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Who is President Trump?

The left consistently accuses the president of being a stupid/crazy person who acts on impulse,

He's also constantly accused of various crimes like collusion, money laundering, tax evasion, etc...

Yet despite investigations by The FBI, Mueller, SDNY, the NY AG and all sorts of pundits and members of the press there has yet to be exposed any evidence of criminal wrongdoing that would hold up in court.

If he's such an impulsive dunce how has he been getting away with all of these crimes, supposedly for decades?

(It was easy lefty back in the Bush era because they'd say Bush was an idiot but Rove was true mastermind. Trump doesn't have a Rove.)

Dog Park

Several days ago Herring was calling for Northam to step down

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has joined the calls for Gov. Ralph Northam to resign after a whirlwind 24 hours since a racist yearbook photo from Northam's 1984 yearbook page began circulating on social media.

DU: Road gets icy in MN in the winter - Trump's fault

Typical idiocy from MineralMan:

We had a warm snap the other day. Then it rained. Then it sleeted. Then there was heavy fog and mist. Then everything froze solid. The melted snow on the road, the mist from the fog. Everything. I had about 1/8" of transparent ice on my windshield. So, I warmed the car up and melted it so I could see.

This morning, having run out of food, I drove to the supermarket. Worst driving conditions I've experienced in this state. The car's noisy ABS system activated at every stop sign, no matter how slowly I was going. Then it snowed again. So, now, when I came out of the supermarket, I could no longer see the ice on the road. It was covered by snow.

So, I crept home on surface streets that had no traffic. A slow drive, indeed. When I got home, I advised my wife to reschedule her dental appointment for the afternoon. Just not safe to drive to it. Not at all.

Why am I thanking Trump? Because the polar vortex, the sudden warm snap, and the following snow and freezing weather are all due to climate change, which Trump doesn't recognize as existing. Come to Minnesota, Donwald, and I'll take you for a drive. You'll see.

Hey, MM, what happens in a few hours is weather, not climate.

Rams D has done well this game but I think they're worn out now

iPhone 6 for sale

Superbowl anthem - flag bullshit

Did anyone else notice that none of the AA players had their hands over their hearts while many of the white pipo players did?

Seems like passive CK shit to me.

Good news: South Dakota - Now legal to concealed carry w/o permit

Legislative liberal trolling

A Washington state representative from Bainbridge Island wants to stop the state from killing wolves. In response to her legislation, an eastern Washington lawmaker now wants to send the wolves to Bainbridge Island to live.

Conservationists focused on wolf recovery know it can be one of the state's most controversial topics, and dueling wolf bills now show the divide between politics east and west of the Cascades.

The first bill was proposed by Rep. Sherry Appleton, D-Bainbridge Island. It reads, "The department may not authorize the killing of gray wolves". HB 1045 would make it illegal for the state to kill wolves for attacking livestock and instead force their relocation.

Rep. Joel Kretz, R-Wauconda, lives in wolf territory and filed a bill in response. HB 1639 would create a wolf sanctuary on Bainbridge Island so problem wolves can live there instead and locals can benefit from "the largely untapped wolf tourism industry."

Lefty should revel in today's arrest

It's the best they're going to get.
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