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huge bernie rally in denver

does anyone remember how g w bush and cheney got around art 2 secton 1 clause 3?

if bloomberg chooses ms clinton, both are, unless i am mistaken, residents of the same state.

that does not seem to have been a problem for the 2 Texans, so I guess it is ok.

we now know what murkowski will do for $20,000,000

I wonder what she'll do for a quarter?

sounds like jacketless jim jordan is back in the news

I wonder if hastert taught him these wrestling moves?

more antifa violence

oh, sorry, just another rwnj framing Antifa to get attention …….

I wonder how many weeks you guys will be on here demanding this snowflake be charged like smollet was.

corona virus : what do you think?

nuclear vs extended families.

I, and brooks here, regard the "nuclear family" as a recent and dysfunctional development.

phoenix' oscar acceptance may be greatest speech since sermon on the mount

i'd rather the giant meteor

"Sixty-four percent of New Hampshire Democratic voters would rather see “a giant meteor strike the Earth, extinguishing all human life” than see President Trump re-elected, according to a new poll from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell."

what got you into the beatles ???? here is a good answer ......
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