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I think Democrats voters are wise to Trumps tactic with Biden and Iam getting worried

I think they know that Trump is pretending to want to face Joe in the general election so Democrats wont support him. I think Trump and Democrats both know that Joe would easily beat Trump in 2020. Trump needs to start attacking Corey Booker to get Joe's name out of the spotlight. Joe's drawing hundreds of people at speaking events and rising in the polls. He is hugely popular for his progressive record on important issues as Bernie Sanders and Tusli Gabbard race to try and take the progressive mantle away from Biden. Hes just too strong , especially being best friends with Obama, our greatest modern day president according to almost every democrat.

So let's get the word out to our president to quit attacking Joe because Democrats will see that and think hes the strongest candidate. While Joe is no Obama, he is pretty close and oozes charisma like no other. We dont want Trump on stage against him. His intellect is probably second to none other than Obama. It's just a had strategy guys.

Let's hope Trump runs against Booker, Harris, the pretendian, Beta or Buttgiggs.

Democrats dont believe Trump colluded or obstructed or they would impeach

If they really cared about our representative republic then they would impeach Trump if they believe what their corporate networks propagate.

What's the deadline for white men entering the democratic presidential primary?

I know some more of them will feel a destined calling before next year.

As a Trump voter, Joe Biden really impresses me

Hes obviously very smart and accomplished as well as respected. I dont know why I never noticed him in 2008 and 2012 as vice president. If he wins the primary I will probably vote for him. Hes the best choice to keep this Obama economy going as strong as it is. Hes also pretty hip. College kids are really into Joe Biden for president. Plus, when he says "folks", I feel like hes talking directly to me and hes just like me. Hes just like an average guy except for the -off the charts- IQ.

What would collusion look like?

Tom Arnold reportedly to release audio now that Mueller report is a bust

"A rumor surfaced that Tom Arnold would release the tapes, even risking a lawsuit over copyrighted material, to damage the president before the 2020 election given the failure of the Mueller report to do so. As of now it looks like all internet proof of such a story has been scrubbed perhaps by a secret government Intel group formed to protect the president. Rumor has it that Arnold has the tape and could release it between now and election day 2020."

Looks like hope for something damaging against the president might turn up after all gang. This could he the end of a 1 term president. I looked over on DU and they havnt been talking about this yet. Maybe it has been scrubbed from the internet.

Older members: did the Clinton/Lewinsky investigation look petty to most Americans?

I was an early teenager in those years and aside from watching SNL at the height of their talent, I didnt really follow politics. I've heard that Clinton's popularity only seemed to increase with what was percieved by many as a witch hunt over lying to Congress about private sexual matters.

What if Clinton's story was different? What if his politcal adversaries had made up a rumor that he did something with hookers that involved urinating etc, and then used that rumor to spy on Clinton and his campaign staff and then used all that Intel to launch investigations? I'd imagine Clinton's popularity would have been even greater. Who knows, but it's an interesting thing to ponder.

What if Trump had sold military secrets to China or even Russia? Would the alphabet news "journalists" talk about that or pretend it never happened?

Beto has Obama-like charm but he has a big problem

Hes white and has even less experience than Obama. Democrats will not grade him with a curve like they did Obama. Beto cannot afford to be a mediocre candidate like Obama was. Many Democrats were impressed with Obama I believe, because he was "clean, articulate", didnt sound like Jesse or Al, but could act authentic to certain audiences. White progressives give out stars and cupcakes to blackish Americans that sound like them and bonus points if they are gay or trans.

No , Beto cannot win the dem candidacy on his charm and looks alone. If he was really progressive he would drop out and let the female/candidates of color compete and win.

If an entrenched group of government agency higher ups conspire to remove a newly elected president

Through fraudulent investigations and it hampers that new administration's ability to carry out the will of the electorate, should that president have time allotted to their term to make up for it?

What is eco fascism?

Fascism centered around curbing man made climate change?

What is fascism? Dictatorial rule over just about everything, suppressing opposition and free speech, nationalism.

So eco fascism is what happens when environmentalists dont take no for answer. Does that sound about right to you guys?
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