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random thoughts about the waffle house shooter

the shooter travis reinking

4 dead victims, here is victim deebony groves ....

a photo montafe of victims


the guy who wrestled the gun from the shooter, james shaw jr. "he was gonna have to work to kill me"

reinking was arrested last summer at the white house, inside a restricted area "wanted to make an appointment to talk to the president." at that time he claimed to be a sovereign citizen and went through their standard spiel of police having no authority to arrest him etc.

"In June 2017, police records state Reinking threatened someone with an AR-15 while wearing a pink dress. After threatening the man, Reinking drove to a public pool and dove in before exposing himself to others at the pool, according to the reports."

he reported that country singer taylor swift was stalking him.

after his completion of a diversion program for the white house incident his father returned his guns.

should this guy be allowed to own and carry fire arms?

how the us became a nation of trolls ......

amanda marcotte in salon distills the essence of the "alt -right" by tracing its origins from gamergate through milo and trump. i don't think i really understood the alt right phenomenon until reading this article .......

"They delight in cruelty for its own sake. Building something positive has no real value in this new right wing. Pissing off per­ceived enemies, such as feminists and liberals, is the only real political goal worth fighting for.

They are, in other words, a nation of trolls."


no one can doubt the stimulative effect of wwii,

but the ccc helped end the dust bowl, the wpa added needed infrastructure and jobs, banking and securities regulation helped with some underlying causes of the depression.

among many other great books, i recommend j k galbraith's "the great crash 1929" as relatively short and easy on the economic theory.

a question for the revisionists ....

would enough of the working class have survived the depression, much less been motivated to fight a world war, without the new deal?

will sen duckworth weaponize her baby?

"After there were complaints about how having a nursing newborn among the mostly male Senate might affect the political body’s “decorum,” Richard Armande Mills took to Twitter to express misgivings.

“I agree with their statements on “decorum.” Not because I have a problem with babies at the workplace, but because I have issues with Duckworth potentially being able to weaponize that baby to affect legislative decision making. And I could see her doing that,” Mills tweeted."

thank you, congresscritter mills. nexy time these bozos go on about "guam is tipping over" i can always remind them of your quote.

there are several explanations possible for evolution of bipedalism

given the millions of years from chimplike primates to homo erectus, any ot all of them may have occurred.

in "descent of woman" ananthropologist named elaine morgan explains everything from pur comparative hairlessness to front-to-front sex by postulating a periof of several 100 thousand years as a semi aquatic creature.

possibly to escape a drought or predators a small group of chimplike primates began living near the shore of the sea or other water. less hair would have made swimming easier, as would flat flipper like feet rather than branch grabbers. breasts would grow larger and more bouyant in order for the chuldren to suck above the waterline. in a few thousand generations the hips would change orientation to make wading in deeper water easier.

at some point our ancestors came back ashore. sharks maybe? no one knows, but the changes already in place left only "one small step for man" in our transformation from cheetah to annete funacello. note that humans still prefer living near the beach.

is the trump cult political, or religious?

pat robertson saw (in a vision) trump seated at the right hand of god? should old pat have his medication adjusted, or what?

i have noted in previous posts that to the prosperity gospel megachurches, trump's purported wealth is a sign of god's favor. for ayn rand followers trump is a supermensch. the dominionists see trump's support of israel as a sign of the end times.

here is a short video if you don't believe me.

nc supreme court to hear challenge to duke power monopoly

a solae energy group is sueing to reverse the utiliyies commission's ruling that they can not break the monopoly by installing solar panels .

"the precedent could open the door for others to lure away from Duke Energy "the customers with the highest profit potential, such as commercial and industrial customers with large energy needs and ample rooftop space," attorney Robert Josey Jr. wrote in a court filing."

does this case and others show what is wrong with the american version of capitalism, guaranteeing profits at the expense of consumers and progress?

crossing the red line - in gaza

"Israeli occupation forces used “strange” and “unknown” gases against unarmed, peaceful protesters in Gaza, Quds Press reported the central commission for documentation and pursuit of Israeli war criminals –Tawtheeq saying.

Head of the commission Imad Al-Baz told Quds Press that Israel used strange gases against the protesters for the first time last Friday as Palestinians continued their peaceful activities as part of the Great March of Return.

The gases caused protesters’ bodies to convulse and tremble, he explained. Many lost consciousness as a result for several hours, he added.

“We do not know the kind of gases which were used for the first time,” he said, “but we took cultures from the blood and urine of those affected and we expect the results will be shocking.”

alex jones flirtation with satanism?

"Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who publishes Infowars, claims that he never knowingly spreads false information. Last night, he told listeners that when he was a teenager he used to be courted by attractive women who attempted to convert him to Satanism and prevent him from starting Infowars."

an incredible story, even for alex.

many democrats disagree on immigration matters

i don’t think illegal immigration should be allowed, but everyone in the usa should be treated humanely.

1. undocumented immigrants may have limited understanding of our language or our laws. insufficient “criminal intent” exists in most cases for blanket accusations of committing a crime merely by being here.
2. immigrants are recruited in their home countries by representatives of their american employers. law enforcement should be directed at these employers.
3. immigrant children should be educated, emergency treatment by hospitals should be rendered. what kind of country are we running if we do not do this?
4.immigrants have no rights to welfare or access to our safety net programs. ids or drivers licenses are privelages of legal residents of the state where issued. voter registration? well, no.
5. immigrants should be allowed to report crimes and act as witnesses to crimes without reprisal or deportation. i think this was the original intent of the “sanctuary city” movement.
6. immigrants should be covered by any laws regarding fair labor standards, occupational safety and health, etc. union membership is determined by union members.

how am i wrong? did i leave anything out?
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