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Under a Sanders administration, will my black neighbors be able to doordash fast food all week?

Like they do now? Will he lift them out of their squalor?

Who won in Nevada yesterday?

Turnout must have been in the hundreds of thousands which is incredible since Iam seeing only 60 percent have been counted so far. Or the poll workers must be meticulously combing through and double checking vote tallies to make sure every vote is counted.

What an exciting time!

Would singer payer healthcare run as efficiently as a vote count in a democratic primary?

Seriously, why cant these states count their votes like the year is 2020?

Are fictional movies about killing nazis in present day, a metaphor for doing harm to Republicans?

You never know.

Which candidate will impartial comcast employees give the softest questions too tonight?

Which candidate will get a hand up by comcast?

Larry Elder for president


Are we being programmed?

"Wall Street Pete" **ouch**

This is unfortunate

I think many democrats are uninterested in the current democratic lineup

Even Sanders support seems like a shell of what it was in 2016 and Warren's popularity was forever changed when she agreed with the DNC, not to run in 2020.

I think what most Democrats really want is for Hillary Clinton to get a legitimate, fair shot and that is why there isnt much enthusiasm. They see her journey as an unfinished novel or quest that never materialized because of election tampering by high tech Russian assets. The same thing happened to the show Roseanne when the star was fired.

I think democratic voters are quietly signaling to their party leaders that someone needs to beg Hillary to save the republic and beat Donald Trump, fair and square this time.

Dave Rubin interviews ex police officer and co-founder of Blexit

Great interview:

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