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Lil' Kim is playing 4DDonnie..

Like a saxophone...

I sometime wonder if that "Idiot feline" poster here(self described of course)...

Would be annoyed if I went over to the RWNJ sites, and CONSTANTLY posted quotes HERE from posters there that I didn't consider rational...??

Just in case the alertababies succeed...

In getting me suspended, let me say that it's been fun sparring with the rational folks here..
With the others...Not so much..
I guess I'll have to go over to that other "discussion" site for a while if they get their way though..

Watching the current "spokeswench" ...

Shucking and jiving right now is really entertaining..!!!
Who'll be the NEXT press secretary...???

The 4 scariest words in DC have to be..

Hearing '4DDonny" say:
"I've got your back"...

The "mooch" resigns..!!

"The mooch" is getting paid...

EXACTLY what he's worth..!!!

Trump contributes to linguistics..!!

Because of him, we now realize that "wealth" and "worth" are no longer synonymous..

An interesting article about "Little Stumpy" from a while back...

Looks like that "nothing burger" ....

Has become a "Double Whopper"....With cheese..
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