on CBS

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