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Not a gonna happen.

Bernie is staying in till the bitter end. And even then, this is not over by a long shot. Remember the FBI investigation? It is still ongoing.
And then there is the DNC elections frauds. When the Republicans do election frauds, they at least try to make it look legitimate. The DWS/DNC Hillary elections fraud are blatant and in your face. A third grader can see that something is not right. Rank amateurs and they won't be able to govern any better either, if they manage to flimflam their way in to the General election where Trump will walk all over them with the Republican brand of professional Election Fraud.

Who cares?

Both genders piss and shit. The shit of both stinks. If they can use the urinal, more power to'em. If they are in a stall, Most stalls have doors and you are a pervert if you spy on whomever for any reason.
This country is sometime too fucked up for its own good. This bathroom bull shit is a case in point.

Why is it all of a sudden a problem now? Nothing has changed for centuries.

Closed Primaries disenfranchise voters.

Closed primaries makes the political process more like a sports game between two teams. It should be neither. The issue should be the issues, not whether they are a (D) or (R), in a system rigged to close out anyone else.
The line between the Democrats and the Republicans is heavily blurred because the Democratic leadership is so far to the Right, many Republicans have switched sides without changing their political positions. Closed primaries help with this slide to the right because so many "independents" do not have anyone the want to vote for in the general, because they were prevented from voting for 'their guy' in the primary. 3rd Way, Republican not so lite, Hillary is using this method to try to shut out Bernie Sanders. Think election fraud, because that is what it looks like.
Politics affects everyone's lives, so therefore everyone should have a chance to vote, both in the primaries and in the general election.

Seth Meyers: GOP wrecked Kansas economy so bad they had to auction off dildos for cash

For years, Democrats have fought back against the idea that Reaganomics or ‘trickle-down economics’ works as an economic policy. Now, we’re in a presidential election where Republicans are pitching the same policies that have proven to be unsuccessful. The difference, this time, is that we have actual proof of truly bankrupted economies when we look at what Gov. Sam Brownback did to Kansas and his followers are doing in other states like Oklahoma and Louisiana. Monday evening, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers used the opportunity to educate the country on what happened and why it’s so messed up.

“In the last few years, Kansas has become somewhat of a laboratory for Conservative Gov. Sam Brownback who cut taxes for the wealthy and completely eliminated income taxes for small businesses. A plan he boldly described this way,” Meyers said before playing a video of Brownback claiming you needed to get tax rates down while getting “social manipulation” out of it. He said at the time that we would all see how it worked in the “real-live experiment.”

“‘Real-live experiment’ is a terrible sales pitch for something,” Meyers said. “Those words usually only show up in shady classified ads.” Still, Brownback got his tax cuts and his fully implemented economic policy thanks to a Republican legislature. Brownback claimed this plan was “designed to show the rest of the country that these policies could work on a national level.” He even told the Wall Street Journal in 2013, “My focus is to create a red-state model that allows the Republican ticket to say, ‘See we’ve got a different way, and it works.'” He also claimed it wold work fast calling it a “small business accelerator” where you literally remove all taxes to spur growth.


“And now,” Meyers said with a smirk, “here are the jokes we made to make fun of the Kansas dildo auction: Nothing like selling fake d*cks to solve a problem created by a real one. Selling the dildos didn’t solve the whole problem. Just the tip. It’s hard to sell dildos to people who are already f*cked. And the worst one: Dildo, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

I'll say it again - Conservatives have no idea how the economy works. None at all.
Louisiana is the same way for the same reason. Only there little Bobby decimated the retirement funds of many tens of thousands of people, to hide the depth of his budget shortfall, leaving many without any retirement they had work all their lives for, and left many more destitute.
Brownback only went after the children's education in Kansas -- So far.

And they want to do the exact same thing at the national level. HELL NO!!!!1!!!

How did wild life ever survive before mankind came along?

What we did was to invade, take over and destroy their habitat. WE invaded their homes and then called them the pests.
Where we have big enough areas, as in national parks, for nature to regulate the numbers of the wildlife there, we have people wanting to be allowed to exploit the land, kill off the normal animals living on the land, so the land can be used for cattle, sheep, or plowed under for farming. Mining, drilling, filling it full of roads.
Old growth forest cut down just for the money, or for ranching, or farming. Most of the North-Eastern part of the United States used to be forest. You can't tell anymore all that land used to be heavily forested. It is farm land and cities now.
Leaving nothing for future generations and ignoring the making extinct of hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals. Those that are left and and are hearty enough to survive in their new environment, we call them pests and wage war on them.
We are not even trying to live one with nature. Why? because we are too dumb, too ignorant, too arrogant a species, to realize we are every bit a part of nature as any other animal on this planet. We kill off nature, we die ourselves.

Hunting for food, is one thing. Hunting for something to hang on the wall is something else entirely.

We have the ISIS because we are killing people in the Middle East.

This is directly caused because we invaded Iraq and removed their government and replaced it with nothing. In fact we stopped them every time they tried to reform their own government themselves, or of repairing the infrastructure we damaged or destroyed.
We disbanded Saddam's 400,000 strong Republican Guard, leaving them with their weapons and armories, but no way to feed their families.
It is almost as if we carried out a plan to have perceptual war by destabilizing the Middle East. We could not have done a better job of it.
In other words, we broke it and fixing it requires something different, other than keeping on with what we did to break it in the first place. We are still doing the breaking, looking for a solution. That will never work, ever.

It is very important as to who caused this, so we do not allow them to do again.

The 'Why' question needs to be ask right up front. The perpetrators need to be properly dealt with.
If that mean War Crime trials for people from past administrations, so be it.

It is very easy to connect the dots.

Saddam was doing his job of keeping his country relatively stable. Then we invaded, toppled the ruler, the government and prevented them from setting up another functioning government. Paul Bremer made a major blunder by disbanding Saddam's 400,000 well trained Republican Guard, leaving them with all their guns, ammo, equipment and keys to the armories. This army suddenly had no job, weren't being paid and had no way to feed their families. And we expected peace? We expected the Iraqis to place flowers in our gun barrels? Really?
Bush is responsible for the rise of ISIS... No matter how anyone slices and dices the Middle East.

That in no way lessens the ongoing damage the Bush Administration did.

Whatever Obama is doing is a direct result of the Bush Administration's screw-ups.
If Bush had gone with an international police investigation, as they should have, instead of screwing up a relative stable country, none of this would be happening now. The culprits behind 9/11 would have been caught and dealt with. But the Bush Administration could not let that happen because Saudi Arabia are friends with the Bush family.
Hundreds of millions of people around the world knew what would happen, but the Bush Administration did it anyway. Well, we are dealing with the aftermath now and will for many generations.

Bush did cause ISIS though.

That is a fact. That means he did create on going terrorists and terrorism.
We are seeing the results of one of the worst of Bush's cock-ups. We owe the innocent people being murdered by ISIS and being driven out of their homeland, a place of refuge from the terrorist this country created when the Bush Administration invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, and was incapable of doing anything against us at the time and whose incompetent invasion destabilized the entire Middle East.
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