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Saudi Arabian student was the shooter in Florida Navy base shooting.

There is a whole lot here we do not know.

So some reading and fill in the holes in this story.;-4-dead-including-gunman-officials/5737135/

Does the left finally see the truth and fact of the situation?

From the horses mouth.

Whistle blowers lawyer admitted two years ago publicly that this was a COUP and CNN would be used.

So just how do the LIARS on the left look any person in the eye after all their lies have been exposed once again.

And the whistle blower, a deep cover CIA, Biden, Obama, asset and political activist, who was even on stage at political events with and being praised by Biden.

The man was fired for cause from the NSC for leaking anti-Trump information to the press. So he is a known criminal and proven, multiple times, to be totally biased. A criminal lefty tool who was afraid to be identified because his history completely destroys all of his credibility and exposes the conspiracy of the left to impeach President Trump.

Then the last big testimony that the left all lied about, the diplomat, Sondland, when questioned admitted he had no primary knowledge of Trump's call, was not a witness to the phone call in any way, and got all of his information from published left wing news media.

The lefty liars have constantly had the shit of their lies blow up in their faces. Their faces are not only covered, it is inches deep and crusty.

Not one single claim the house democrats have made about Trump in this investigation has turned out to be true.

The democrat house members are LIARS and are miserable, pathetic, dishonest, people who are without honor or shame.

Thirteen states will be constitutional carry states on Nov 1,2019.

There is a clear path to almost half our our states being constitutional carry states within the next few years.

Hey Beto, Harris, Biden, and Hil LIAR y, KMA

The anti- American, anti-Constitution left gets their butts kicked again. Now we just have to start kicking harder and harder. Leave no lefty butt unkicked.

OK it just sounds good......

Questionable shoot.

This article and vid is graphic and brings up some very valid questions about the use of deadly force.

I believe this is a justified shoot and stands solidly within SCOTUS established law.

Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985), is a civil case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that, under the Fourth Amendment, when a law enforcement officer is pursuing a fleeing suspect, the officer may not use deadly force to prevent escape unless “the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.
“ It was found that use of deadly force to prevent escape is an unreasonable seizure under the Fourth Amendment, in the absence of probable cause that the fleeing suspect posed a physical danger.:563-7

I just lapped the rings and mounted the scope. It goes on my bench tomorrow morning.

I'll run a box of ammo down the tube breaking in the barrel and then tie it down in a lead sled and see how the rifle shoots.

10 lb 300 win mag with big money Leopold glass on top. This will prob be my long range comp rifle next year.

Already charged with this murder.

What would the democrat position and reaction be if RBG died tonight?

My thoughts are they would do anything and everything they can to remove Trump up to and including an outright COUP.

Trump will still be reelected and the swamp will be less populated. Does the left know the rules?

The biggest fact is there is no way in hell that Trump will be removed from the White House, But a trial in the senate will allow Trump to ask any witness any question he wants to. It does not have to be about his actions or the case against him.

For sure the biden family criminal business will be exposed.

This just may be the most effective way to drain the swamp. There is a big part of me that would love to see this process become reality.

Hunter Biden was given a direct commission as a Navy Office in 2013, No OTS and no ACADEMNY

For him to get this direct commission he had to get two wavers.

He was too old to qualify for even a straight up enlistment and had to get an age waiver from the DOD.

He had a criminal incident on his record that would have disqualified him from service but they gave him a waiver for that as well.

I spent over 2 decades in the military and have never met anyone or talked to anyone who every mentioned knowing anyone who had a direct commission from civilian life one day to being an Officer the next day.

I guess having daddy as VP does give you some opportunities that all others do not get.

Continuing this time line, a year after receiving this special treatment of getting a direct commission in the US Navy,Hunter Biden peed hot for cocaine and in 2014 was discharged from the US Navy per the UCMJ, Uniform Code of Military Justice. This was and always is, a criminal legal process.

So now Hunter Biden now has two criminal incidents on his record but that does not slow him down a bit.

If you have ever applied for a visa to get into another country then you know they ask you directly about your criminal background and if you have been in trouble with the law especially for the use of hard drugs you will not be allowed entry. At least you won't unless your name is Hunter Biden.

After getting kicked out of the Navy for using cocaine, Hunter Biden was able to travel to both the Ukraine and China with his father, the VP of the USA.

Because of his special treatment and the ability to take these trips he was able to make contacts that havc paid him very, very, well.

Hunter Biden is the exact type of people that we want to filter out of coming into out nation. China and the Ukraine utilize pretty much the same standards.

So what it comes down to is that daddy Biden has been pulling strings for his son that has allowed him to secure a $100,000 per year position in Ukraine which he has zero qualifications for as well as a billion dollars of investment funds for his US companies from China.

Being Joe Biden,s kid sure gives you special opportunities that everyone else never gets.
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