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Corona virus now dying off

Hillary found out it's got dirt on The Clintons.

Trump unveils new plan (Bee)

Trump Unveils Plan To Strategically And Gradually Murder Everyone

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Trump administration recently announced that, rather than impose federal guidelines released by the CDC, they would just gradually and strategically murder everyone.

A report released by the CDC contained common-sense reform such as getting rid of all salad bars and buffets, covering the world in sneeze guards, abolishing human contact, and insisting everybody wear three Hazmat suits at all times.

"No, no, we're not gonna do that. Sorry. Not gonna happen," Trump said at a recent press briefing. "Here's my plan: everybody dies."

He later added, "they'll be the best deaths. Everyone will love them. We have the best people working on these deaths.

But you can do Pink Floyd reggae with a bagpipe

Troll2 post from March 7

All Hospital Beds In The US Will Be Filled With Patients 'By About May 8th' Due To Coronavirus

Got my free disease money today. Thank you, China!

I'm kind of bummed though. I was hoping it would have Trump's autograph on it. Instead it just has his printed name.

Despite COVID shutdown, one manufacturing sector is thriving today

Lockdown donuts

San Antonio — Dozens of drivers coordinated the shutdown of Highway 90 late Tuesday night, so some of them could do donuts on the freeway and then speed off.

Some of the vehicles blocked off all the eastbound main lanes of Hwy. 90 near General McMullen, backing up traffic.

Then other cars in trucks in front of their 'blockade' took turns doing donuts in the road.

Video at link:


The Democrat party is the true party of freedom.

You're free to enter the country illegally, vote illegally and molest women with impunity. Heck, you don't even have to work if you don't feel like it. That's real freedom.

Joe should be let out of his basement. It's only fair.

Other sex offenders are being released.

It's good to have man's best friend around during a lockdown

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