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impeach them until they stop. i'm bipartisan on this.

tom steyer's ad

I don't endorse this guy but the ad is good. he must have lots of money because it plays all the time.

45 trump impeachment lies fact checked

there will certainly be more, and I doubt this list is comprehensive, but …………….

dear satan ........

in the good the bad and the ugly did eli wallach play the good guy or the bad guy?


beating 'bama is such a rare and wonderful event!

will the sec have 3 teams in the final 4 this year?

i do think that lsu, alabama, and georgia are the three best teams this year. florida and auburn are close as well.

the mythical "national champion" will be decided next week in the Georgia dome, so the best way to allow outsiders into the tournament would be for lsu to beat Georgia in that game and for auburn to kick alabama's ass back to Tuscaloosa this afternoon.

war eagle!

maybe the turkey should have pardoned trump

ever notice trump pardons white turkeys?

deutsche bank executive who approved trump loans suicide?

well, he had been called to testify to congress ….

question : why are loans to a self declared billionaire who purportedly owns extensive property considered "risky?"

add to body count

the indigenous bolivians killed by the us junta as well as the indigenous amazonians killed as the blackstone group ceo schwarzman burns their forest and converts their land to corporate agriculture.

trump's rallies are full of shills

people will use facial recognition and dox these actors eventually. .
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