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Trump needs to worry about Roberts

If Trump had just lied about a sex act, I don't think Roberts would be all that active in the impeachment trial. Unfortunately for Trump, he chose to essentially wipe his ass with the Constitution in broad daylight. If Trump were given a "get out of jail free" card by Republicans, Roberts knows that the United States of America would suffer foundation-level damage.

That's what makes me think Trump's chances of going down are around 65%. Yes, self-interest among some Republican Senators may cause them to defend the United States of America when, as Republicans, they are more inclined to defend Trump. But Roberts could set a tone of loyalty to the country and respect for the truth that could simply lay waste to the Republican cover up.

If a Dem Senator asks Roberts to call Mulvaney, Roberts can allow it. I think he will. That will give Mitch McConnell the choice of saving Trump or himself and a lot of his fellow Republicans.

If McConnell overrules Roberts, it will show the world that Republicans covered up for a plainly guilty Trump. If McConnell lets Mulvaney testify, he can still hope Mulvaney will perjure himself to save Trump or that Trump will attempt to assert executive privilege to keep Mulvaney from talking. So I think Mitch let's Mulvaney be called. I don't see how he doesn't. Same for Bolton and for the people Mulvaney ordered to hold back the Ukrainian defense money.

I also think Roberts will refuse to call the Bidens. Same deal. McConnell will have to override him. That also will look bad.

In Revelation, is the Antichrist a good guy or a bad guy?

Who would win a wrestling match, the WWE belt holder or an Olympic gold medalist?

Who would win a real wrestling match? I ask, because I'm not sure everyone knows the difference between what Trump shows and actual strength.

The people on the airliner are collateral casualties of Trump and Trump support

We still have yet to see Trump cough up evidence that he didn't just decide to off Soleimani as a face saving measure after the Baghdad embassy incident. You can never get inside someone's head, but, as everyone knows, you can look at evidence and the timing of events to determine what they were thinking.

Was Trump really faced with an imminent threat to the lives of United States citizens and acting to save them, or was he just keeping the Soleimani killing in his hip pocket to pull out when he needed something for the news cycle?

There's still no evidence of the former. The airliner casualties are either collateral loss due to justified, constitutionally clean self defense or they were lost for lesser reasons.

Rouhani: "With enemies like Trump, who needs friends? Haha, snort."

Putin, Assad, Kim: "Hahahaha!"

Putin: "Good one Hassan!"

Assad: "Your honors, JU!"

Kim: "No, I had a bogey."

Rouhani: "I thought we were playing 'Trump' rules!"

Putin, Assad, Kim: "Hahahaha!"

Putin: "Hassan! You should be a comedy writer! Seriously, though, I think I still have honors. Fore!!"

(Putin hits drive just left of center on the fairway.)

Putin: "I'll take it!"

Kim: (motioning toward Putin) "He means the world! Don't get greedy! Trump's giving up enough of it for all of us!"

Putin, Assad, Rouhani: "Hahahahaha!"

Assad: "Fore!!"

Looks like the Republicans got us into another Dubya and another war

The voters will need to vote out every Republican in every election until the Republican water runs clean. No more dishonesty. No more incompetence. No more Dubyas!

Trump's display of weakness has increased the need for troops in the ME

Trump's lack of courage and strength in foreign policy has given ISIS a new lease on life and improved the position of Iran strategically. He cut and ran from our allies in Syria, causing our troops to say they felt ashamed.

Trump has shown himself to be a wussy. He's the kind of guy who, when confronted, falls on his back and kicks. Troops are now heading to the Middle East due to Trump's weakness.

Trump knew he screwed the pooch by abandoning the Iran Nuclear Agreement. To try to save himself, he is now increasing troop strength in the ME. They are there to cover up Trump's mistakes.

Somebody besides Trump needs to start coughing up some evidence

Obviously, we can't trust Trump's word that he somehow stopped some major imminent attack on Americans. We will need someone with credibility to speak to it. If it's true, then fine. Good job.

if there was no imminent threat or no unusual planned attack or nothing stopped, then not so fine. American credibility would take yet another hit from Fred Trump's brat.

Trump overtakes and passes Dubya I in race for dumbest move ever made in history.

What if North Korea sells a nuke to Iran? Trump dumping the Iran Nuclear Deal on false pretenses surpasses Dubya starting the Iraq War on false pretenses by miles. Welcome to history in the making.

At this point, we can start saying climate change requires all Republicans to be voted out.

Republicans had a chance to try to do something about climate change. Instead, they stood in the way, tying the hands of those heroes trying to do something, tripping the emergency responders on their way to help.

Republican leaders continue blocking a treasure trove of new clean energy jobs and fighting with every fiber of their beings to increase climate change-causing pollution. They don't believe in it, they say. They are now all Donald Trump.

Therefore, every Republican politician, regardless of their position on climate change, must be voted out of every office, right down to dogcatcher's assistant. The Republican ideology must be put in its place by right thinking Americans or it will continue to stand in the way of saving our environment for our kids and giving them the jobs of the future. It's the only way. Republicans can make themselves worthy of votes again at a later date by admitting they were wrong, apologizing, and committing to fighting climate change in the future.
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