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i want to see rudy testify

trump was within his authority to replace the ambassador, i'm not sure if having here stalked and threatened by rudy & assoc makes any sense.

if rudy was acting as trump's atty, he has atty client privilege or executive privilege unless he was acting as a member of a criminal conspiracy.

if rudy was acting on his own, no kind of privilege applies and he has to depend on the 5th amendment.

but my guess - rudy can't recall any of this.

"you will never hear the words "supreme leader"" from trump

or will you? another good catch by the daily show ……..

any links to useage or effectiveness of us anti missile systems?

I would expect we have a few of our best systems in iraq.

iran has a few old hawk systems of questionable condition and several s-200 systems.

I wonder how good their own technology is? this khordad 15 for example …..

how can solemani be responasible for deaths caused by ieds

if gun manufacturers are not responsible for death caused by their weapons?

iraq parliament votes to expel foreign troops

that would include us.

they also voted to prevent arming and training Iraqi provincial (Kurdish and "moderate terrorists" I assume) forces.

links when I can find a good one. this from tweet from uae national.

it worked for obama, didn't it?

jacob wohl volunteers!

well, we're still waiting to see of he can find a recruiter.

what kind of iran sypporting terrorists are diswayed by a few threats?

they must be some real radical islamofascists.

there have been Shi'a militias in Iraq since the war began. who says iran has anything to do with this?

of these were real terrorists, where were their bombs? hell, I heard more firepower for new years here than I did at that embassy.

at&t lays off thousands. stock will soar!

why bernie ?

2. i'm not sure that historical precedents have much to do with it

i am very skeptical that there is some kind of "blue wall" that guarantees that we get the electoral votes of states that elect governors like chris Christie, mitt romney, or Arnold schwarznegger.

the only thing that guarantees those electoral votes are strong candidates who can motivate voter turnout. none of our candidates can draw a crowd, and get them on their feet, like Bernie sanders.

the status quo in 2016 got us trump. we need a candidate to lead us into the future. i like ms warren on this as well, but again, no one is thinking farther ahead than Bernie sanders.

trump does not win a debate with facts or logic. someone has to stand up to his bullying, his lies, his antics. i don't expect any of our candidates to out trump him, but our candidate must understand and believe in his principles, our principles, enough to stand up to trump's tsunami of bullshit.

Bernie 2020
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