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is this the antifa that you guys are afraid of?

this crap is put out my rwnjs to stimulate that fear. if there is an "Antifa" it was created as a boogy man and sounded like a great idea to some not so bright children.

why is aoc so popular?

this guy explains it

similar dynamics explain Bernie sanders

nigerian prince has an island to sell, cheap .....

the inuit chief is a brutal dictator who whips his dogs

and makes his wife chew seal blubber. their dog sleds are melting the glaciers and they eat endangered species.

remember the titanic!

trump fat shames a supporter at rally

why does trump want greenland

maybe he knows climate change will soon uncover a developer/s paradise?

or maybe he sees the big white island on a map and thinks it would be a great ethno state?

most likely though. oil.

abortions are provided free in israels socialist health care system

why do congresspersons always skip this program, generously provided by the taxpayers of the usa.?

and Bernie is correct, all us congresscritters should be welcome for oversight of the billions in foreign aid borrowed from china to give to Israel.

was jfk killed by canadian bootleggers? and what does this have to do with epstein?

this one gets sloppy enough that i may give it up all together.

"Executive Intelligence Review’s (EIR) own continuing investigation into the JFK murder recently turned up startling new evidence that not only strongly supports the late New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s charges that there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy, and that New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw was guilty as charged of participating in the murder plot. The new documents reveal that the Permindex organization based out of Montreal Canada, identified by Garrison as the “assassination cabal” behind the JFK killing was never dismantled. Many of the culprits caught in Garrison’s investigation, as well as parallel 1960s assassination probes by French and Italian authorities, later surfaced as members of a shadowy organization called the “1001 Club,” founded by Prince Philip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1971. "

which leads to the house of Windsor (remember, Andrew is part of this and megan just might be …..)

"The 1001 Club, a by-invitation-only organization, was nominally founded as a “Nature Trust” whose primary goal was to fund the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), now known as the World Wide Fund for Nature. However, as EIR reported on Oct. 28, 1994, the WWF-1001 apparatus is a vast secret intelligence network engaged for the past 53 years in a war of genocide against the population of Africa and other continents to further the political goals of the British House of Windsor and the Club of the Isles."

the bodies start piling up. many a suicidal hanging among then. there is a mythical connection to hanging, the removal of ones feet from the earth. …….

"By the time Garrison filed the arrest warrant against Clay Shaw, Oswald, Banister, and Ferrie were all dead. Oswald had been shot inside the Dallas police headquarters by local mobster Jack Ruby. Back in the 1950s in Chicago, Banister had been the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI office, and Ruby had been one of his informants. Banister apparently died of natural causes, but Ferrie’s death was a mystery, ostensibly a suicide.

well, I've been side tracked, but this one leads through the bronfmans to nxvim, through the mega group (the elders of zion) to Wexler and Epstein, and back through the royal family to ghislane Maxwell, with plenty of stops in between.

evangelicals vs trump? mark sanford doesn't actually announce

but this is pretty close. Sanford is a "family" dominionist with traces of humanity. is the "storm coming" slogan from q anon or the wizard of oz?

my opinion. trump is not concerned about these guys at all.

maybe should trump think a little before giving speeches?

maybe call an expert or 2 in for a briefing first. not that any expert could contemplate this degree of expertise from a president as "great with technology" as the current one.

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