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Boy 5 pushed or thrown over a third floor railing in Mall of America.

The folks over at DU are running over themselves to tell lies and blame this on Trump supporters and make muslims the victim.

We need to tell one member of the House that, "your people did something". And then make them pay for it.

Maybe they should take away her passport now before her investigation starts.

It will be interesting how she attempts to defend herself this time. Doing the stupid routine about washing away the evidence won't even work with the most dumb on the left again.

I'm honestly wondering if she is going to run. Maybe some corrupt south american socialist country will take her in.

Actually they can take her just as long as they promise to keep her but we will investigate her anyway so the world knows how corrupt she is and always has been.

This money going to support the illegal invader. BUILD THE DAMN WALL NOW!

Read and realize we are taking from our most vulnerable citizens because the democrats refuse to secure our southern border from the hoards of invaders.


The fed prediction is that one million illegals will attempt unauthorized entry into our country this year and that about half of them will succeed.

This idiot does not represent all those who live an alternate lifestyle or are LGBT......

This is one person who committed some very stupid crimes for personal attention and to further his career.

I am politically to the right of center and I detest his actions. His actions have harmed many good upstanding people who contribute a lot to our nation.

NO, I am not gay or any of the other letters they have hooked onto that now. I just do not want to see people get petty and try and put this on other people.

We should hold this moron responsible for his own actions, no more and no less. I'm pretty sick and tired of the blame game that is going on now.

The special investigation has nothing against Trump and the left is blowing internal gaskets.

Their outrage is getting more deranged daily. Now they are telling lies about the lies they have already told. They have lied so much and so often that they have convinced themselves of Trumps guilt even though there is zero evidence against him.

They did not get what they wanted, again, and the little snowflake, snot nosed, juvenile spoiled brats, are presently soiling their little britches.

I'm sure they will blame that on Trump as well.

The hard evidence and supporting sworn testimony that does, in reality, exist points directly toward a Clinton led democrat collusion with the Russians.

No matter how many lies they tell to themselves, there is not one damned bit of evidence against Trump.

When do we get to hold them accountable for each and every lie they have told about Trump and the Russians?

I'm looking at the Ruger precision rifle in the .308 or the 6.5, which shall it be?

I'm a fan of the 7MM08 and the 280AI and have customized many of them. This will be my first R P R but I love long distance accuracy and have to give this platform a try.

So give me your thoughts.

I'm also a leupold fan and plan on spending more for the glass on top as I do for the rifle.

I have my own range and am an avid reloader so I can build the loads to gain the accuracy I want.

ANTIFA members are terrorists. They need to rotate Delta Force stateside to hunt terrorists.

If you know Delta's mission you will understand that statement.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two officers just stopped the next mass school shooting.

I've been reading online about the Wolves in Northern Cali, I've seen trail cam pics too.

This afternoon on the way home from being out and about My wife and I saw one walking down the road. He went up a trail on the side of the road and stood broadside at about 50' and let us take a good look at him.

I have lived around wolves before and there is no doubt in my mine that we saw a wild wolf tonight.

Cali Fish and Wildlife have confirmed that there are four different packs in Cali that they know of. Either one of them moved or there is a new pack here.

Obama per policy change suspended many of our immigration laws.

If the laws are legally on the books they need to be enforced or changed but the constitution says that per rule of law they will be enforced. Period.

We do not now nor will we ever have open borders. Period.

Those wanting to illegally cross our borders have zero right to step one foot into our nation. Period.

Today 500 of these hopeful immigrants, after walking 2,000 miles, charged the southern US border and were repelled by the US border patrol with teargas and pepper pellets. They retreated right into the hands of the Mexican and were notified that their actions violated Mexican immigration laws and that they were going to be deported back to their point of origin.

These are people who have been led far astray by Soros affiliated organizations who have now deserted them and left them without leadership or direction. Soros via his affiliates fed them a huge ration of pure BS encouraging them to join the caravans sure that they could not be turned away.

Lets take a look at Soros for a moment. He is a Billionaire self admitted socialist who has been trying to force open borders on Europe for the last two decades. He is a hard core believer in open borders and has used a lot of his wealth to try and accomplish that goal. That is exactly what he is trying to do again on our southern border. someone had to feed and provide necessary services for the tens of thousandth of central Americans who have been falsify lured on this venture of futility.

Now that these people have reached our southern border and the situation has become one of certainty that they are not going to be able to force their way across the border in mass as intended, the leadership of these Soros affiliated organizations have deserted the immigrants leaving them without the support they had provided them during their their 2,000 march northward.

The members of the caravan are wandering around in circles, leaderless and without the knowledge of what they must do next in any attempt at legal immigration.

The Mexican government has offered all of them asylum with the prospect of jobs, so these people can no longer be considered at risk.

These immigrants now have no legal claim that they are at risk or that the Mexican government will deport them as long as they obey Mexican immigration laws.

Charging the US border, throwing rocks and bottles at US Border Patrolmen is a violation of Mexican immigration law. Therefore those who do so will be rewarded by instant deportation back to where they came from.

The people in the caravan have been used as political pawns in a game that they themselves can not win.

I do not support allowing them into our nation.

Every move up to this point has been instigated by the soros affiliated organizations by telling lies and building false hopes to those who have little or nothing. I feel for them but they are not the responsibility of the USA.

Mexico currently has a 3.4% unemployment rate so there are jobs and a future in mexico for the immigrants in these caravans.

It always takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.

Another story with a happy ending, not perfect but from what I can tell only the bad guy died.
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