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Bill Maher just (correctly) assigned the term TDS to those who follow Republicanism

I've been saying for a long time that it is those who are followers of Republicanism or who kneel toward Trump's rear end with lips puckered are the ones who truly have "Trump Derangement Syndrome." Maher just said it on Real Time.

Is Donald Trump above the law?

I think Schiff is just waiting for more Republicans to swallow the hook.

Schiff probably could have just gotten the whistleblower to talk directly to Congress. Instead, he made a demand under the law to obtain the information. Schiff wants as many Republicans as possible behind Trump on this before he lowers the boom and we find out what Trump did.

If Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden's son, did he commit an impeachable offense?

How come 5% of the world's oil production wasn't knocked out under Obama?

But now has been under Trump?

Who's superior to whom? Trump or an honest poor man?

Republican policies will drive more rural families to the cities.

The irony of rural voters voting against supposed "Dem big city out-of-touch elites" is that voting against Dems is a sure way for rural families to have to move to the city in the not-too-distant future. The Republican Trade War isn't the only force at work. Large scale farming by Republican interests means less and less opportunity for small farms to make a living. It's sad to watch rural communities trade in their livelihoods over silly Republican propaganda.

Please. Some people are supposedly using the "wrong" bathroom. They're supposedly flying over in jets and making fun of "fly over" country while clinking champagne glasses. They're supposedly taking a knee en masse whenever a U.S. flag flies. Dems are supposedly going to "grab" their guns.

No they're not. That's just pure Republican bullshit.

It's starting to look inevitable that farms will be farmed by "corporate employees."

Trump and the Republicans tricked the farmers into voting themselves off the farm. Suppose Trump had told farmers in 2016 that he and the Republicans would start a Republican trade war. Do you think any farmer would have voted for any Republican that year?

The farmers are fighting a trade war started by Republicans in the stupidest way possible. Trump and his Republicans first killed the TPP (goodbye leverage on China). Then Trump and his Republicans declared a trade war on all of our allies. Then, with America weakened and isolated by them, Trump and his Republicans declared a trade war against our biggest trading partner, China.

Trump and his Republicans said it would be "easy." Well, of course it is, for Trump and his Republicans. The wealthy and corporations will just sit back and let the farmers, manufacturing workers, and consumers fight their Republican Trade War. How many of the family farms that go down will be snapped up by city investors?

Probably a lot. And maybe one out of two (you tell me) of the dispossessed farmers will get to stay in farming, as a salaried worker on Republican corporate property.

Do you believe Trump was right about Alabama being in the path of Dorian?

Sanford is in.

Next we'll have some town halls. Avalanche then.
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