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It's over. Head of Minneapolis Police Union is a Trumpie.

I hadn't realized that. That explains everything. The fish rots from the head down. I had wondered why the other three cops didn't tell the other to back off. The odds would be against four cops all randomly being either inclined to murder or inclined to tolerate it. That is, unless they were all under the influence of the same bad influencer.

Is this Antifa thing something from QAnon or from a different fiction franchise?

You never see legitimate news ever talking about either QAnon or whatever Antifa is. And what's this boogaloo bullshit? This stuff isn't all coming out of Trump's ass is it? I think he's not the original defecation site it emerges from...just a re-pooper?

SpaceX science and engineering prevails!

Falcon 9 is up! First stage just landed a few minutes ago. Astronauts now in LEO. The people who do their math and work the science got things done. Another score for truth and reason. It's a good day for facts, discipline, and evidence-based thinking.

Is voting for Trump like rioting?

Discuss, compare, and contrast.

Who is more like Jesus? Biden or Trump?

Tweety Pie is likely responsible for the rioting.

Instead of getting on the air and trying to calm the situation, Fred Trump's little feller felt the need to tweet out provocations. This is why every single Republican needs to be voted out of every office in every election. They put a guy in the White House who openly supports racism and is Mr. Mouth.

It's time for Twitter to ban Trump

He's only using the platform for defamation and spreading lies. Twitter is a private company and has every right to set the standard for behavior on their property.

Trump is like the jerk asshole who insists on going to a restaurant you own. Pretty soon people stop showing up at your restaurant. It gets a bad reputation. It loses money.

First you warn the guy. So that's what I think this latest business is on Twitter. They put links on Trump's posts to help people avoid being deceived by him about mail-in voting. That's Trump's first warning.

Next, they might take down his posts about Scarborough. That is clearly warranted.

If he peeps about it, buh-bye.

Trump's looking for an excuse to cancel the Republican convention in NC

NC would be happy if Trump canceled the Republican convention. I notice the Dem governor isn't in "sell mode" about it right now. Republicans are going to have a hard time putting together a "COVID's a hoax. Let's party!" convention by August. They don't even want to. They're probably scared. Understandable if so.

Republicans are caught between a dumb place and a dumb place. I don't see their convention happening. The truth is too much for them this time.

I doubt even Republicans want to fly in from across the country and pack themselves into a crowded auditorium. They can't wear masks there; they can't social distance; it's against the platform of blindered jerk-ness and stupidity that is the foundation of Republican Party clown policy.

If you want testing and mail-in voting you have no choice but to vote out all Republicans

They stand in the way of both now. They are an impediment. Trump failed at getting us testing, so he and his Republican stooges now have to pretend that it's not important. If you think it's important, you have no choice but to vote out Trump and the stooges en masse.

Same with mail-in voting. Trump and his stooges think that by denying everyone the ability to mail in their votes (Democrats and Republicans) they will somehow suppress the Democratic vote. But that means that the both Republican and Democratic elderly and vulnerable will now be forced to the polling stations if they want to vote.

Again, no choice. All Republicans must be voted out of every office, right down to the dogcatcher. The current Trump and stooge gang that have the Republican Party in a stranglehold have to be given their walking papers in November.

Tricky question. Does Republicanism appear "right" to those in its sway?

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