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The real reason I believe Pelosi delayed sending the articles to the Senate.

By delaying the articles sent to the senate so the trial could begin, she has insured that Sanders and Warren will miss a lot of campaigning in the early primaries and thus lose attention with the democrats.

She is protecting the establishment candidate-"sleepy Joe"!

Hillary railroaded Sanders in 16 and now Pelosi is doing it in 20.


The Dems fingerprints are all over the phony Steele dossier. John Kerry's aide was emailing the phony dossier.


I loathe Schumer, but I agree with him.

The Senate should call witnesses.

Let teh left call these four people they are demanding and let teh documents be released! I have always said that if the president did use the Ukraine to help him win re-election then he should og!

But let also both bidens, Kerry's son, Schiff, Nadler, the whistleblower also be called. Let their emails also be broughto the trial.

Let us hear about crowd strike! Let us hear about Bidens extorting Ukraine! Let us see the law that says a president does not have a right to hold back aid for a time!

Let us see the smoking gun (if it even exists) the Dams say is out there that directly (not by assertion but by evidence) ties Trumps action as nothing more than trying to harm a political rival and not finding out about possible criminal activities by a political figure and his son!

I intend to vote for Trump in his re-election!

Let me be clear.

1. It is not because I approve of his personality, because I don't.
2. He is rude, crude, too unpolitically correct for even an un-pc guy like me.
3. He is a serial adulterer and had many shady dealings in his business life.
4. He is keeping th etradition of running horrendous deficits which will eventually bite us!

But I am not voting for a pastor or deacon, I am voting for one who will lead this country!

1. He is so thick skinned he pursues his agenda no matter what kind of filth the left throws at him.
2. He has been building the wall to halt ILLEGAL entry into America!
3. He is ending the 7 decades long unfair trade. Europe and Asia have been rebuilt since WW2, it is time for fair trade again!
4. He has been working diligently to keep his campaign promises, which irks the left no end.
5. He has stood up to Russia, China, Iran and N. Korea with either tariffs, arming those Russia would take over or with crippling sanctions.

He is very unpresidential in his demeanor, but I prefer a man of action than a man who can talk the talk but not walk the walk (read Obama)

Trump 2020! Keep America great!
5. He is restaffing the federal judiciary with judges who rule on the law and not make law!

To all here:

The most joyous and blessed Christmas!

May the One who is the reason for the season find room in the Inn of your heart!

As we approach the day set aside to celebrate the birth of the Savior:

Let us remember that Angels announced Good news! Jesus was and is the God-man who came down to die to redeem us! Jesus is the reason for the season!

May all here have a joyous blessed Christmas!

Dems say Trump thinks nothing of himself!

3.5 % unemployment

more jobs available than those seeking them

in a global recession we have the strongest economy

winning trade wars

building a wall to halt illegals from illegally crossing our border

rebuilt military

unentangling ourselves form decades long conflicts!

Imagine what more we would have if he htought of the country!

Why are the Republicans so stupid?

The Dems keep pulling Trump saying He had absolute authority out of context (He was talking about his ability to fire Mueller if he chose) and not one republican have corrected them and put it back in its context. This is very troubling!

I have to give Shumer credit!

Listening to him try to justify letting Democrats call whoever they want in the Senate when his fellow snakes in the house did the exact opposite is amazingly smooth! Hypocritical to the max, but smooth!

But I believe that there should be loads of other witnesses.

Alexandra Chalupa
Steele, Hunter
Sleepy JOe
Kerry's son

And all the other cast of characters that created the false evidence to try to nail Trumpfor false crimes!

These law professors flunked political science.

1st. I love the fact the Dem lawyer refused to call on Turley at all even when the lawyer said he would elicit the opinion of all on the panel! The dude is intentionally rude!

2nd When did we become a democracy? Last I knew we still are supposed to be a Republic!

3rd. I wonder if the Dems will take to heart their far left leaning experts who said that we cannot allow non citizens (illegal aliens) the right to participate in our elections.

4th. I love that all this is based on peoples "opinions" and not hard evidence! Asking for a favor now constitutes bribery and allowing interference in our elections! There was no threatening of withholding aid or anything when Trump asked for a favor for Zelensky to look into the still open corruption probe that included Biden.

How come the left never quotes Zelensky when he said there was no bribery, corruption of election or quid pro quo?????

I personally can't wait for next November. the only thing that remains ot be answered is the depth of the loss the left is going to experience for this foolishness!

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