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$5B is too much for protection, $125B is OK for welfare

Your tax dollars at work:

House: don't play chicken with someone with nothing to lose (shameless vanity)

What the House and the swamp don't realize is this: President Trump has nothing to lose. Being POTUS is a side job that has been a huge loser for him financially.

He is the first POTUS since Truman who is really in the job to help America. He has gotten nothing from it and in the end will have his record to look back on (already impressive).

He of course wants to be re-elected but he doesn't NEED to be re-elected. Unlike so many who have come to the position with a long history of being on the government teat, he is independently wealthy. Most Americans (and every lefty on this board) has no idea how much $ a billion dollars IS. When you get to that level, making money for what it can do no longer matters. Money for the people in that stratum is how you KEEP SCORE.

So when lefty and advisers tell the President "this might affect your re-election chances" his understandable answer is "so what?"

Everyone he is up against in the House has never encountered this before. He won't blink. He might do some artful negotiations (always start from a position of strength and always be willing to walk away) but he has absolutely NOTHING personally on the line.

His only concern is what is good for America. Just like him being the first POTUS to tell China and other trading partners he won't put up with their unfair gaming the system anymore, likewise he knows what America needs and that is the wall to keep invaders out.

Have all the tantrums you want, lefty. These are facts you are incapable of understanding (for a list of reasons too long to go into here).
Posted by freedumb2003 | Tue Jan 8, 2019, 08:21 AM (1 replies)

Paul H Metzer of JP recommends Insurance Fraud -- anyone know if that is RL name?

"Paul H Mentzer January 3, 2019 at 6:47 PM

SSI is reduced by any "in kind" assistance you get,

I advise my client, when they live with relatives, to make sure the relative charges them rent, even for months they lived with that relative while waiting to be on SSI. Thus your father should tell SSA that he has been charging you rent for the months and years you have been waiting to be on SSI. I recommend $200 a month going back two to three years. SSA is only concerned about what you have BEEN CHARGED not what you have paid.l Thus get your father to send you a bill for $200 a month for at least the last three years.

Remember Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is reduced by any other source of income. This is NOT true of Social Security Disability only SSI. That income can include “in kind” assistance as in NOT being charged Rent, This does not mean you have to pay your father, it is important that he tells SSA that he has been and will continue to charge you rent. Thus tell him to go back years, for if he does not the SSI you are entitled to for the months you were waiting to be ruled to be disabled will be reduced by what he does NOT charge you. Thus the comments of $450 a month instead of $750 a month. The difference is the amount of “In kind” care your received in the form on not being charged rent. Get your father to state he wants his rent money and make him demand it from YOU. You can then take that letter to SSA to show you were charged for that rent even if you did not pay it."

Recommending retroactively getting rent receipts is Insurance fraud - punishable by up tio $250,000 and/or 5 years in prison:

This is bigtime stuff, folks.

On edit: I used the SI fraud online form to report it myself. I have them the link so what they do is up to them. Not sure if SSI Fraud division is working now or not.

Posted by freedumb2003 | Mon Jan 7, 2019, 06:29 PM (1 replies)

Southwest Airlines' legendary co-founder Herb Kelleher dies at 87

2019 has been most unkind so far.

RIP -- a major pioneer in the airline industry.
Posted by freedumb2003 | Fri Jan 4, 2019, 07:26 AM (0 replies)

Lol Richard's gonna Richard and be rear hurt

Some people similarly named to tepid pussy are easily insulted.

Not naming names but what a baby.
Posted by freedumb2003 | Wed Jan 2, 2019, 07:47 PM (4 replies)

Does anyone have RCW2014's source (NPC) code?

I am thinking about writing an NPC and would like a model.

Given the unoriginality of responses it produces I assume it was written in Fortran or COBOL or maybe even BASIC.

I mean I think the scanning news reports for bad news about America part is pretty straightforward but I am not sure I can reproduce the complete hatred against America and her supporters.

New, More Appropriate Fake Latino Name for Irish Bob O'Rourke: "Nacho"

As in "Nacho Senator."

(stolen from a FRiend).

Get used to it lefty -- no more hit and run posts

I am now capturing every post I see that will/might be self-deleted.

I STRONGLY suggest all non-lefties to do the same.

This "post slams against liberals to try to pretend it is Conservative positions" ends here. At least with me.

And that is NOT against TOS.

Truth is an absolute defense. You post it, you live with it.

Text of self-deleted post by KittyCatIdiots insulting Cherokees

3. Since I know you will try to delete your original post



0. Cherokee Nation wants all their land back too!

Better start caring about what Cherokees say!

I have learned how lefty operates:

Here is proof of the contemporary post of my reaction with at least one witness:

Well -- it seems fauxahauntas' DNA only links to LATINA heritage, not American Indian


"The genetic analysis report released by Warren does concede that because there are few samples available from the majority of North American groups, the Senator’s DNA was tested against samples from Peru, Mexico and Columbia. "

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