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My avatar is a mashup of an art piece done by, I think, Giannelli. He release the image in response to the hanging of Saddam, a war crime.

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I found a bag of dicks!

What is a tier one post?

I just bailed on a jury 'cause I'm clueless.

Many members don't seem to know that Flynn is under investigation for multiple felonies.

He received half a million dollars from Turkey without approval from DoD.

He did not register as a foreign lobbyist, then "retroactively" registered such that he was the National Security Adviser and a lobbyist for Turkey at the same time.

He lied about EVERYTHING on his security clearance application.

To whom it may concern, I have never alerted on a post by anyone, and I hope that I never will.

I believe in the free exchange of ideas and I don't get bent out of shape too much over words and ideas. Behavior, OTOH, is something that I do pay a lot of attention to.

When I agree to sit on jury duty here I try and be as fair and honest as I can be. If a fellow member has alerted on a post where they feel they were insulted or harmed in some way then I look at it as my responsibility to have their back, to act fairly.

I cannot understand how someone would willingly, brazenly, gleefully shirk this duty.

Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for unmaskings of Americans

"Nunes first called for his committee to investigate alleged Obama administration-era surveillance of Trump and his associates after the president, in a March 4 tweet, accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. Officials said at the time that Trump’s wiretap allegations were false.


"While the House Intelligence Committee asked only for the names of administration officials who requested unmaskings related to Trump and Clinton, intelligence agencies responded to the request by providing a tally that included requests by lawmakers.

"The tally showed several requests from the House Intelligence Committee — requests that one official said were no different than those made by Obama administration officials. “This notion that there are these politically motivated unmaskings is just nonsense,” said the official.

"In contrast to the committee’s handful of unmasking requests, officials said the tally showed that Rice requested a single unmasking related to Trump’s activities between June and January."

The Trump Accords

Some of our members are arguing that Trump will negotiate a new deal on global warming.

Fake news? Conservative blog says ISIS claiming responsibility for Manchester bombing.

The M$M is saying that no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, The gateway pundit says that someone in Brazil claimed responsibility for ISIS:

Video of Islamist From Brazil(?) Claiming Responsibility for #Manchester Bombing (VIDEO)

Is this a legit video? What do you think.

What if Trump had sex in the Oval Office?

Should President Trump be impeached if he had sex with the Russians in the Oval Office?

I think many of our members don't understand Americanism, or how it works.

In our system the president has immense power. He has the power to disregard his oath of office and order the extermination of half the population while promising the murderers a pardon. This is within his Constitutional authority.

The founders were afraid of vesting this much power in the president because they feared that some pathetic, lying, malignant narcissist would fool the weak-minded citizenry into electing him and then do such a thing. They found a solution to this problem which enables any unwholesome person to sit in the White House without destroying the fundamental premises of our government. These fundamental premises include the notion that all men are created equal and that we have joined together in order to create a more perfect union, promote the general welfare, establish justice, etc, etc.

They created two other branches of government to be a check on the immense power of the president. The courts have already acted in order to thwart his Muslim ban. Now it is time for the Congress to step up and stop him from selling us out to the Russians.

There's lots of arguments that are being made here that are simply based on the notion that the president has the authority to do things like fire the FBI director because he is investigating the Russians and then immediately leak intel from our allies to the same Russians that the FBI director was investigating.

No one that I know of is saying that these things are not within his power. We're arguing that the guy is violating his oath of office. He is not enforcing the supreme law of the land, he is flouting it.

It's time for Congress to act.

Putin's stooge

Trump trophy photos:

Putin trophy photos:

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