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When did the right wing here become spineless snowflakes?

3 hides because I won’t even entertain all the excuses the right makes for police abuse anymore. Wow lol.

I expect the snowflake squad to hide this one too.

No, NYPD doesnt have only a few bad apples

There’s an epidemic of bad apples and they are never fired.

Of course the usual copsuckers will come along and say “oh but it’s only .00001% of cops and most are great people and blah blah blah” as if that matters to the NUMEROUS victims of NYPD.

Go ahead and make your excuses.

Any firearms with magazines should require an extensive license, but

But with that being said, I should be able to walk into a common store and buy a revolver or bolt action or lever action or whatever the fuck action rifle without delay. THAT is the spirit of the second amendment.

But neither the left nor the right would accept such a compromise.

Can someone explain what purpose cops actually serve?

They don’t protect high school kids getting slaughtered. Instead they hang back and wait until it’s over and then charge in long after the shooter is gone. Then they high five each other as heroes while standing in blood.

What purpose DO they serve?

Is all news just propaganda?


Why does the right want to arm even more overpaid impossible to fire government slobs?

Teachers? Really? They are some of the most incompetent boobs in the country.

God I wish we could get a Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton again

The December and February votes could help GOP incumbents by accelerating job growth before the midterm elections in November. Federal debt as a share of gross domestic product rose under Republicans Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and now Trump, while it fell under Democrats Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. (Debt to GDP did rise under Obama, but he inherited a meltdown and still cut the deficit 60 percent from his first year.) Yet Republicans continue to be regarded as the party of probity. “It’s really difficult to take somebody’s view about a party and try to shift it,” says Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg.

Is anyone going to ask what the school did to that guy to make him want to do that?

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