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Any politician who did what Franken did (or worse) should be forced out of politics.

Dems just have to vote their numbers.

The only way we are going to get the country back to its senses is just to vote and toss every Republican out of every single office. It will do everyone good, including them.

Restore the country to sense and prosperity while giving Republicans the corrective waker-upper they so desperately need. When Dems don't vote, Republicans and their ownership steal and pollute everything, from the social environment to the environment environment. They are just getting worse and worse, so they need their courses altered for them.

Do the "movie merchandise" weapon boys show their women their toys?

Suppose you are a woman and you are dating a guy. You find out he has one of these "weapon systems" instead of just guns or no guns. Why on Earth wouldn't you just excuse yourself from the conversation and run for the nearest exit?

I just have a hunch that these guys don't show the women their little friends until the women (and their families and kids) are already locked into a potential stalking or murder-suicide drama.

Heard a White House flack saying they wouldn't sign a bill that raised middle class taxes.

Well, there you go. Trump's promised tax cuts for the middle class are now just "no tax increase."

Nuts uptake "movie merchandise" guns at a faster rate than normals.

Therefore, an increase in the flow of "secret decoder ring" guns increases the firepower of bad guys at a faster rate than good guys. Bad guys also always pick soft targets and have the element of surprise. In any given incident, no matter how many aggregate guns in the country there are, the nuts will make sure that the good person death toll is higher than the bad person death toll, them.

So just do the math. That's all.

And here's a twist. Sometimes the guys who think they are good guys aren't. In my experience, the more you want to be an armed good guy, the likelier you are to have a screw loose.

More math.

Look Folks, Trump colluded all right?

Don't let the fact that he did it live on TV with cameras rolling obscure the reality of what Trump did. He asked an outside country, a U.S. adversary, to help him against Clinton. Just face it. The kind of American that lets that slide? That's what the Trumpies have let themselves become. Sorry. It's just a fact.

Is Hillary to blame for the Republican loss of bearing and ethics?

I'm not sure how Hillary caused the Republicans to become so dishonest and unethical. It seems the worse they get, the worse she gets in their minds. Do I need to tell anyone what that means?

Do you Trumpies trust that your fellow on-line "Trumpies" aren't Russians?

Just asking. It seems to me that the authentic American Trumpies should have a bone to pick with the Russians for messing with their (the Trumpies) minds. A Trumpie can't know who to trust on-line. Thanks, Putin!

Unfortunately, it does look like John Kelly is a liar.

It's the only explanation. He has had a chance to correct what he said about Rep. Wilson, but he has failed to do so.

So now Trump is promising to help pay legal fees for his staffers?

That doesn't seem appropriate to me. That should be considered witness tampering.
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