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why the q anon story rings false .....

the democrats may well be a satanic cult of murderous pedophiles, but is there anything in trump's history that indicates that he would be the guy who would oppose such a cabal?

i think scarbourough's dead intern should be investigated, but it took trump 17 years to come to that conclusion? if joe and mika were hacking for trump, like they did in 2016, would trump have ever tweeted about the incident?

obama's official portrait, the one that will hang in the white house forever .......

obama is wearing the tan suit.

the dirty hippies were right

6 weeks in covid ward - before and after .....


partnership for a drug free america

new news from china

patients are sicker longer than previous thought

they are being mean to trump again. "waughhhh"

susan rice memo shows trump is a big emotional baby

who made up the "orogins," spygate," obamagate" brands and sold them to his gullible marks.

good luck with the prosecution of dedicated civil servants who had orders to investigate russian interference "by the book."

did he miss his wife when he shot?

now that is family values!
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