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Was there anybody in the Obama Administration that was NOT corrupt??

If so, I'm all ears

A recent post reminded me of a joke

A pregnant woman in labor entered the hospital.

After delivery of her baby, she was not allowed to see it. Eager to see her newborn, she pleaded with a doctor.

The doctor told her, "Mam, I have good and bad news for you. You gave birth to a nine pound ear."

"Oh No,!" the woman exclaimed, "This can't be true!, Please please PLEASE tell me it's not true! But tell me the good news."

"That was the good news, Mam. The bad news is it's deaf."

A real world brain teaser

A friend lives in Mississippi where the temperature has been well below freezing for several days. He uses a well for water.

I got a call from him last night and he said his free standing ice maker in his kitchen stopped making ice. When the problem was investigated, he noticed that the tube coming out of the water make up solenoid valve had frozen over, preventing any water from filling the icemaker.

The well is 300 feet from the house and the water line is underground. The icemaker is in the kitchen inside a heated house. The icemaker is in an island in the kitchen, so the water line to the icemaker is under ground. When it happened, he turned the icemaker off, then turned it on again after the ice in the tube opening melted. It refroze. The tube does not touch the water being frozen into ice.

Why is the water freezing?

Congratulations Louisiana, you are above freezing!!!!!!

Wonders never cease.

We are not prepared for freezing weather. For instance, in the north, they don't run their pipes above ground where they are exposed to the cold. We do. Also, they know how deep to bury their pipes to protect them from freezing. We don't.

Face it Louisianians, we are NOT prepared for global warming.

orson, what is the temperature in your house right now?

and how did you get it there?

The flu outbreak is the worst in twelve years

This HAS to be due to global warming.

What DID Neil Armstrong say as he stepped onto the moon?

Did he say "That's one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind."

or, did he say:

"That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind."

The government spent $700,000 to figure out which statement is true, and they STILL don't know.

And, was it worth taking $700,000 away from autism research to figure it out?

The stock market is doing well but

What would it be doing if Trump was printing money and giving it to Wall Street like Obama did?

That said, printing counterfeit money like Obama did can last only so long until it catches up with an economy.

Like a dose of heroin, it can give you a temporary jolt, but will eventually kill you.

Its 20 degrees in New Orleans right now

Thank you Algore. Without you, it would be 21.

Come on Dims, PLEASE shut the government down

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