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This is "cops and robbers" not "war."

The news media has this strange caricature of reality in which the White House and the House of Representatives are "at war." They have the wrong game.

It's not war when one side is the cop and the other side is the robber. It's cops and robbers. Trump is "holed up" in the White House. He's knocking out windows and saying, "you'll never get me you dirty coppers."

If it really were war, Trump would be nowhere to be found.

Slavoj Zizek vs Jordan Peterson

If you've got 2.5 hours to spare and haven't seen this, it's good stuff imo.

Republicans will finally get their wish with the 25% Social Security cuts in 2035.

Will Republican Party leaders celebrate that first week when the Social Security checks go out with their Republican 25% cuts? Maybe we can arrange a ticker tape parade for them. Everyone will so want to thank them. Actually, we should thank them in 2020.

Are all of Trump's voters out of the woods, basking in comfort and financial security?

To hear Trump talk, you would think so.

Wait. Shouldn't Trump be happy about the Mueller Report?

Why's he so upset? He's acting like the report painted a picture of him as someone who shouldn't be allowed in the White House, even as part of a tour.

Should those who acceded to Russian election help be stripped of citizenship and deported?

Dems need to use Trump's name and image against him now.

Show his image everywhere, and use it to convey the true message of who Trump is and what he and his followers, the Republican Party and it's clingers-on, really stand for.

Show a big picture of Trump and say, "Look at the guy who is taking credit for Obama's economy."

Show the TRUMP name in all caps, and say, "Look at the guy who sucks up to Putin, Kim, and the Saudis."

Trump's name and likeness are ours to define now. We need to define them to be what they really are.

Is Trump a face or a heel now?

Oh man, that's gotta hurt! No wonder Trump skedaddled without a presser.

Trump was right; he's "f***ed." It's going to be interesting to see how many Republicans he can take down with him. The gangplank for the SS Trump was rolled out by Barr-Trump today, and he put a few hunks of super smelly rat cheese on deck. Let's see how many Republicans jump aboard.

Did everyone see McConnell's response? His fiery, defiant double-down on Barr's morning spin job?

Yeah, I didn't either.

So Barr is going to tell Republicans and followers of Republicans what spin to use.

The Barr press conference ploy tomorrow is a completely clear admission of the lack of exoneration to be found in the Mueller Report. It's great watching the Republicans hedge on this. Barr and the Republicans are right on the edge of inviting Trump to a toga party. They have to make it appear (to the ill informed) that they are doing their best to back him.

We'll see tomorrow. Barr's only way to tell Republicans and the Republican TV station what to say and how to spin the bad news is to do so out in the open. Thus the press conference. If Barr published the Barr-filtered version of the report before his press conference, Republicans would likely read it and be thinking toga party before Barr and Trump had a chance to spin.
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