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..Bill Browder. Here's the Biggest Mistake Putin Made When Trying to Get Access to Me Through Trump

I wasn’t watching the Donald Trump–Vladimir Putin press conference from Helsinki. But when my phone started burning up with messages, I knew something was going on. I quickly discovered that Putin had mentioned me by name. No journalist had asked about me. He just brought me up out of the blue.

Putin offered to allow American investigators to interview the 12 Russian intelligence agents just indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in exchange for allowing Russians to have access to me and those close to me. This is no idle threat. For the last ten years, I’ve been trying to avoid getting killed by Putin’s regime, and there already exists a trail of dead bodies connected to its desire to see me dead. Amazingly, Trump stood next to him, appearing to nod approvingly. He even later said that he considered it “an incredible offer.”

I’m lodged so firmly under Putin’s skin because I’m the person responsible for getting the Magnitsky Act passed in the United States in 2012. This is a law that allows the U.S. government to freeze assets and ban visas of human-rights violators around the world. Some of these human-rights violators had killed Sergei Magnitsky, my Russian lawyer who was murdered in a Moscow jail for uncovering a massive $230 million government-corruption scheme that we’ve since traced to known Putin cronies. In essence, Putin received some of the proceeds of this crime, and he is terrified that the Magnitsky Act could be applied to his offshore fortune, which is probably one of the largest amassed in modern times.

The Helsinki summit is not the first time my name has come up at a Putin press conference. Back in 2006 at the G-8 Conference in St. Petersburg, a young reporter for the Moscow Times asked why I’d been denied an entry visa to Russia and declared a threat to national security, all with no explanation. She pointed out that I was the biggest foreign investor in the Russian stock market, and that the prime minister of the United Kingdom had asked Putin about my situation earlier that day.


Putin's essentially just an organized crime boss. His oligarchs are the Mafia bosses. I wonder if there is a RICO case here.

Russian billionaire with U.S. investments backed alleged agent Maria Butina...

Maria Butina, the Russian woman charged in federal court last week with acting as an unregistered agent of her government, received financial support from Konstantin Nikolaev, a Russian billionaire with investments in U.S. energy and technology companies, according to a person familiar with testimony she gave Senate investigators.

Butina told the Senate Intelligence Committee in April that Nikolaev provided funding for a gun rights group she represented, according to the person. A spokesman for Nikolaev confirmed that he was in contact with her as she was launching the pro-gun rights group in Russia between 2012 and 2014. He declined to confirm whether Nikolaev gave her financial support.

Nikolaev’s fortune has been built largely through port and railroad investments in Russia. He also sits on the board of American Ethane, a Houston ethane company that was showcased by President Trump at an event in China last year, and is an investor in a Silicon Valley start-up.


It goes on to talk about how, although this Russian oligarch/kleptocrat says he never met Trump, the guy's son volunteered to help Trump's campaign in 2016.

Trump to Officiate Over Mass Wedding at Next Rally

(Washington) Presidential Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced in her daily press briefing that future Trump rallies would include weddings for his single followers. Unmarried Trump followers are advised to dress in suits and wedding dresses. Prior to the rally, Trump will meet with the bride and groom pools to designate couples. The wedding ceremony will be held during the rally. Sanders urged Trump supporters to recruit females as there is expected to be a shortage of prospective brides.

Indict or sanction Putin and freeze all of his assets?

If Putin ordered the cyber attacks, should he be indicted or sanctioned and should all of his assets worldwide be frozen?

It's not possible to win with ill-gotten gains.

If Trump's tax returns show he's made of Russian oligarch money, then both his wealth and the presidency are ill-gotten gains. That makes him neither legitimately wealthy, nor legitimately the president. Anyone who supports Trump not revealing his tax returns (like every other president) would also most likely be doing it for only one reason: to protect their own ill-gotten gain. That makes them not legitimately good citizens.

How's my reasoning on that? Seems airtight. Those who don't support Trump revealing his taxes because they fear they will lose something are bad citizens, not winners.

I wonder what the Fox News demo thought of little Putie

It wasn't a good move by Putin. He should have gone on CNN. Putin came off like a sneaky rat.

Trump Baby needs a Putin "Rat Runt" blimp to complete the set.

Imagine how great it would be to have not one but two "baby blimps" showing up wherever Trump or Putin show their faces. The Dems can sell "baby blimp" salt and pepper shakers.

I think the American people need something to constantly remind us how great it's going to feel when we hammer Putin's personal wealth with massive sanctions and indict him. Those other Russians we indicted didn't act without Putin's say-so. Putin needs to pay. He's hiding behind Trump right now, but the people won't let Trump protect him any longer.

Why don't we freeze all of Putin's assets outside Russia?

Every single cent he has should be frozen. He can keep his wealth inside his gas station country. Otherwise, when he goes to a restaurant, they should decline his credit card. He should be arrested in any country he goes to outside the gas station. He may have little fellers like Trump under his thumb, but he's really just nothing but a rat-faced scumbag.
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