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Hillary actually paid millions to Russian spies to sit on Americans

Not a big deal. Stone talks to a guy about dirt on Hillary, no money exchanged hands, no information given that we know of. And that is a crime?

Lol @ regressive Lefty

KNow how long it has taken to build 55 miles of Wall in that part of the country?

6 to 8 months...

What happens in 7 months?

Yep... Another budget discussion

They are spending way too much time showing the democRATs

and I wish I could put my foot up Nancy's ass to wipe that racist smirk off her face.

I still love the tax cuts, even though I am paying more

I had one of the best years since I started my business this past year. I ended up paying about 15% more than I have at any point in the last decade, which is fine with me as my sales were up by 25% an average month over month.

I also employed more people, grew the business (with offices in the States and T&C) all in all it was a great year in the Specs household. Mrs. Specs was extremely happy as she got a raise herself being the only one in the house with a 24/7 job raising the little specs.

So, while I did not see a tax decrease, I did see an increase in business that has eclipsed every single year since I have been in business.

Awesome Job Mr. President!

It was awesome having a real President speaking last night.

And not someone only talking to hear themselves talk.

Personally I hope the Supreme Court upholds the last DACA ruling for one reason

It will give the President so much power that we will not have to worry about the Congress the next two years.

Obama did that all on his own with an executive order, and if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the lower courts decision, then that would give President Trump unlimited power to act as he sees fit for the betterment of the American people.

No federal crime committed so no FBI investigation Turdbin.

I am glad I took today off, Judge is behaving as I would if falsely accused.

And that feckless cunt was a doped out crack whore.

What does Make America Great Again mean?

When President Trump says, Make America Great Again. You can tell who the racists are in the country. They are the ones that claim he wants to take America back to the days of slavery. They think President Trump wants America to be as it was back in the day before women were allowed to vote, own land, hold a job, or anything else. To those of us with an average IQ, we know what is meant by Make America Great Again. It is about getting our Status back as the premiere Economic power in the world. We would not enjoy having China as the economic superpower in the world, and the policies of these knuckle-dragging idiots that voted for Hillary and refuse to accept the election results would do just that. They are not interested in what is good for you and I. They are only interested in making sure they are in power and control of our lives.

It means to take America back to the day before the disastrous policies of Regressive lefty Presidents like Bush Sr. Clinton, Bush Jr. and most importantly Obama. 30 years of bad trade deals, attacking our energy sectors, stunting business growth, and destroying the middle class for political gain.

These same regressives that are saying that President Trump is racist, misogynist, bigoted, and whatever else they attribute to him are showing us their character flaws. They tell us that the economy was great during Obama's term, well under 2% GDP, each year is not great. They point to the stock market and say bullshit like I made great money during that eight years. Well, Obama presided over a Stock market bump of 8500 pts in 8 years. President Trump has had a 7500 bump in under two years, and he did it without printing trillions of dollars every year to add to our debt! President Trump has made America an energy exporter. We are close to taking over the #1 spot for oil production and export. That was something that Obama and his role said could never happen. Manufacturing is coming back strong, almost every manufacturing job lost during Obama's eight years of terror on the middle class is back. The coal industry has nearly recouped the 57K jobs they lost during Obama's term too. Auto manufacturers are getting the NAFTA deal renegotiated. China is no longer taking advantage of our country, and the tariffs have not harmed any American business that deals with American goods. No, I do not feel bad for those companies that were buying their products out of our country to sell here.

They claim that President Trump added 1.5 trillion dollars to our national debt, in under two years. They ignore the 10 trillion in debt that Obama racked up over eight years. They also ignore all the data from the IRS saying that we have taken in more money each quarter and are on track to pay off most of that 1.5 trillion deficit that the Regressives in Congress forced through by using the same process that Obama wanted to use for his entire eight years.

This November we have a chance to reset congress. IF we vote in democRATs, we will stop the progress made on getting America and Average Americans back on their feet. In the last year, Americans have seen their incomes rise almost 7K a year on average. The median salary was around 50K after eight years of Obama policies. It is now 57K and growing. So, if you do not enjoy the extra money in your checks (and I know you all got one) and you want to lose those tax cuts you got then, by all means, vote for the democrat in the election. Want to make those tax cuts permanent? Want to continue to help your friends and family in the Unions (UAW for example) or get better-paying jobs than flipping pizzas and burgers? Then vote for the candidates that will work with the President to help our country get back on the tracks to Economic powerhouse status.

As I wrap up here, Do yourself a favor do not take what CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, or PBS says as fact. Go to where they get their stories from Reuters and Associated Press. If you get there early enough in the day, you can get the story before all the talking heads get their hands on the stories and spin them to fit the media narrative. Or if you watch those channels keep it in mind that their goal is not to inform you of the facts, but to spin a narrative that fits the global elite's agenda of enslaving the population to their rule.

Michigan Democrats are racists Islamaphobes!

They failed to back the Muslim in the race and instead went for an Old White Lady! How fucking racist can you get!

lol @ racist regressive lefty
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