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New Immigration/Border Wall poll

Quinnipiac University Poll. Jan. 9-13, 2019. N=1,209 registered voters nationwide. Margin of error ± 3.3.
Overall, do you believe that immigration is good for the country or bad for the country?"
Good: 73%
Bad: 16%
Unsure/No answer: 12%

In general, do you think undocumented immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than American citizens, or don't you think so?"
Think they are: 29%
Don't think so: 63%
Unsure/No answer: 9%

Do you support or oppose building a wall along the border with Mexico?"
Support: 43%
Oppose: 55%
Unsure/No answer: 2%

In general, do you think that funding a wall along the border with Mexico is a good use of taxpayer dollars, or don't you think so?"
Think it's a good use: 40%
Don't think so: 59%
Unsure/No answer: 1%

Would you support or oppose a bill that funded new border security measures, but did not fund a wall along the border with Mexico?"
Support: 61%
Oppose: 32%
Unsure/No answer: 8%

Would you approve or disapprove of President Trump using emergency executive powers to fund a wall along the border with Mexico without the approval of Congress?"
Approve: 32%
Disapprove: 65%
Unsure/No answer: 3%

Do you think that a wall along the border with Mexico would make the United States safer, or not?"
Think it would make U.S. safer: 43%
Don't think so: 55%
Unsure/No answer: 2%

Do you think that a wall along the border with Mexico is an effective way to protect the border, or don't you think so?"
Think it's an effective way: 43%
Don't think so: 56%
Unsure/No answer: 2%

Do you think that a wall along the border with Mexico is necessary to protect the border, or don't you think so?"
Think it's necessary : 40%
Don't think so: 59%
Unsure/No answer: 1%

Which comes closer to your point of view: a wall along the border with Mexico is consistent with American values, or a wall along the border with Mexico is against American values?"
Consistent: 41%
Against: 52%
Unsure/No answer: 7%

Do you believe that there is a security crisis along the border with Mexico, or don't you believe that?"
Believe there is: 54%
Don't believe that: 43%
Unsure/No answer: 4%

Do you believe that there is a humanitarian crisis along the border with Mexico, or don't you believe that?"
Believe there is: 68%
Don't believe that: 26%
Unsure/No answer: 6%

Top Ten Republican Party Donors/Fundraisers 2018

Adelson, Sheldon G. & Miriam O. Of Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug Clinic/Las Vegas, NV: $123,200,100
Uihlein, Richard & Elizabeth of Uline Inc/Lake Forest, IL: $39,288,329
Griffin, Kenneth C. of Citadel Invest Group/Aragon Global Mgt./Chicago, IL: $19,217,400
Schwarzman, Steven A. & Christine of Blackstone Group/New York, NY: $12,794,000
Mellon, Timothy, Investor/Saratoga, WY: $10,055,600
Schwab, Charles R. & Helen O. of Charles Schwab & Co/San Francisco, CA: $8,297,640
Marcus, Bernard & Billi Wilma of Marcus Foundation/Atlanta, GA: $7,923,350
Yass, Jeffrey S. & Janine of Susquehanna International Group/Haverford, PA: $7,348,933
Cameron, Ronald M. & Nina J. of Mountaire Corp/North Little Rock, AR: $6,534,279
Singer, Paul of Elliott Management/New York, NY: $6,195,301

Top Ten Democratic Party Donors/Fundraisers of 2018

Michael R. Bloomberg/New York City: $90,538,315
Steyer, Thomas F. & Kathryn Ann of Fahr LLC/Tom Steyer/San Francisco: $70,800,864
Sussman, S. Donald of Paloma Partners: Ft Lauderdale, FL: $24,727,800
Simons, James H. & Marilyn H. of Renaissance Technologies/Simons Fdtn/New York, NY: $22,893,900
Soros, George of Soros Fund Management/New York, NY: $18,891,550
Eychaner, Fred of Newsweb Corp/Chicago, IL: $12,168,100
Marcus, George M. & Judith of Marcus & Millichap/Palo Alto, CA: $9,589,725
Simon, Deborah, Philanthropist/Carmel, IN: $8,880,290
Hoffman, Reid Garrett of Linkedin/Mountain View, CA: $7,650,826
Jurvetson, Karla T. of Karla Jurvetson MD/Los Altos Hills, CA: $7,297,025

1,765.5 babies per 1,000 women

We Americans aren’t making babies fast enough to replace ourselves, according to the Centers for Disease Control. To reproduce our population, the fertility rate must be 2,100 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age over their lifetimes; we’re at 1,765.5 per 1,000 — “or 16 percent below the number needed to keep the population stable without additions through immigration.”
And if it wasn't for immigration, we'd be doing even worse.

Steel border wall prototype can be sawed through

Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through
A photo shows that the steel columns were breached with a common industrial tool.

Is this a wall or a fence in New Mexico?

There are 8 congressional districts along the Mexican border

From the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. The U.S. Representatives from every border congressional district oppose building a wall.
Democratic Representative Vargas represents the entire border in Calfornia.
Democratic Representative Kirkpatrick represents Arizona's 2nd congressional district.
Democratic Representative Grijalva represents Arizona's 3rd congressional district.
Democratic Representative Torres Small represents New Mexico's entire border.
Republican Representative Hurd represents Texas' 23rd congressional district.
Democratic Representative Cuellar represents Texas' 28th congressional district.
Democratic Representative Gonzalez represents Texas' 15th congresdional district.
Democratic Representative Vela represents Texas' 34th congressional district.

U.S. Still Leans Conservative, but Liberals Keep Recent Gains

The Gallup Poll: "Americans' assessment of their political ideology was unchanged in 2018 compared with the year prior when 35% on average described themselves as conservative, 35% as moderate and 26% as liberal. Although conservatives continue to outnumber liberals, the gap in conservatives' favor has narrowed from 19 percentage points in Gallup's 1992 baseline measurement to nine points each of the past two years.

Since 1992, the percentage of Americans identifying as liberal has risen from 17% then to 26% today. This has been mostly offset by a shrinking percentage of moderates, from 43% to 35%. Meanwhile, from 1993 to 2016 the percentage of conservatives was consistently between 36% and 40%, before dipping to 35% in 2017 and holding at that level in 2018.

These ideology figures are based on combined data from Gallup's monthly GPSS and other standalone surveys conducted each year. The 2018 aggregate includes 13 surveys totaling more than 13,000 national adults.

Majority of Democrats Identify as Liberal for First Time

The percentage of Democrats identifying as liberal averaged 51% in 2018, up from 50% in 2017, marking the first time a majority of Democrats have adopted this term, following gradual increases since the 1990s.

In 1994, nearly half of Democrats described their views as moderate while equal percentages, at 25%, identified themselves as liberal and conservative. That fundamental pattern held until about 2002, during the first half of President George W. Bush's first term in office. From 2002 through 2014 -- spanning the Iraq War under Bush and the Barack Obama presidency -- the liberal share increased approximately one percentage point a year, while the percentages moderate and conservative fell. Since 2014, the percentage of Democrats identifying as liberal has increased at an even faster rate of two points per year on average."

Going RINO hunting

We've already bagged three, just need one more so that Vice President Pence can't break a tie. That would force Trump to veto a bill and the veto would make the shutdown 100% Trump's.

"3 Republican senators want to reopen government without a border deal"
Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Ala.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) have called for the government to be reopened before more work is done on border security.

Murkowski: "We don't need to hold up these six other departments at the same time that we are resolving these very important security issues."
Collins: "I'm not saying their whole plan is a valid plan, but I see no reason why the bills that are ready to go and on which we've achieved an agreement should be held hostage to this debate over border security."
Gardner: "I think we should pass a continuing resolution to get the government back open. The Senate has done it last Congress, we should do it again today."

States/District that despise that MF'er Masquerading as president

States/District by Job Approval Rating
District of Columbia: 17% approval
California: 33%
Massachusetts: 33%
Vermont: 33%
Hawaii: 34%
Maryland: 34%
New York: 36%
Washington: 36%
Illinois: 37%
Oregon: 37%
Connecticut: 38%
New Mexico: 38%
Rhode Island: 38%
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