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Gotta love those California courts

California court rules inmates can have pot in prison if they don't consume it

California prisoners can legally possess marijuana as long as they do not consume it, a California appeals court ruled Wednesday.

In the ruling, the 3rd District Court of Appeals reversed five Sacramento inmates’ criminal convictions for having marijuana in their cells.

“Consumption, not possession, is the act voters determined should remain criminalized if the user is in prison,” according to the ruling.

DNC narrows down field of presidential candidates.

Gotta love Babylon Bee

Lock him up! Nancy wants to see Trump in prison.

Washington (CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats pushing for an impeachment effort that rather than wanting to see President Donald Trump impeached, she wanted to see him "in prison," Politico reported.

According to the report, Pelosi made the remark at a meeting on Tuesday night as House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler asked to be able to begin an impeachment inquiry.

"I don't want to see him impeached," Pelosi said, according to the report. "I want to see him in prison."

Ashley Etienne, a spokeswoman for Pelosi, said she could not confirm the comment.

June 26 & 27 - Mark your calendars

The first Dem primary debates.

Guaranteed to be entertaining.

A blast from the past - Marjoe

Mueller supposedly couldn't indict a sitting president

but nobody else in the Trump campaign was indicted for collusion/obstruction.

Muller is a weasel.

Mueller: AG made decision in good faith.


Since Democrats think any investigation should be open to anyone

do you think they'd support having everything related to the Hillary email investigation made public?

Gasoline with ethanol in it is culturally appropriated since the ethanol comes from corn

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