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Who is superior, Beethoven or Hitler?

Who most benefits from false equivalency?

Exceeding the speed limit and vehicular manslaughter are both crimes involving a vehicle. A person who exceeds the speed limit is taking a risk, but they are taking a common (if illegal) risk. A persons who commits vehicular manslaughter has actually killed someone. Some, mainly those who have committed vehicular manslaughter, would benefit if people were to consider their crime equivalent to speeding.

Which political group/philosophy below benefits more from false equivalency? (As always, post any reasoning about your answer you care to post.)

Did Trump try to pull a Tonya Harding with his Ukraine bribery attempt?

Was he (with the aid of nutty, brain-dead stooges) trying to kneecap a superior opponent?

I really doubt Roberts will let the Republicans use the Constitution as toilet paper.

Roberts will obviously see that the plain language of the Constitution is that the Congress has a vital, well spelled out "check" on the Executive branch. Roberts is not going to let those who serve Trump in the Republican Congressional membership subvert the power of the very body they serve. What I think we will see is Roberts strengthening the Constitution by upholding it, over and above the inside job by Republicans in Congress.

He's a Supreme Court Justice with an appreciation for the importance of the Constitution to humanity. He won't let those who serve Trump destroy the Congress and subvert the Constitution in their fear of Trump (and the poor benighted Yahoos he incorrectly thinks he has permanently under his thumb).

Thanks to Roberts, future Trumps (and Trump servants) will fear the Congress as the founders intended.

If the Senate fails to remove Trump, will they honor the election that punishes them for it?

What will Republicans who let Trump off do during the national anthem afterward?

Trumpie Engineers quickly revising car and jet engine designs after Trump declares pi "fake math"


The automotive industry was rocked today by a false claim by President Trump that pi is in fact a fake number. Trumpie engineers, a tiny minority in the engineering community, quickly returned to their CAD/CAM workstations to delete pi.

"I'm having trouble deleting pi from my software," said a Trumpie engineer. "It, like, doesn't want to do it. It's deep math. Years and years of conspiracy have led us to this point where much of our engineering software considers pi a so-called 'mathematical constant.' It's as if the 2016 election never occurred."

Asked what should be substituted in place of pi, many of the Trumpie engineers did not want to comment. "It could be anything that President Trump, as Commander in Chief, declares it to be. At this point we only know that the existing coup-inspired ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is not pi. That's a Communist, Never Trumper ratio!"

Jet engine and nuclear reactor engineer supporters of Trump could not be reached for comment, nor could any rocket scientists. It is believed that there perhaps are none.

Does the Constitution give the President the authority to decide if impeachment is "legitimate?"

It seems pretty dumb if so. The very person that impeachment is designed to remove from office is allowed to decide whether the impeachment is legitimate or not? That just seems like a huge loophole to me. It's like an ultra-Miranda warning where at the end they say, "Do you agree you should be arrested?" and, if you say no, they just let you go with an apology.

Is that loophole really in the Constitution as Trump and his Republicans seem to believe? (If it's there, please point out the text.)

Do farmers think of metro area folks as customers or deplorables?

Explain whichever answer you pick as good or bad if you feel like it.

I expect a lot from the public impeachment hearings.

Maybe I won't get everything I want. But here's a list.

1) Prime Time and broadcast live

2) Supplemented by video presentations entered into the record and released to YouTube. For example, repeatedly showing Trump asking Russia and China to corrupt United States elections.

3) John Bolton testifying

4) Asking Trump if he would like to appear. Then repeatedly calling attention to the fact that he hasn't shown up if he doesn't.

5) Repeatedly showing a running list of the people and documents Trump's Republicans have kept from offering evidence.

6) Constantly referring to everything bad Trump has done as "something Trump did, and something I would hate to think Republicans think is Ok."

…the list goes on and on.

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