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Thank you, Chuck Schumer

For keeping the annoying Liberal Women's March off of the weekend news.

CNN: Anonymously sourced fake news keeps on rolling.

(CNN)President Donald Trump is telling aides and allies that the Democrats caused the government shutdown, "but that he will be blamed" for it, according to a source close to the White House.

The Democrats are doing a great job

of keeping the p-hat anniversary march off of the front page this weekend.

Trump continues to play the MSM like a fiddle

Does anyone here think that the NYT printing pro-Trump op-ed letters or CNN's Ohio panel are coincidences in the same week that Trump puts out his fake news awards?

Of course not, they're trying to PRETEND they're fair - and it's a direct response to Trump's tweeting.

Robbing a 7-11 with a fake gun

Robber: It's fake!

Security guard: Mine is real!

So what happens now if there's a REAL missile alert?

Will some people dismiss it?

Why do Democrats seek to sow international discord?

Trump made his shithole comment in a closed door meeting in The Oval Office.

His statement was obviously leaked by Democrats when they could have simply exercised some discretion but instead chose not to.

How many NK fans will be attending The Winter Olympics?

Oprah gets ovation from crowd of enablers

Just watched 11/8/16 on Netflix

It's kind of boring but it does have a happy ending - lots of liberal tears.
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