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Obama failed to prepare the Winter Olympic team properly, cannot wait until we MOGA!

And just like that... it is gone

I think the Hawaiian EMS failure today was a means for the democRATs to get out from the shitstorm that was about to merge with the revelations that lying Durbin made that shithole comment up and the democRAT party needed to figure a way to reset the story that was fast unraveling.

Just like those democRATS to scare the shit out of American citizens for party gain.

Obama parting shot to an unsuspecting American population.

The Obama admin got the flu virus wrong as they headed for the doors. As it takes a year to develop the vaccines many experts are wondering if Obama and his husband Michelle (Michael to the families closest friends) did not do this on purpose as a last fuck you to the American people they had come to loathe in the waning years.

Official sources inside the Obama white house stated that Obama and Michelle could be heard laughing as they were talking over the devious plot with the scientist.

American citizens will begin to get a proper vaccine delivered to them this coming fall, a vaccine developed by an American for an American.

Just a PSA on Tax reform

If you think that the "rich" should pay more these are only the legal minimum rates you can send a check to the Government for anything extra that you did not need.

Special shout out to FDR for his contribution to ending Net Neutrality!

Without that douchebag, we never would have broken free from Government Tyranny! Of course, FDR was the douche that gave us the damn vehicle to have Government overreach anyway.

democRATS show their racist roots, force out a black man, let two white men walk free!

Poor Conyers if he had just been white he would not have had to resign/retire and he would be still seated as Mendez and Franken.

Why are democRATs so damn racist?

How awful must your policies be that you are losing to someone you claim dates teenagers?

lol @ regressive lefty!

democRAT policies create homeless problem and then democRATs refuse to take care of them...

Have we ever seen such a horrible, more evil, twisted, or sick individual than those that vote for democRATs?

While the regressives in lefty media focus on President Trump's tweets, more judges seated :D

2018 and 2020 are going to be rough times for the regressive lefty :)

They just do not seem to understand that their ideology is what the people rejected. We got a small dose of it for 8 long years of destruction under Obama. Your side is fucked when it comes to the midterms at this time and so far nothing you have done has given any of my typically democRAT voting family a reason to vote for your candidates.

You see they do not like your ideology and feel left behind from the party they loved their entire lives.
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