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Does Hillary need an intervention to help her deal with her paranoia and delusions?

She claims Tulsi is being groomed as as asset by Russia. She thinks bots have been operating on Tulsi's behalf despite the fact that Tulsi's been polling around 1%.

She thinks Jill Stein was/is a Russian asset.

She still thinks she beat Donald Trump. Given her many years in politics she should know that what counts is
The Electoral College and that adding up the popular votes across the states is nothing but a mildly interesting statistic. (After she predicted Trump wouldn't accept the election results. No irony there.)

Bill and Chelsea need to step in and get her some help to deal with reality.

Trudeau's close campaign to retain his office gets kiss of death.

Obama endorsement..

Steyer wins tonight's "strategery" word contest

Climate: We need to work with our "frienemies."

Street crime forces city-funded biotech startup to flee Seattle

Unfortunately, the quintessential Seattle business that prides itself in being in the forefront of a green economy is leaving.

“Just all this street crime is crushing us, we are a small company we just can't do it,” says Allen.

Over the past three years, he says the company has suffered wire theft and the theft of their electric cargo tricycle for collecting food.

“I think it’s a little bit naive to think that all the folks that are living around in vehicles, a few of them are not good people, they are just killing us with theft,” says Allen.


Another victim of the homeless mess caused by The Seattle City Council (Politburo)

Were the Kurds fighting a proxy war against ISIS on behalf of the US?

That's what I've been reading in the press. I guess the Kurds would've just willingly let ISIS slaughter them if the US weren't against ISIS, right? Because apparently their only motivation for fighting ISIS was to help the US.

New California Law Requires Separate Restrooms For

People Who Think They Are Napoleon Bonaparte

Should the Trump campaign count Schiff's behavior as an in-kind contribution?

The US president who questioned grifting by Biden and his son in Ukraine

Where is Hunter Biden?

Shouldn't he be on TV 24/7 proving that he's a natural gas and investment banking expert?

Question for lefty: If Trump supposedly wants a second civil war

then why did he ban bump stocks?
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