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Splitting the progressives, dividing Warren from Sanders.

This should be a critical form of attack and because Warren has lost ALL credibility due to her fast rise in academia and politics by her false ancestral racial claims.

There will never be a Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren ticket if Republicans use the tactics employed by our President: mockery.

Cory Booker on Colbert

What state is THIS idiot from?

New Israeli satellite truly revolutionary.

I am NOT the science guy but I read a long article about this satellite.

The actual theory of it's hitchhiking flight pattern and gradually increasing orbital ellipsis to save fuel is the new way to go.

The Earth is the spaceship and with this concept we can hitchhike to every body in the Solar System at minimal cost.

The math is pretty hardcore. The elliptical orbits have to be calculated with precision to allow the proper whip action, heading and bearing.

Hands down Nobel Prize winner.

Subpoena Smollett's phone records pronto!

Smollett 'wiped' his phone before turning them over to Chicago PD.

If they don't subpoena his phone records then they have been ordered by Rahm to cover for Smollett!

Trump tougher on Russia than any POTUS since Bush Sr.

Trump is calling out Russia, China and Iran for violating intermediate missile proliferation. There goes the Liberal "theories."

Fly Eagles Fly

Lindsay Graham says Pelosi is crazy, nuts bananas etc.

Graham says Pelosi is off her rocker and is uncontrollable.

There will be no deals with Pelosi, Graham says the Democrats will have to send a different negotiator.


What movies would you like to see more than once?

Circle the wagons Ned! The Chiefs have us surrounded!

We are going to need the 12th man today. Go Seahawks.

New conspiracy theory emerges RE: Mueller

This one is brand new just alerted to me by RandomPlacebo, that the Mueller investigation is actually running interference for Donald Trump, and that's why it's taking so long.

Faster motions Mr. Prosecutor, faster motions!
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