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How many 14'ers are left here at DI?

Bernie supporters. A word please

We've seen the corruption of government all around us in the past and more recently. You came out hard against the corrupt candidate this last election after your party tried to shove her down your throats. You hate Trump, the republicans and the Democrat establishment and feel like this latest tax bill was a big gift to the rich.

At what point do you realize that man is corruptable and the more power you give them the bigger opportunity they will have to do harm?

Brian Kilmeade had Donna Brazile on his radio show this morning

They talked about her book and the things that went wrong with Hillary's campaign. It seems Obama wasnt really concerned about the party's bank balance and was all about himself just like he seems via his persona.

Kudos to Brazile for having the guts to call people out. The Democratic party hasn't yet begun to reap what they've sown. History will not be kind to Obama and the clintons.

One hand killing

President Trumps approval ratings soar to 72% positive among those who care about the country

In a recent poll asking voters if they approve or disapprove of president Trumps job so far, 72% approved, while only 16% disapproved. 13% were still on the fence about how they felt about the presidents job performance.

Everybody loves polls, so here's a poll!

Do you approve or disapprove of Pesident Trumps job performance?

Pneumonia hawk

Ante up: who has the most hate mail from _ag rising?

I have 5 inbox messages and I've never replied back nor have I alerted because I keeps it real. says I'll save about $1700 with trumps tax plan

I make under 50k per year. I just can't seem to muster the energy to complain guys

When did you find out who won the presidency last November and how did you feel in that moment?

I stayed up till about midnight and gave up. When I woke up I turned the radio on and Trump had clenched it. My reaction, "holy shit!!!" the underdog had won. The one with less money, less friends in DC and the media had won. The establishment, the status quo was defeated in both parties. I hadn't voted for Trump in the primary but I did in the general.

Over one year later I do not regret my decision and I do not think my first choice could have overcome the media "collusion" with their party to marginalize the republican president.
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