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Where are the hate Trump LIARS and propagandists who said the wall was not being built?

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security announced the completion of the 100th mile of new border wall, which went up in Yuma, Arizona.
No gonads,

No personal ethics,


zero honor.

This is exactly what is going on right now.

"Candidate Trump was framed for stealing a horse; President Trump was subsequently accused of trying too hard to avoid the hanging for it. Prosecutor Mueller eventually conceded that Trump didn't steal the horse: however, by then the focus was on Trumps effort to avoid the hanging. Eventually Mueller testified; "it surfaced that there never was a horse to begin with"... Impeachment was stalled. Prosecutor Jerry Nadler is now attempting to resurrect a legal theory that President Trump can still be hung for attempting to avoid the hanging, even if there was no horse theft."

Sundance, conservative treehouse.

Two questions, will the democrat party be able to recover and how do they do so.

Trump is going to wipe the board with them in the next election. The dems may be able to hold the house but with a smaller margin and they will not regain the Senate.

How they go back to a point where they have some respect and self-respect? How do they become a relevant party again?

Everyone needs to be reminded of Hil Liar Y's unauthorized server and pay for play charity.

Hil LIAR y doesn't get to slip back into politics through the back door and claim to be one of the good guys. Hil LIAR y is scum.

Read about a national HERO, who had the guts to be honest in the land of lies and dem liars.

They believe that this justifies impeachment.

Democrats’ Impeachment Position:

Although President Trump Didn’t Break the Law, He Surely Intended to and Therefore He’s Guilty.

Trump beat Hil LIAR Y in the last election therefore he is guilty.

If we do not remove Trump from office via impeachment he will be reelected.

That is their whole case against Trump.

Saudi Arabian student was the shooter in Florida Navy base shooting.

There is a whole lot here we do not know.

So some reading and fill in the holes in this story.;-4-dead-including-gunman-officials/5737135/

Does the left finally see the truth and fact of the situation?

From the horses mouth.

Whistle blowers lawyer admitted two years ago publicly that this was a COUP and CNN would be used.

So just how do the LIARS on the left look any person in the eye after all their lies have been exposed once again.

And the whistle blower, a deep cover CIA, Biden, Obama, asset and political activist, who was even on stage at political events with and being praised by Biden.

The man was fired for cause from the NSC for leaking anti-Trump information to the press. So he is a known criminal and proven, multiple times, to be totally biased. A criminal lefty tool who was afraid to be identified because his history completely destroys all of his credibility and exposes the conspiracy of the left to impeach President Trump.

Then the last big testimony that the left all lied about, the diplomat, Sondland, when questioned admitted he had no primary knowledge of Trump's call, was not a witness to the phone call in any way, and got all of his information from published left wing news media.

The lefty liars have constantly had the shit of their lies blow up in their faces. Their faces are not only covered, it is inches deep and crusty.

Not one single claim the house democrats have made about Trump in this investigation has turned out to be true.

The democrat house members are LIARS and are miserable, pathetic, dishonest, people who are without honor or shame.

Thirteen states will be constitutional carry states on Nov 1,2019.

There is a clear path to almost half our our states being constitutional carry states within the next few years.

Hey Beto, Harris, Biden, and Hil LIAR y, KMA

The anti- American, anti-Constitution left gets their butts kicked again. Now we just have to start kicking harder and harder. Leave no lefty butt unkicked.

OK it just sounds good......
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