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democRATS show their racist roots, force out a black man, let two white men walk free!

Poor Conyers if he had just been white he would not have had to resign/retire and he would be still seated as Mendez and Franken.

Why are democRATs so damn racist?

How awful must your policies be that you are losing to someone you claim dates teenagers?

lol @ regressive lefty!

democRAT policies create homeless problem and then democRATs refuse to take care of them...

Have we ever seen such a horrible, more evil, twisted, or sick individual than those that vote for democRATs?

While the regressives in lefty media focus on President Trump's tweets, more judges seated :D

2018 and 2020 are going to be rough times for the regressive lefty :)

They just do not seem to understand that their ideology is what the people rejected. We got a small dose of it for 8 long years of destruction under Obama. Your side is fucked when it comes to the midterms at this time and so far nothing you have done has given any of my typically democRAT voting family a reason to vote for your candidates.

You see they do not like your ideology and feel left behind from the party they loved their entire lives.

democRATs war on women continue with democRAT supporter leaving woman to die.

Ahmad, 23, was behind the wheel of an Infiniti sedan early Friday when he lost control of the car and crashed into a barrier on the westbound side of the Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn. The car burst into flames.

A passing motorist recording the burning wreckage captured video of Ahmad approaching a cab and asking, "Can I get a ride?"

Harleen Grewel, 25, was found in the front passenger seat and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Unnamed sources close to democRAT Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated that Ahmad volunteered for Hillary Clinton and was following instructions by Bernie Sanders to kill any women that left the plantation.

Remember if a guy says he thought about "Grabbing her by the Pussy" that is much worse

for the woman than having a Hillary, Obama, and democRAT party donor raping and actually grabbing women by pussy and tits

and Regressive lefty wonders why they lost the majority of the population

lol @ Regressive lefty

Now we know why the regressive lefty and democRAT party flipped their shit on the Access tape ;)

When you know you have a guy raping young women and groping them. You send your daughter to intern with him and his company. You know they were feeling guilty and President Trump admitting he would like to grab that one by the pussy really touched a nerve at the fondling their own daughters suffered at the hands of a democRAT party donor in Weinstein.

"No person working 40 hours week should be poor" - Bernie Sanders

Stop trying to steal their money to pay those that work 0 hours a week

I think it is time to have cc laws nationwide and to start putting down the animals ANTFA and BLM.

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